"Command Intention" propaganda used to extort money

In a Guardian’s Office Order, since converted to an OSA NW Order, LRH explained a propaganda technique used by the enemies of Scientology. It is called propaganda by redefinition of words. Here is an example, you take early 20th century Mental Hygiene practices such as electroshock, pre-frontal lobotomy, and ice baths (used in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and the United States to curb dissent) and try to make them palatable by calling them Mental Health.  Some detractors have argued LRH implied it should be used in dealing with enemies. But no one has ever argued to my knowledge that it could be construed LRH advised it be used against Scientologists by the Church. Yet, that is precisely what is happening in the Church today, in spades. The Church has gone so far south that it is now using propaganda by redefintion of words against its own public to extort huge sums of money out of them for no exchange.

It revolves around the redefinition of the term “Command Intention.”

Please see the following email text currently issuing from the Church to “OTs” in the LA area:


1st target: $10 million DONE

2nd target: $8 million DONE

Next Target $4M Needs to be done by October 18th!

There have been 7000 donations to the IAS in the last ten weeks in the WUS!!! There have been 400 New Statuses!!! Have YOU had YOUR interview?


Notice the generic “Command Intention” as the anonymous source of the order to herd in more marks. Former Sea Org members know that Command Intention is synonymous with LRH intention. That is what the term is understood to mean in LRH Flag Orders, LRH despatches, and LRH tapes. Over the past several years “Command Intention” has taken on an entirely different meaning. Command Intention now means DM’s intention.

When it was pointed out to me by an OT VIII in good standing that the public understands “Command Intention” to refer to LRH intention, I started comparing notes with some former Int base staff to reconstruct how this redefinition came to be.  It is a pretty twisted narrative, but worth recounting as it sheds more light on how far off Source Scientology has strayed.

During the nineties and during this decade Miscavige regularly swaggered around the International Headquarters base (and less frequently the FSO, FSSO, Upper Middle Management, and CLOs) with an assistant in tow, recording virtually every word he said from the minute he got out of bed till the minute he secured.  Miscavige could never constrain himself to do an on policy inspection wherein all orders are made to the senior of the area IN WRITING. Instead, he simply barked out orders to anyone in his path all day long usually accompanied by an SRA (severe reality adjustment) or two, and a convoluted explanation of his intentions. A pool of secretaries were employed in his office who did nothing all day long but transcribe the tapes of Miscavige barking orders all day long. This included hours long rants. More often than not, a transcript of a particular rant to a particular staff member began with Miscavige directing he or she approach something in a particular way, then Miscavige would spit out stream of consciousness style  series of different ways to approach it. A good percentage of his transcripts are documentation of Miscavige cross ordering himself.  Miscavige employs another pool of staff who distribute these transcribed orders to the staff the orders were issued to orginaly with arbitrary deadlines by which they must be applied. All echelons of executive between Miscavige and the ordered staff member are hounded with orders nudging compliance.

The madness is compounded by the fact Miscavige often gets on a hobby horse and lectures the same staff member for an hour or two for days on end. By the time Miscavige  is done with an area he has contradicted himself so many times it is anybody’s guess what is the correct direction to take.  It is further compounded by the fact that Miscavige might come in days or even weeks later and order the precise opposite of what he originally ordered. It is further compounded by the mindless and incessant nudging the ordered staff member recieves by echelons of “executives” between COB’s secretarial staff, RTC,CMO INT, EXEC STRATA, CMO GOLD, GOLD EXEC STRUCTURE, etc. Unlike what Miscavige has done with LRH orders, he has established no ways or means to cancel inapplicable, stale, or plain insane Miscavige orders.

Many an executive of Gold, CMO GOLD, CMO INT, Exec Strata and RTC has been shot from guns by Miscavige for “cross ordering COB” by pushing an order of COB.

Many an executive of Gold, CMO GOLD, CMO INT, Exec Strata and RTC (and FSO, FSSO, CLO’s, etc, ad infinitum) has been shot from guns for “black PRing COB” for trying earnestly to get an order of COB done.

To contradict himself all day long is a handy op by Miscavige. If something fails, he can point to the transcript where he said to do it another way. If something succeeds he can point to a portion of some transcript that seems to align with what was done. It is the perfect Service Facsimile, he is always right and just about everybody else is always wrong. To everyone else, it is like living in a gigantic implant station.

Over the years executives at several echelons learned a method of survival in this world gone wild. The method gave limited protection (slip and slide room) from getting annihilated for “cross ordering COB” by pushing COB, and gave them some horse power to try to get whatever they decided to get done done despite it being contradicted by so many known COB orders. The method was to say, “get it done damnit, it’s Command Intention.”  It was a great way to stay out of the cross hairs of the many investigators rolling back “destructive orders” and “black PR of COB.”   The executive under interrogation could honestly say, “I never said that order came from COB.”

Another use of “Command Intention” for higher echelon execs was to protect COB from the black PR some of his psychotic orders might engender toward him. On many occasions I relayed COB orders to the assembled executives at CMO INT, CMO GOLD, GOLD, OSA, and other venues by lying and saying it was my own order. I picked up on the “command intention” op other execs used as covered above and used the term as a  means to protect COB from the repercussions of having issued a wing nut order. Others have shared with me similar experiences.

Well, apparently all this has rolled down hill and public OT’s conned or coerced into becoming IAS Reges are now getting the same treatment.  Only at that level it is probably more pernicious. At Int, Miscavige so dominated every aspect of life (down to requiring his psychotic rant transcripts be Method 9 word cleared) that it was a given “Command Intention” meant DM. The realization of that fact lead to the final decision to leave the SO  by many whom I have spoken with.  At public level there is enough separation to leave the impression “command intention” still connotes LRH.

In the case of the IAS the use of the “command intention” op is particularly fraudulent. Public are being given the impression that forking over tens of millions of dollars to IAS is LRH intention.  You ever wonder why IAS never produces a promo piece with an LRH quote about the importance of the IAS? LRH probably never even heard of the IAS; and if he did it was a lie about how it was simply an international membership with a nominal fee (which it was till LRH died; the never ending, escalating statuses at great expense to the public came later).

The lie is furthered by a steady stream of lies communicated to public Scientologists with great fanfare:  the oft repeated myth as to what the IAS has done in terms of protecting the Church.  Many an event presentation has credited the IAS with being integral to winning the 1985 Battle of Portland. The IAS did not do a single thing to contribute to the Battle of Portland. The IAS has been promoted as being integral to the 1993 IRS exemption the Church received. The IAS did not contribute a single dime – not one thin dime – to the twelve year war effort that led to exemption.

It is not LRH intention for anybody to deposit a single penny into the coffers of IAS. In fact, it is quite contrary to  LRH intention as covered in HCO PLs and other writings on donations and memberships.


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  1. Marty,

    Looks like part of this sentence is missing.
    “The realization of that fact played some role in the final decision to leave by most of the people who left Int that I have spoken to (RIGHT HERE) At public level there is enough separation to leave the impression “command intention” still connotes LRH.”

  2. Very interesting. Miscavige hijacked the SO and cancelled LRH. Well, there is ONE LRH definition he has down cold: Musical Chairs!

    “Musical Chairs – 6. musical chairs in life is the mechanism below ARC breaks in Grade III! To unstabilise gives ARC breaks! Whole staff can be put into a sad effect! This is the mechanism governments use. It’s the basic tool of the socialist. If he can just unstabilise everyone he can kill them with degrade. It’s a basic tool of the insane to maintain their own stability by unstabilising everyone else.”

    LRH said to “Hat, don’t hit.” Give them the job and let them get on with it. Seems like DM is still stuck in kindergarten.

    • Tom, how long would you have remained on staff in an org had your ED operated like that? I understand you were a service org staff member for quite a while.

      • Thats a bit of a speculative question, as I was only on a 5 year contract (3 times), not a billion year one. But to directly answer your question, not long at all. The “contagion of aberration” extended down to the CLO and Pgms Chf levels, where extended rounds of yelling and screaming were considered “putting in ethics” or “correction” when staff got called up to the CLO.

        Re-read the Robotism HCOB. It’s a bit to confront, but that is the type of personnel DM attracts and retains. All of the real talent fell off lines or is staying under the radar. LRH’s solution to this cultural abberation was hatting, product clearing, post purpose clearing and exchange by dynamics.

        How many staff got fully hatted at Int? How many were even allowed to go to study?

      • martyrathbun09

        Tom, I read it recently. You are right. There was more study of New Era Management and other COB claptrap than just about anything.

      • Marty & Tom,
        Yes, I agree with what you have both said here. And the steps you laid out as the solution to the robotism were all part of my job as an Esto as covered in the Esto Series. But the Esto Network did not last long even after it was “rediscovered and relaunched” and that was another example of exactly what Marty is talking about in the blog above. It started with a COB order (New Era of Mgmt) and the whole thing went by the wayside with a new COB order/program on management structure that cancelled the prior one. But nothing was really official, and there were verbal briefings done by COB to the staff. What a mess. Exactly like Marty describes above…… interesting.

      • martyrathbun09

        And those Estos (the entire NW) were blown to smithereens by the incessant hey-you orders scene perpetrated at the top.

      • Study orders were the bane of the SSO (Staff Section Officer). In the Cramming Section, we ran into trying to correct over no hatting in the first place.

        Tom, your surmise is of the outpoints at Int from evaluating the Ideal and observing the existing scene are diabolically accurate.

        I completed every req to be Permanently Posted as a Cram Off and I was well onto getting done on my full hat as a Musician. Very few other staff attended regular study. As a note, LRH did a minimum of two and a half, pretty much every day. It was his command and intention that all staff do the same.

  3. John Doe Lurker

    Let’s establish a difference between “Command Intention”, always associated with LRH, and “DeMand Intention”…

    BTW Marty, awesome blog. Keep it up!

  4. Most of Int was well into or through Super Power by 1996. These staff were hatted, and started to know what they were doing.
    This is one thing that was driving david crazy – the Super Power was biting on Int Staff (I saw it) and they started seeing right through his crapola. This is why so many of them were nuked instead of corrected.

    • PS. Huh? Who got through Superpower by 96? Maybe I missed it being away in 94 and 95.

    • Nobody but the Feschbachs and maybe 2 others were through Superpower as of 1998. Heidi Stahli and Paul Schobel were doing some at some point. But “most of Int” probably never had any auditing besides sec checks and ethics interviews by 1998.

  5. MissedGarbage Watcher

    It is very sad for me to hear about.

    I’m sure Miscavage is insane.
    But is it really the only cause of it ?

    I read some article regarding How CST(Church of Spiritual Technology) was set up by Who,
    How IRS actually controls it by using non-Scientologist tax attorneys, etc.

    That article, if it is true, makes me think that DM is a part of this corruption but there might be some others behind him.

    What I read was as follows.

  6. Oh my gosh!

    What will become of all that money?

    Many Scientologists believe that the men behind Hitler were psychiatrists. Could there be such men behind DM?

  7. Marty — We needs paragraphs! 🙂

    Wall of Text = Marty’s Formidable Wall of Text!

    Another Surfer

  8. Hi Marty,
    That is a perfect operating basis for a merchant of chaos. I have a question for you, if you had to revert the scene in the COS what would you do?

    • What I’m doing right now.

      • Good answer. I guess I meant if you were running the Church. I understand if you don’t want to go there.

    • Concerned Citizen

      This was a question for Marty, but I have been asking myself that. What would I do? Well, If I could I would first of all remove DM and giving him a doze of his own medicine (placing him under 24 hr Watch and on MEST WORK- only humanely,) I’d Sec Chek the living daylights out of him, I’d do a full invest regarding Miscavige’s activities, get everyone who knows of any instances of abuse and policy violation to report it to me. Then compile any evidence possible turn him over to authorities and get him convicted for human rights violations, such as forced abortions and false imprisonment. I’d do a Word Wide Press conference and admit to the Churches mistakes. We all are responsible for this to one degree or another. Offer a sincere apology, withdraw all uncalled for attacks.

      I’d give him a program he can do in prison (AtoE steps included) This is per LRH, when you close the door, you always leave a crack open, never fully close the door on anyone – I know Jim Logan was not afforded that nor have many more, but we don’t want to lower ourselves to his level.

      Everyone in the hole or who ever worked under him, can and should get case clean up, including PTS RD, and the very magical Suppress Person RD, FDS, true data study and probably that justice repair list that is part of Supper power. As adjudicated by a standard C/S on each individual case. (Right now I’d give anything to get those who need it and are independents through this clean up many might not need PTS RD as they have De PTS themselves, still these are good tools, considering the EP of the Suppressed Person RD.

      Well, I would do this with the guys in the hole first, 97.5% of them are salvageable. Then all other people who were affected directly by his suppression.

      Concurrently, I’d cancel all illegal SP declares, issue amnesty, Set up a committee to review all SP declares issued since he took LRH’s comm. line over.

      Get a B of I to find all illegal orders issued by him (orders contrary to Policy) and cancel them, while also providing the on policy material so that those left on post can take responsibility for their areas and create it. This of necessity would review the implementation of “freeloader bills”, if you read the HCO PL you know this is grossly misapplied today and it is probably the largest source of trouble. For many the bills are tantamount to a closed door and in most cases are not called for.

      I happen to know that we do have some very real enemies that do play very dirty and LRH policies regarding this should be considered in light of that fact. But let’s not keep making our friends into enemies and let’s apologize and indemnify anyone wrongly targeted. ( this would be subject to review though, to prevent abuses)

      I would immediately cancel the practice of every staff member soliciting donations. I would review the IAS’s functions and set them to resemble those of the HASI. And use some of the available funds to compensate Staff according to LRH policy so joining staff is not the hardship it is now. I’d launch a recruitment campaign to man up missions, orgs and Service Orgs. I’d fill up ITO with people who qualify for exec training and HAT staff.

      I would have CSI retain ownership of the ideal orgs buildings for now, but would cancel the requirement that the ORGs that raised the funds for these pay rent.

      I would credit every single person who paid a donation for nothing, with training at the rates of the time when they made the donations – That would fill academies worldwide and since academies make the org this would bring about a resurgence. I’d have to get Div 6 to do any further field ARC clean ups still needed of course.

      I would then get every SO and staff member, to get their 8 hours sleep and I would implement day and foundation schedules in all class V orgs and missions. – Aside from Int base staff the ones who suffer the most are Class V and mission staff. I never understood why they aren’t all Day and Foundation. I would forbid anyone to deprive people of sleep. People don’t function well when sleep deprived anyhow.

      I’d put back all management entities as LRH had them set up and ensure orgs and missions are being assisted and are actually getting on policy Evals done. I’d clean up Hawkins and get him to do a full Hat write up, if he was not interested in returning.

      I’d review the FLAG payment line against LRH policy and give the ORGs enough money of what they are making to pay their staff according to LRH’s instructions, and enough for management to survive to and of course reserves as well. I would implement LRHs pricing formula on all services so it is available to everyone on planet earth at affordable rates.

      Then I’d get the Compilations Unit to review all materials, starting with OT levels to ensure no alterations had been entered in, this time for real and for the last time. Digitalize all the tech and put the public materials on line for all to access. (I’d review this against LRH policy first, but I think he’d want that)

      And then, I’d let Management handle the ORGs I’d have RTC wear it’s HAT and we would have our great Church back. It is a great Church and it can be handled. I would love to be in a position to do so, but I’m not so…I support Marty as the next best thing for now.

      • CC,
        Absolutely spot on. This post states the handling as completely as I’ve ever seen. I’d say you’re holding the position you are is every bit as valuable as any other.

        Just a note. It is a Base Flag Order written by LRH and titled ‘Senior Policy’ that establishes a schedule for SO members that includes 8 hours of post production, 2.5 hours of study, Libs, hygiene, 8 hours of sleep, and even a 3 week leave per year. SENIOR POLICY he calls it.

      • Beautifully written CC.

  9. Hi Marty,

    Is far as I know “command intention” is mentioned in what was originally an LRH OODs item of 12 March 1971 and was issued as an HCOPL on 2 October 1980 entitled ‘Command Intention and Your Post’ and also as FO 2804 as ‘A Post Hatting Drill’.

    The first paragraph asks the following question:

    (Begin Fair use quote)

    “Have *you* (emphasis mine) worked out what command intention (not orders but intention) is for your post?”

    (end Fair use quote)

    From this one could conclude that what is known as “command intention” is synonymous to purpose and that one would deductively arrive at what the command intention to any activity would be by personal observation not by being barraged by a bunch of conflicting orders by someone who happens to be wearing a bunch of braid.

    In my opinion not only does Miscavige redefine words by he also perverts their meaning for instance this “Ideal Orgs” campaign of his has no resemblance to what it says in the actual PL ‘Ideal Orgs” DS 40. It is really nothing but his twisted interpretation. In fact if you look at many of his so called orders and directives they are in fact diametrically opposed to the Policies and Purposes he claims to be forwarding!

  10. I was a 27 year member of the Boston Org. The first time I heard the words “command intention” was in 1996– with the release of GAT. I was told it was command intention to get everyone on board with GAT and that any CI to command intention would be dealt with by Ethics.

    I knew immediately that command intention was DM and no one else.

    I had never heard it used before and thought it was term created by DM

  11. By amazing coincidence an anonymous KR arrived in my Inbox the other day from an author who was clearly very concerned about current affairs which included these lines:
    “Yes, but it’s Command Intention” you may say. Well who or what IS “Command”? And what IS the intention?
    NOTHING supplants LRH policy when it comes to administering Scientology. If it’s not LRH, it’s not scientology. “Command” is LRH. If it isn’t LRH, it isn’t command intention. If you are ordered to an event or sec check because it is “command intention” then simply ask “Did LRH order it?”

  12. Whether it’s from DM, LRH or anybody else, isn’t it time to do away with the term “command intention”?

    First of all the word “command” has to do more with war and armies. But here we are dealing with a religion or a supposed religion. There shouldn’t be IMO army or military terms being used (“Battle plan”, etc.). Where is the battle? Where is the enemy?

    Second: the world is changed. A centralized management where one man is in charge and directs everything DOESN’T WORK. Of course any group needs a leader (a person who brings forth a vision and values). Too often the source of”command intention” is too far from the actual field of operation where customers are and where the real show takes place. In a fast world like ours, there is no way command intention still works. Look at the real expanding companies: virgin, google,etc. Decentralized management, decentralized decisions + values binding people together.

    Command intention comes from the management literature of the 50’s and the 60’s. It’s not anymore applicable. What is anonymous command intention? Yet on PR lines, underfunded (actually not funded at all), no structure, no commaning officer, etc beat the hell out of a superfunded scientology. More data on this if you Read Jim Collins “Good to Great” when he talks about a Category V Leader.

    The real power of an organization are its people bound together by strong values. People like Hiro, Shannon, etc. Scientology is faltering and it is on the verge of disaster because it didn’t take care of the more important part: its people (wheter staff or customers). People first, command intention second.


    • Paolo – Thanks. Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point” does an interesting analysis on this in terms of the most successful, lasting companies being organized horizontally rather than vertically. Recommended read.

  13. If this is the standard operating basis it violates numerous policies and is unbelievably wrong. The arrogance is unbelievable.

  14. I always had in mind the “Command Chart of Scientology” posted in orgs in 1984, and LRH was nowhere on that chart. So “Command Intention” to me was only “Management” intention, not LRH.

    About the propaganda by redefinition of words, LRH wrote “Thus it is necessary to redefine medicine, psychiatry and psychology downward and define Dianetics and Scientology upwards.” In other words, he stated its use was a necessity, thus your statement that “Some detractors have argued LRH implied it should be used in dealing with enemies.” does not seem accurate but derogatory.

    About the redefinitions of words used by Management against Scientologists, that indeed coincides with my observations.

    Take the word “Scientologist” where, disregarding LRH definitions, it has been redefined as someone “in good-standing with the Church”, the word “Squirrel” became anyone using the Tech without Miscavige’s consent (no matter how Standard their application is), or the word “SP”, applied to people who helt their integrity above the “Command Intention” of Miscavology.

  15. What OSA NW was this? You didn’t mention.

  16. “Man is intended to be a Self-determined organism. That is to say that as long as he can make evaluations of his data without artificial compulsions or repressions….he can operate to maximum efficiency. When Man becomes exteriorly determined, which is to say, compelled to do or repressed from doing without his own rational consent, be becomes a push-button animal. ”

    LRH, DMSMH page 281.

    Command intention is fine as a concept, leaders are sometimes useful, and certainly intention is best communicated, but orders and commands are of a much lower order than self determined operation on mutual goals and purpose.

    As a public in the current day church, I see “command intention” as something akin to a shame/guilt mechanism dubiously tied to the concept of Source, but lacking the element of agreement.

    Funny that LRH was usually pretty clear in what he said, but that he is referred to less and less as the source of policy and course of action.

  17. Marty, a comment on the above from Tom – while don’t belive in “conspiracies” per se, I did notice and have even pointed out to some other onlookers here that the press has been conspicuously absent in all this. This is usually something our erstwile enemies would be all over. I am used to the 70’s and 80’s when 20-20 or 60 minutes would be on much lessor Church flaps like a rat on a Cheeto. What’s up with the absense of press?

    • PS: Good point. The media has been corporatized drastically since the seventies and eighties. They are run by nervous Nellie lawyers protecting the bottom line. They are heavily influenced by advertising dollars. I spent the past two years working for a progressive paper in a medium market; most of my work was exposing the corporate owned daily pushing anti-survival initiatives on the public while taking orders from the Padrons (latino word for the Good Old Boy Network) who would profit. The Church likes to say the SP Times acted because they are “anti-Scientology.” Well, then how come DM’s PR bio on the net still covers their cover story on him from 1998? How come he plastered that article all over the Int Base to show the execs and staff that the “wog” world even respected him. No, they aren’t anti-Scientology. They are one of only a small handful of large dailies that are not corporately owned. They are one of the few that does investigative reporting of any kind anymore. That is why they investigated and reported. I wouldn’t be discouraged by the comm lag though. DM is spending many millions (and ALL credibility capital built over two decades) to intimidate the big media so as to keep it a local matter. But he ain’t dealing with a gaggle of rubes who just fell off the turnip truck.

  18. Funny thing but I have to state the obvious (somebody has to:): DM isn’t supposed to even be in “command” per the command channels of Scn (even the squirrelly one by Miscavige) he is meant to be off to the side – the buck is meant to stop at
    ED Int. So he is even sending out mixed messages by putting himself “at the helm of Scientology…” This means that public now should at least publicly assume that ED Int is officially off post or being permanently by-passed by DM who is meant to oversee the trademarks of Scn and that there is no one wearing THAT hat anymore (we who have been at the base know that this has been the case for over a decade, but Joe public never knew that and I’m sure they can put 2 and 2 together.)
    Marty thanks to you I’ve had some very enlightening conversations with Joe Howard that have sorted out some problems I had with the tech. Thanks!

  19. Excellently well written piece that reveals more than what I think DM would ever want to!!!;)

    To get this information on how DM thinks and acts is like stepping into Bedlam!!! Straight into raving lunacy and evilness!

    Your blog not only is a light in the dark but starts to become a Sun!

    The reason all this insanity could develop is to a large part due to inability to think with the subject at hand, i.e. Scientology!

    LRH already points this out in PDC lecture nbr 20, “Formative State of Scientology Definition of Logic”
    There he says: “Let´s take the subject of Scientology… it is a method of thinking about things and is just as true as it is workable and no truer and is not, in itself, an arbitrary, fascistic police force to make sure that we all think right thought. It´s a servant of the mind…it is not a master of the mind. Scientology will decline and become useless to man on the day when it becomes the master of thinking. Don´t think it won´t do that. It has every capability in it of doing that.”

  20. Marty,

    This “command intention” thing is how Miscavige controls the “masses” (by the way this is the term Miscavige uses for the public at large, as if they were one seething mass) by lying to them or what’s left of them. Also this “command intention” the way it is used is basically a generality even though it is insinuated or implied to be “what Ron wants” or “LRH’s intention” it is nothing but a big lie!

    This is “tech” derived from Joseph Goebbels’ Propaganda Ministry to quote:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it,
    people will eventually come to believe it. The
    lie can be maintained only for such time as the
    State can shield the people from the political,
    economic and/or military consequences of the
    lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the
    State to use all of its powers to repress dissent,
    for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie,
    and thus by extension, the truth is the
    greatest enemy of the State.”

    In place of “State” and put “Church” or “Organization” there instead and you will see the little Fascist is playing this by the book but not any book written by Ron.

  21. Just wanted to say what you guys are doing here is great.

    Having been in the SO for 11 years I can attest to the truth here in this blog. Mostly that what is calling itself the “Church of Scientology” has strayed very far from the subject itself and LRH policy on how it should be operated. I’ve seen you (Marty) and Mike from a distance and have worked on a few things with TDV, a few orders here and there etc. I have also met and received a few orders from DM. I can say without a doubt that TDV was far more inspiring as a senior terminal and is one of the most sane and inspirational people I’ve ever met. Even as Tom moved up and down the org board all staff (that I knew) had the utmost respect for him. After I left the SO I remember a friend of mine showing that they had found Tom on facebook and in discussion (there was a group of us that had been in the SO at different times) We all had good things to say about him. The only reason I read The Truth Rundown instead of pushing it away as just “black PR” was that I found out Tom was involved. I was pretty sure you and Rinder are sane too given your positions and lengths within the church.

    I’m GLAD to be here and hope to help and assist this movement in the near future.

  22. I was given a copy of a program issued to OT Ambassadors dated 26 June 2009 that says in one of the targets: “As part of your activities, make it widely known and understood with the rest of the field that EVERYONE is ON THE ORG BOARD of your Central Org.” The program is authored by WDC FOR IDEAL ORGS. (The caps were on the issue)

    It seems to me that if this is so, then everyone is subject to direct orders from staff in the Church of Scientology and are, in effect, staff members, and therefore there are no public Scientologists.

    Is there anything in writing from L. Ron Hubbard that supports this statement? I am trying to find out if this is an alteration or based on direct orders or policy from LRH himself. The program is poorly written and does not include any of the LRH policies from which it is drawn.

  23. Hello Marty and all,

    To begin with let me tell you that at the end of 1974 I was recruited from an outer org to join the Flag Management Bureau, eventually named IMO (International Management Org). I had signed my billion year contract in 1972 and was CO of my org when that happened.

    I worked in Management 6 years (1974-1981) until I blew in 1981. I did the entire Green Bridge plus a fair bit of auditing. I was OEC, FEBC, DSEC, HEJSC,
    Missionaire Training Course (mostly made of FOs writen by R on the ship, plus a number of issues written by the GO (now OSA).

    Because of my position, I knew everything that was happening with Scientology internationally
    and I knew what Rs legal position was at the time.

    For those of you who don’t know, LRH could never be shown as being at the top of ANY Org Board (including Flag) because HE WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE IN CHARGE OF ANYTHING TO DO WITH SCIENTOLOGY. To show him at the top of any org board would have put him at risk legally. We all knew that at Flag Management. Also at that time Command Intention was just for the outer orgs. At Flag we always knew it as LRH orders, which always came down to us via the CMO. We would report international stats and FSO stats up to him (again via CMO), he would receive the reports and he would send down his comments or orders, which most of the time would become programs for the IMO or FSO to implement.

    During the period 1974-1980 Scientology around the world was booming, no kidding. I know the stats for that time because every Thursday at 2 PM we had them all in from every org in the world and then all those stats would be added up to obtain Continental stats. R would then see them and would say, for example, how come EUS is down, which org(s) is causing the decline. As continental manager (which I was) I would then isolate the offending Org (s) and quickly do an evaluation of that org to find out why and would work out an approved handling, which some times resulted in a mission sent out to correct the problem. Everything was done by the book. Evals, handling, missions, etc, they all had to be approved by an independent body which was know as AVU. Everything had to conform exactly to Source materials or LRH orders. Ask Mike Rinder. He was there at the same time as me. I spent years working close to Cathy Rinder when we were both evaluators. As a matter of fact, Mike was the very last person I spoke with the night I blew Clearwater.

    And all of that effective work to expand Scientology around the world went down the pan when DM took over the lines.

    But the point of my post is that over the last few years I have had my share of the Jeff Hawkinses, the Larry Brennanses and a number of others Including Marty who have been witnesses of the crimes Miscavige has been committing for years, crimes that are punishable by law, at least in the US, and all I see is a lot of talk about it and no effective action to get real evidence that can be taken to the authorities so that this guy can be charged and prosecuted by the US Justice system.

    What say you, Marty and all…am I being off the wall here?

    • Alex, thanks for the great history chapter. I believe the continued, and exponentially expanding, de-ptsing that is going on will serve as the greatest possible justice.

      • Can you be more specific? I don’t quite understand what you are saying because it is a bit too general, no offense intended:))

      • martyrathbun09

        Find a partner in your area, declare independence, and serve others too afraid to do so themselves.

      • martyrathbun09

        Find a partner in your area, declare independence and help others too afraid to do so themselves.

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