25th Anniversary IAS Event – The Greatest Woe on Earth

P.T. Barnum* would be proud…



*Phineas Taylor Barnum (July 5, 1810 – April 7, 1891) was an American showman, businessman, and entertainer, remembered for promoting celebrated hoaxes and for founding the circus that became the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. His successes may have made him the first “show business” millionaire.[citation needed] Although Barnum was also an author, publisher, philanthropist, and sometime politician, he said of himself, “I am a showman by profession…and all the gilding shall make nothing else of me,”[1] and his personal aims were “to put money in his own coffers.” Barnum is widely but erroneously credited with coining the phrase “There’s a sucker born every minute.” – Wikipedia


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  1. P.T. Barnum is certainly one analogy of these events. I tend to view them as not unlike Nuremberg rallies.

    • An interesting view in light of the following from Wikipedia: “The primary aspect of the Nuremberg Rallies was to strengthen the personality cult of Adolf Hitler, portraying Hitler as Germany’s savior, chosen by providence. The gathered masses listened to the Führer’s speeches, swore loyalty and marched before him.”

      • There is a lot more about Hitler’s cult of personality and how he manipulated crowds in William Shire’s ‘The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, A History of Nazi Germany’.

        On the other hand I like your lighter approach here Marty, his most recent events have more of a Carny effect. This one in particular has really no substance, since it is pretty much predicated on the IRS “Victory”. The one he claims he pulled off by himself which we all know is a bald faced lie.

        He probably hopes that no one will see behind the elaborate stage sets that its all now nothing but illusion and sleight of hand.

        Yes “the Greatest Show on Earth”.

      • martyrathbun09

        Barnum came to mind because on IAS money seems to take precedence even over his image.

      • Good point.

      • This is a slight derail to the blog post. I have been listening to Dan Carlin’s Hardcare History podcast called the Ghosts of the Ostfront about WWII. I realized I was viewing this history through the lens of our current situation.

        This prompted me to look further into the Milgram experiment (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milgram_experiment). There is an interesting section of this wiki article discussing the result of the emotional stress the subjects were put through. Not the result of the experiment itself, but their personal responses once the experiment was over. This is discussed in the Results section. All the subjects polled (92%) responded either neutrally or favourably about being involved in the experiment. One fellow had this to say: “Few people ever realize when they are acting according to their own beliefs and when they are meekly submitting to authority.”

        End derail.

      • It just so happens that I’ve been reading “The Holocaust Encyclopedia” this week. One of the horrible abuses perpetrated by the Nazi’s involved elderly people having to scrub the road with toothbrushes. (I’m obviously hearing echoes with the RPF.)

        “That fear is felt even by fourth-generation American Jews who were stunned by the very first films from Europe showing Jews forced to clean streets with toothbrushes.” Approaches to Auschwitz: the Holocaust and its legacy, Part 804
        By Richard L. Rubenstein, John K. Roth, p303.

        One always hesitates before mentioning holocaust-related comparisons. That one jumped out at me as I read it, and since you’ve raised the subject…

  2. Deleted post??
    I’ll try again.

    I’m not sure what DM’s Scientology (as opposed to Marty’s or the rest of the Freezone) is planning on announcing at this event. It’s not like he has done anything to forward Scientology lately. Quite the opposite.

    Sucking the Scientology public dry of their cash is a given at this event.

  3. jessicaheartsart

    This reminds me of the “Emperor’s New Clothes”, lots of pomp but lacking substance. Also, with all this elaborate stuff around, people must know the truth but are unwilling to admit it. I see pictures of these kinds events on other blogs and spaces, and as times goes on they are becoming more visually obnoxious.

  4. I’m going to take a wild guess here: NOT attending this event (or the video of it) will not be looked upon lightly:

    A friend told me that recently everyone leaving course was routed to be interviewed — mandatory. Each student was questioned: Did they attend the Maiden Voyage Event / Video? Did they have any family or friends that did not attend? Did they know of ANYONE in the field that did not attend? Names had to be given. Let freedom ring…

    • Cathy:

      In fact, students in the FLAG courserooms were actually PULLED OFF course with the CONSENT of the course supervisor. The MAA did not speak to me, smile or show any evidence of ARC, merely placed an interrogatory in my hand and said “fill it out”. The interrogatory had four questions: Did you attend the Maiden Voyage IAS Event? What were you doing instead of attending the IAS event? Did anyone tell you not to attend the IAS event? Who else do you know that did not attend the IAS event? After completing the interrogatory we were set down in front of a huge wide-screen TV with a guard posted to prevent us from leaving and made to watch the 2 1/2 hour event with with the volume blasting at close range (implant station anyone?). Then an hours-long IAS reg cycle followed where a demand was made for a “significant” contribution to the IAS. Those little $100 donation will not get you off the IAS hook anymore.

      I was completely appalled that a student would be pulled off course for such an activity. The courserooms and auditing rooms used to be sacrosanct and supervisors and auditors defended their turf vociferously. Not anymore. Any remnants of actual Scientology are quickly vanishing from FLAG.

      My query about this received a terse “it’s approved”. And my disbelief that whether or not one attends an event was a subject for ethics investigation received a similar “it’s a base order and it IS an ethics point.”

      • When I was a course supervisor in the 70s I would occasionally have a registrar come in and try to pull out a student for regging. I’d tell her that when the students were on course they might as well be on the moon as far as she is concerned – she can’t touch them. She’d scowl and leave. I guess those days are dead and gone.

      • Been There:

        Thanks. Interesting.

        Wonder what LRH policy they were applying?

      • Been There,
        You are absolutely right, that Flag course room is unrecognizable as an LRH Scientology course room.

  5. I see those chairs, gold. How much spray paint was used, and inhaled by low level sea org members, to do that?

    I want scientology on folding chairs and card tables, where the words are the important thing, and the excitement of the concepts are the draw, not gilding.

    I wonder how much the production of what is in those photos costs? And how much more auditing or training could be delivered for that price. Or at least staff treated as they deserve.

    Miscavage, I’m miffed. And I am prone to understatement.

  6. I’m sorry Marty, but I’m going to rant.

    COB, “Mr” Miscavage, David, now would be a good time for you to announce your resignation. Look contrite and say there have been problems and that you need to step aside and let others take charge as you take a retreat to get yourself back together, or a sabbatical to devote yourself to study and bridge progress. Or if you feel generous, assign yourself to the RPF.

    And I bet if you did, there are people who would consider it an act of sacrifice even. And even the most cynical of us scientologists with disagreements with the church as it stands would have hope that maybe you would come to see a different culture and ideal scene.

    The door is never closed. Even with the anger and extreme disappointment many have expressed at the results of your leadership, scientologists know that what is done is done and there is always hope and the possibility of change.

    You must realize that you have not achieved what you hoped and that the situation is dire.

    Yes your head on a pike is required.

    But then maybe we’ll fix you up and you can be truly happy. I don’t see how you can be now.

    One Dave to another.

    Ok. Rant over.

    • Dave A,
      Great rant. I’m not sure it qualifies though as it contains so much reason and that’s pretty up there in terms of wavelengths. But, rant it is, and I’m ranting similarly. Great rant.

  7. Theo Sismanides

    Hi Marty,

    As I was reading your posts and blog and came across your letter to Tom Cruise’s attorney, I saw your link to tampabay.com where other ex Int staff members speak up.

    This is pretty good. You are creating an effect!! Now with OT VIIIs coming out also and speaking up, this is also great.

    But there is one thing that strikes me as I read the stories of the beatings. I never saw beatings in the SO, so I take it that it’s just DM.

    Now this is the interesting part.

    A free being is 50% force and 50% intelligence. Up to now ALL the intelligence in the world hasn’t done much. What we all miss is the FORCE factor. LRH in the Free Being tape speaks about the Tibet monks (the ultimate in intelligence) being taken away by force by the communist army (the ultimate in force).

    Sea Org are not a bunch of cowards watching their fellow staff members being beaten in the name of Scientology and the salvation of the planet.

    My cognition this morning IS just that: Sheer force will bring down Miscavige and is going to come from within and without. There is no other way… I AM SORRY… WE ARE NOT A BUNCH OF COWARDS HERE… The only way is that this guy is brought to SCN Justice by sheer force.

    If WE get this, I think we will ALL be fine. I have been breaking my wits to find out what to write and what to do from Greece to get him move. Well, it’s just that: sheer force is the only thing he can appreciate. Anyone dare see Scientology after Miscavige? I do! It’s going to be much better without a leader. Well, he is not a leader. So he is going to be taken down just by sheer force. This is the only way. A coup d’ etat. Beware and behold. There are people who are going to do it. Maybe it’s going to be women as I can see lately some coming up and speaking out. I don’t care. The thing is this is the only way we have not applied. And this is effective when one does not stand REASON.

    Am I clear?

    Are we a bunch of cowards?

    I am not saying this is the best way but when you deal with Scientology you cannot tamper with the future of this planet. And Miscavige has put up a BIG SHOW, to tell us what? That HE is the ONLY ONE?

    Come on guys! Where are you? It’s going to happen just as I thought of it this morning.




    I am here for anyone who wants to participate in that publicly, meaning openly threating DM that if he doesn’t quit now, he gets a punch and he is ousted.


    If we yeek and yak (my term probably, meaning natter) about how bad he is and how bad he causes to Scientology, why don’t we all organize the COUP D’ ETAT?


    Is there a public event where Miscavige is going to show up? Let’s stand outside 100 of us and have banners and things SAYING: DM go away!

    That’s application of FORCE. OK, let’s not BEAT HIM UP, if there are 1000 obedient Scientology thetans inside the Hall. Let’s stand outside and take a stand. MISCAVIGE GO HOME. FORCE-FORCE-FORCE , APPLICATION OF… THE ONLY THING HE CAN APPRECIATE OF.

    I said enough, I hope YOU GUYS understand. Otherwise we can stand here for the next 20 years and yeek and yak (LOL) !

    Thank you! I am going to be posting this elsewhere to, as this is my BIG cognition after my running program (LOL) all these years. Enough with INTELLIGENE, let’s apply LRH’s 50% of FORCE now,now,now and BE FREE BEINGS, not just nattering about how bad the situation is.

    Thank you again
    Theo Sismanides, ex SO, from Athens Greece

  8. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, as you are probably the one moderating these comments and you will see my comment, I will not feel upset if you don’t publish it.

    However, I will know that you have read it.

    And believe me, I don’t consider you a coward. You did what you could. But now, on a safer ground, take a look.

    All the intelligence in the world will do nothing agaist sheer force. We know that. So, reconsider the matter and you will see that it’s just sheer force that is needed here. There is enough intelligence but it’s lacking in force. If you feel you can guide the ship, you will have to come up on force, not just higher, lower is needed. Confront of EVIL is the lowest confront there is.

    I love you dearly for what you are doing. I am by your side. Whatever you need as a spirit I am with you and you don’t have to be afraid of anything.

    It’s just a big hole on our ORG BOARD. Full of Intelligence but no FORCE section. And I believe this has to do with ETHICS in the purest, finest meaning of the word. So let’s get busy on that section from a new viewpoint. It’s going to be creating effects like wild fire!!!

    Theo S.

  9. For the serious student of PR and propaganda, you must watch “Triumph of the Will” by Leni Riefenstahl. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triumph_of_the_Will)

    Then compare it to the imagery and PR that DM tries to evoke.

    Oh, and one other thing that came to mind re: extremism. The “Orientation” Film. What a joke. Remember this line? ” You could accept the light of scientology……or you could PUT A GUN TO YOUR HEAD, go ahead, it’s your choice…”

    WTF? Do you know of ANYONE that signed up for a service from watching that film? For me it was one of the early indicators of DM’s “cultification” of Scientology. Plus, positioning Scn with ‘light’ is a direct dramatization of a well-known implant platen.

    No wonder they are starving for new public, and cannibalizing the field.

    • I wouldn’t get too excited about this or spend too much time on it. It is full of leaps of logic, and false presumptions.

  10. Wow, look at all those empty chairs! Miscavige finally got what he wanted – a church with no members. I only have one word to describe IAS events – DELUSION!

    Delusion that Miscavige is a great leader – in reality, DM couldn’t manage the swing shift at a Jack in the Box.

    Delusion that the church is expanding at an incredible rate – in reality, it is going in the exact opposite direction at an incredible rate

    Delusion that IAS donations are being used to take out the “enemies” – in reality, it’s DM’s slush fund to be used for whatever he wants.

    Delusion that a cleared planet is on the horizon – in reality, oh well…

    Delusion that people enjoy IAS “briefings” – in reality, people have to be dragged there kicking and screaming or be threatened with heavy ethics.

    Delusion that every Scientologist wants to achieve the highest honor status in the IAS – in reality, they’re kicking themselves in the head for getting too deep in debt. Too bad they can’t sell their honor statuses on eBay and get some of their money back.

    Delusion that these fine gold chairs were paid for using IAS money. In reality, they were made by forty cents an hour slave labor on the RPF.

  11. Quick preview of the event itself:

    Unprecedented expansion taking place at every level
    New auditor made every nano-second
    OT IX will be along any day now
    TWTH is now the official poicy of Cameroon
    WISE tech (sic) is now the only allowed admin tech in Slovakia
    DMSMH has another non-LRH synopsis that by survey is what will clear China
    Translated into 2866 new languages by Mr Misacige personally
    President Obama privately proclaims DM “The greatest religious leader of our age”
    There is a new $300 DVD available after the event. It’s command Intention to buy it. Sec Checkers are standing by to help any with questions about it.

  12. When LRH was alive, he kept the parishioners and staff informed about what was going on in Scientology through his RJs and LRH EDs. It was great because it was in writing or recorded and the message always clarified something and gave direction. Because it was usually in writing, it could be referred to as often as needed. Operations weren’t disrupted with constant “events.” Public and staff were always happy to hear from him and things would improve as a result of the message. Compare that to the constant distracting, gawdy, enforced-reality events of Miscavology.

    • Ex Vet, When I was in CMU in 2002, I found an old CBO (Commodore’s Bureaux Order) from 1977 in which LRH outlawed all future “international events” because they depress stats. They depress stats because they knock Div 6s off hat to prepare for the event. LRH said in that issue (suppressed by David Miscavige) that magazines were the vehicle by which the news of Scientology is gotten out to the field. A person can read at his own pace during his free time and so a magazine does not interrupt anything. So magazines are an important addition to RJs and LRH Eds. Every single international event since they started by David Miscavige in 1986 is in direct violation of this LRH order.

      • True instead of events we threw parties back then 🙂

        Remember the Bosun’s party?……Well maybe not. I mean anyone who could remember that one wasn’t there!

        The new years party was a foggy one also, but they both gave us Dianetic auditors a hell of a lot of items to run on the DRD!

        There was also May 9th which was another excuse to party and of course Auditors Day, but unlike Miscavige’s Triumph of the Will events. These used to be fun gatherings where Scientologists socialized not where every one was nailed to a chair and forced listen to endless turgid speeches by der Fuehrer about delusional “stats” given by a megalomaniac.

      • martyrathbun09

        Those were the days.

      • Thoughtful,
        The last New Year’s event I played as a Gold Musician, cost just under $1,000,000. I was stunned, considering what that money could have done for valid projects and dissemination, let alone living conditions. My ex-wife, Annie, commented that if LRH heard about this that ‘heads would roll’ and in particular, DM’s head.

        P.S. CBO is Central Bureaux Order.

  13. About the IAS Event in the UK: Having worked on these events I want to specify the following. On one hand, the golden chairs are rented and are not more expensive than any haf decent party rental chairs. What is expensive for instance is the tent — it is the largest one in the whole UK and they do boat races in it some of the year. It holds about 3000 people and the rest of the attendees are put in other overflow tents and spaces. They say 7000/8000 or more attend. When I was there the main tent was defintely filled but there was no way there was 4000 people in the overflow spaces put together. The counting system being quite random and only done by IAS staff, they can easily declare Highest ever attendance each year and no one can ever know. Mind you that’s still better than in PAC where there is a counting method, so the Event ICs hit the RPF regularly for not making the Highest Ever. DM does not understand that is it harder and harder to get people to come listen because the public is being lied to and knows it. But the target is always the event attendance people. It’s a nightmare in every cont I’ve known.
    The UK RPF and Gold Sets Dept make most of the Props — they work on it for months.
    The IAS Colors are supposed to be “fire” type colors, because of the torch, which is where this circus looks comes in.
    Now talking about finances of the IAS Event, all is not paid by the IAS by FAR. For instance, AOSH UK and SH Fdn finance what they call the “Dept 21 FP” (that is DM and entourage — note that he is the Source Dept). These orgs go insolvent every year to come up with this money. It is millions. I never understood why he needed so much money to to spend a few days at St Hill.
    The line is that he is so kind to come and thus “drive business in” on these orgs, they should pay.
    In fact, SH is completely empty up to 2 hours before the event. And again empty after the week end.
    Both Captains hate going insolvent each year on this (I quote one of them who told me so in confidence: “It kills us”) but they both know if they frown even slightly — that’s the end of their career.
    Because of this their crew does not get paid around that time. Etc.
    Also, I found out late in my “career” that many of the Freedom Winners don’t even get IAS money to accomplish what they do. I also found out being on the ground that what is shown in the videos and the reality is very far apart. Not that these guys are not dedicated, they are, but the orders of magnitude are completely altered in the event to make things look bigger and better than they are. The IAs Winners I’ve met and spoken to more intimately know it and hate it.
    I could go on..

  14. I`ve got an e-mail from Malmö Org today . Call to arms clear sweden. Can every SCN Organisation on this planet take advantage of my e-mail adress? Whats about protection of private data? By the way I`ve met an old friend from Vienna some weeks ago. His daughter was staff in Vienna. Now she`s in Malmö. I asked why and if she wants to stay there. Seemed to be an emergency and he`s pretty sure that she doesn`t want to stay there. DM is playing musical chair all over the planet.

  15. But the money is used to promote the image. Isn’t that is the point?

    A friend of mine told me that she is joining the Sea Org in a month or so. I asked her where she is going to go. She told me Flag Land Base because that’s where Gold is going to be. I said WTF?. She said that Gold is pretty much done with films and so forth and that Gold is going to be primarily working on events. The impression I got from her is that we haven’t seen REAL events yet and that we’re in store for some doozies.

    Maybe DM was PT Barnum in a past life? Or suppressed by PT Barnum and became the valence?

    I mean, c’mon; Enough is enough.

    Oh, BTW – I had a dream the other night that Marty, Rinder, Yager, Hawkins, Leserve and Mithoff were all beating the crap out of DM.

    • If Gold is moving to the FLB, then it is the start of the implosion of organized Scientology into Clearwater. That will be their last stand.

  16. Can I donate? I only gave $20,000 and feel guilty. I know it will be put to good use!

  17. Up until late 2005 I was reporting on all the Int Events, and always commented on the gaudy, Third Reich Stage sets.

    Recently, I hosted the 4th Annual East Coast SP Party and we decorated our stage (for SP awards) in the gold and blue that DM seems to like. We made it as tacky as possible in order to honor DM’s style.

    DM approved tacky blue and gold stage

    Here’s a slide show of some of the SP Party.

    Pix are not in any kind of order.


    • I pity you guys for whatever makes you dramatize like that.

      • Parody and humor not in your dictionary, Marty?
        It was an epic party…OSA drove around the block the whole night, and the neighbors thought they were looking for a parking place.
        What a shame…it would have been lulzy if the horde of anonymous had come out to greet them.

        Our decorations were tacky without the presumptuous Nuremberg Rally thang that DM seems to love so much.

        There was delicious food, and lots of good vibes.
        We appreciated the parody of an IAS event set. Too bad you can’t. We even had LRH come out to knight us!


      • Parody does not equal dramatization.

        Definitions of parody:

        * make a spoof of or make fun of
        * a composition that imitates or misrepresents somebody’s style, usually in a humorous way
        * spoof: make a parody of; “The students spoofed the teachers”
        * humorous or satirical mimicry

        Lighten up!

      • I pity anyone who can’t wrap their mind around satire and parody.

        Humans laugh, not just at each other but at themselves. Humor is a highly developed form of communication and socialization. Without it we are little more than beasts.

        You may think this is dramatization or childish acting out. If so you don’t understand or perhaps you can’t understand. However to achieve your goals you must understand or at the very least, develop some tolerance.

        Hubbard never did and I fear most of his followers have had this ability stripped away. As Patty says, “lighten up!” it is truly your only hope.

      • martyrathbun09

        Criticism noted and understood. Interesting how one can put on such elaborate “satire” and not be able to take one, single criticism of oneself.

      • Some people can’t, you are quite correct there. It’s far easier to give criticism it than receive it, this is something that most of the chanology folks know all too well.

        It’s something that , in my experience the believers in ” Hubbard'” philosophy have little knowledge about. It is why the “tech” fails, and it is why it cannot succeed. The art of giving criticism and taking it is essential to any dynamic process. It cannot be otherwise.

      • martyrathbun09

        Thanks. But, you are sorely mistaken on the tech. The problem may be that you generalize tech, philosophy, policy, commentary into one big package.

      • I think the problem may be with a specific policy that LRH wrote– HCOB and HCOPL 5 February, 1977 Jokers and Degraders.

        Joking and Degrading the psychs or anyone who is considered an enemy of Scn is fine, but it’s pretty much considered suppressive if you J and D about Scn.

        This pretty much put the kabosh on any humor and joking about Scn became very serious business.

        Imo, being able to laugh at any and all things Scn shows a person is recovering from their false Scn indoctrination.

        If and when you folks organize and review some of LRH’s writings, I hope the J and D policy will be tossed in the scrap heap.

      • Obviously, you missed the point of the HCOB, since there is a difference between insouciance, humor, satire and degradation.

        Much of what I’ve seen on any of these sites on where the haters congregate is pretty much puerile and tastless “humor” if you can call it such, purely with the intention to degrade the subject and its founder.

      • I don’t believe I missed the point at all. LRH clearly states that anyone who jokes and degrades about Scn is either a rockslammer, NCG, an institutional cases or severely PTS. He laid it out pretty clearly that if you J and D about Scn you are involved in suppression.

        This kind of intolerance is usually found within totalitarian regimes. It’s not something common in educated, free thinking, free speaking people.

        People should be able to poke fun at Scn, at LRH and at DM without being accused of trying to destroy mankind.

      • Give me a break Patti. It is simply a technical fact and has nothing to do with “intolerance” and creating some kind of “totalitarian” regime.

        You can either agree or disagree with it but the fact of the matter is it is simply like saying that someone who constantly criticizes and carps about a subject has missed withholds.

      • I’m not one of those Ex’s that is going to be rude to you because you are a Scio and I hope you are not going to be one of those Scios that is rude to me because I no longer agree with your view on things.

        I believe the only place it’s a technical fact is in Scn.

        Despots, tyrants, dictators, and control freaks have a history of not liking being poked fun at and in many cases consider those that do poke fun at them to be criminals. That’s one of the reasons they are labeled as despots, tyrants and dictators. They allow NO criticism of their activity and J and Ding about them can get you thrown in jail or killed, or in the case of Scn, declared and SP and exiled from the group.

        Sane leaders allow criticism and the freedom to speak freely and be laughed at.

      • Right calling me a “Scio” isn’t rude at all.

        Uh huh.

        Better than “clam” I guess.

        First of all there is no where in that HCOB that Ron says that a person who jokes AND degrades is suppressive.

        Also the fact that someone jokes AND degrades is used merely as an indicator. Just as the fact that someone who is nattery and critical is used as an indicator that a person has missed withholds.

        Now saying that this school of thought is only restricted to Scientology. Well I dare you to go into any Roman Catholic Church and start making jokes about the The Eucharist and see how long you last during Mass.

      • I agree. I really love LRH, tech and making things better. Anonymous attacking a tyrant is ok but destruction can’t just go under the banner of “its the greatest good” because its how we got here. Respect the right of people to think what they like. I am doing a doubt on anonymous, actual intentions and objectives are as murky as miscavige. Whats the end goal? Chaos? Chaos is criminal, it doesn’t respect anything or anyone. I think people and their opinions are valuable (as much as they help).
        I am well prepared to be made wrong now, or have a critism for saying that, hehe.

      • Virginia Plain

        Given time, Marty and others fresh out of the cult mindset will get used to joking and degrading as a function of being a normal human being.

  18. Do you have any idea how psychotic and off-hat and squirrel a CLO gets five months a year for five Int event preps? LRH never managed orgs like this remotely. Ex SO especially, and staff, it’s time to speak up. People need multiple viewpoints, and you have to give them the data they need to finish doubt. There’s lots of people reading the site right now trying to add it all up.

    Theo, I understand your desperation right now completely. Channel that into EMAILING EVERY SCIENTOLOGIST YOU KNOW AND THEIR SCIENTOLOGY FRIENDS YOU DON’T KNOW. Go on facebook. You’ll get antagonism a lot. Ignore it and put in more order. Every contact is chipping away at this, it’s a numbers game, and DM fears this the most. He probably rock slams everyday when he reads the blog.

    • He would rock slam if he ever audited. Marty can probably speak to that, when’s the last DM did any auditing that you know of?

  19. Silence Do Good

    I have a comment to all that it may concern. Disregarding the inevitable and mortal sin, given by the power of judgment in the balance of right and wrong. Here are a few thoughts for the always present fight to maintain a status quo over life’s punishing continuum.

    If right and wrong had no bearing (Hint) then cause and effect is all we would find. The only way to find a cause is to be effect and the only way to be cause is find an effect. When you find yourself unable to be all cause or all effect you sadly find yourself in between at (Because). I did this because , this happened because, he did this because ect.. Half cause half effect, responsible for none; now you have life, a long series of becauses, or as Darwin calls it Evolution.

    Evolution has lead to one man of no physical stature, who sought a ring of power. “One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.”

    All those who wore the rings now face a time, were “Because” has no place. But unaware to remove the ring they hope to destroy the one who binds them. In his destruction others may not fall prey to such a ring but those before will find no solitude. The rings only power was the will of it’s master. Set free such will and once again find peace.

  20. Supposing one were picketing outside the IAS event.

    What would be good slogans to get put-upon public and staff to realise the Suppression in their midst?

  21. Then again, maybe I looked at that too seriously, sometimes people just like to cause an effects, like watching the letters pop up on the screen when they tap the keys on their computer. Similar to enjoying the sounds of your own voice.
    But I am serious about deciding what is long term harmful or good.
    Thanks to all the people who are working to make everyones life better. We are here, I think we should make the most of it.

  22. (RJ)

    “Obviously, you missed the point of the HCOB, since there is a difference between insouciance, humor, satire and degradation.

    Much of what I’ve seen on any of these sites on where the haters congregate is pretty much puerile and tastless “humor” if you can call it such, purely with the intention to degrade the subject and its founder.””

    Taste is subjective. Much of the humor IS crude, puerile and does not hold you as its target audience.

    So? When in Rome, shoot roman candles or don’t.

    Most people on teh “hate sites” hold Hubbard in contempt in much the same way he held his profession in contempt.

    Additionally; whenever you generalize a group of people under the term “hater” you not only “generalize” (which I think is a no-no under your own belief system”) you are also loading your language in such a way that make a reader think – you – hate. This is perhaps not your intent?

    • RJ – I wouldn’t bother. He wouldn’t get the HCOB because he’s never read a single one but for the purpose of criticizing.

  23. Patty,

    If you are J&Ding about Scientology you would be effectivly supressing it to some degree. That point of view is only one sided, for the survival of Scientology. You make fun of the Nazi’s and Hitler you would be surpressing that group too.
    The most untrue statement made is what someones else tells you is true and that means LRH too. A lot of people qoute this and that from LRH, this axiom, that axiom. They ignore the fact that you are the only one who knows the truth about you and with all of LRH’s writting he never found the truth for himself and is not by any means at the state which he claims his tech will bring you. So when people are done trying to follow the next guy who stands up and says I know it better, stop and think. For the person who knows it better is you. It’s Freedom From all not Freedom With all. “With All”, is just a consideration for a game, nothing wrong with it but certianly not total freedom.

  24. Joking is fun, but don’t degrade your friends!

  25. RJ,

    I’ve been using the term Scio since 1974. Maybe it’s just a New England thing. Scio is not a term of derision where I come from. It’s an abbreviation. Sorry if you took offense, none was meant.

    I would not go into any Church and make jokes about their rituals, but in a public forum or in a discussion with others, I feel people should be able to joke and criticize about everything without worrying about retribution or being labeled in a negative way.

    It’s only an “indicator” in Scn because Ron says so. And fortunately, Ron is not the final authority on these things in the real world.

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