Georgia Independents


Shannon and Hiro Kimoto of Cumming Georgia (forty miles north of Atlanta) are a welcome new group of independents. Shannon was IG Communicator in the late nineties when I held the IG post.  She was an RTC Internal Affairs Organizing Officer before that after serving in CMO International and Gold for 13 years in a number of capacities.

Hiro was the Estates Manager CMO International from approximately 1984 till 1997.

They served a combined 42 years in the Sea Org.

Both were casualties of Miscavige’s final slide into madness at the turn of the millennium. Hiro was blacklisted by being assigned a “never ending condition” and Shannon for failing to pledge unthinking loyalty to Miscavige (both methods of attempted depersonalization were common in the practice of reverse Scientology at the Int base).

Hiro was banished to CLO EUS after the RPF where despite his lack of org board authority he lead the real Scientology heroes of 9/11.  If you haven’t already seen it, Shannon’s write-up of his crew’s 911 actions is covered at:

Despite Shannon and Hiro being physically separated for 5 years, Shannon managed to get herself transferred from PAC to CLO EUS to be with Hiro. A short while later, Shannon’s father became very ill and they made a decision to standardly route out of the SO to take care of him as her mother could not do it alone.  However, in the world of Miscavology they were not “allowed” this option. Their only “option” was to be declared.

Having landed in Cumming GA with no money (no severance), no job referral or any help from the Church, they started their own home improvement and remodeling company which has been growing steadily now for 5 years.

Both Hiro and Shannon realize there are many others who after years of complete dedication have been left with nothing to start anew and they offer their support to any Independent Scientologists in their area.

“Please contact us and lets work together on a new and very bright future!”


20 responses to “Georgia Independents

  1. God bless both of them. I remember them from my tenure at Int and they are very fine people.

  2. Beautiful!

    The 9/11 post on Hiro reminds me of what we innately do without “management”. Better the world around us. Excellent job Hiro!

  3. I know Hiro, great guy and very dedicated. Absolutely not a valid SP declare.

  4. You guys are awesome !

  5. Concerned Citizen

    Well, look at you, I wondered what had happened to you. Shannon was one of the few people who were nice to me when I was a virtual outcast. Hiro, when we buy Sapporo we think of you, we drink it on your recomendation and find it every bit as good as you said it would be.
    Glad to have you around!
    This is cc’s spouse. Glad to see your faces again since it has been quite a few years. I know you both very well and I know that you know me! I am happy for you. Will touch base with you in a near future!

  6. Hiro.

    Very inspiring what you and your group do on the 9/11.

    Your name and your actions reminds me one of my favorite movies…

    Zhang Yimou´s “Hero”

  7. What great people! Incredible story. I’m so glad to have the opportunity to know both of you.

  8. Hi, Shannon and Hiro. Great to see you here. However, Shannon, what is your CI to aging?
    Regardless of the fact you look exactly as you did at the base, we hope you and Hiro get as many really nice comms as we’ve gotten the past few days. For anyone else out there thinking of starting your own local group, the opening up of comm lines is very refreshing and revitalizing.
    Dan and Mariette

  9. Hiro, you are a true hero!
    Shannon, I am glad that you stuck by your man. You are an incredible lady.

    Thank you for being so theta and for continuing to help others.

    We love you both.

  10. Boy is it good to see both of you! Well done on all that you’ve done. Tomorrow is going to be very interesting and as much adventure as any past. Again, so really good to see you again.

  11. Wow you guys totally rock!

    That’s a great picture too 🙂

  12. It is an honor to come to know both of you.

  13. I am fed up with reading about all these abuses. Thanks for exposing them for all of us. How do I send you a private email?

  14. I read recently that with all DM’s forced divorces, that almost 90% of SO marriages end in divorce. This is a horrific stat.
    You both look wonderful, relaxed and happy. I’m so happy that Miscavige was not able to destroy your marriage.
    Bless both of you!

  15. Thank you everyone for your replies and support. It is great to know there is back-up out there. Really appreciate it.

  16. To Shannon and Hiro, well done! I can assure you you have support from all over the world – including a LOT in EU and UK; this is not just a US-affair.

  17. Well thank you for your support. You are right, this is an international affair. I look forward to seeing EU and UK independents soon!

  18. WOW! Ther you two are!!!

    I recall when you got married and not soon afterward left for the SO never to be seen or heard from again. Wait a minute, I take that back, it seems that I do recall running into Hiro ar Flag in 93′ right after COB announced the church’s victory regarding the IRS.

    Shannon, recall the off policy and weird fundraising attempts for the TTC – like selling photo development pkgs over in the Ladd Edition of Portland? And Hiro, to this very day, if I hear or see the word, calamary, I think of you.

    It’s truly wild to run into you guys here. And, after all these years we’re lliving down south. LOL!

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