Nova Scotia Independent – Jim Logan


Jim Logan has been independent as long as I have known him. At the Int base in the late eighties he was famous (notorious in that off Source environment) for ignoring off-policy Cramming Orders from the likes of DM, and using his technical tools to find out and remedy whatever happened to be wrong with troubled staff members.

As Drummer for the Golden Era Musicians in the early nineties his independence became too much for Miscavige. At a Maiden Voyage Anniversery event the band’s leader announced an order from DM that the band was to learn “I Want Your Sex” by George Michael.  Jim openly defied the order stating he refused to learn and play “I Want Your Sex” at the top of the Bridge for OT VIIIs as it was less than appropriate in that environment. Jim then became a target for Messengers directed by DM to make his life miserable.

When the harrassment continued after arrival back at the Int Base, Jim petitioned to have a certain particularly attack dog oriented Messenger investigated by CMO superiors. This petition resulted in an off-policy Non-Enturbulation Order (despite being productive and upstat on post and despite a recently cleared ethics file) being issued on Jim and his illegal removal from his post. Eventually he would be found guilty by RTC of an SP Act of ‘Mutiny’ for refusing to perform this ‘COB ordered’ song.

Jim was sentenced to the Running Program (squirrel Cause Resurgance RD), separated from his wife (Annie Broker Logan), and put under watch.  Jim was subjected to a series of confrontations from several senior RTC and Int executives designed to cave him in. But, unlike many before and after him, Jim wouldn’t “crack.” Since Annie was a security risk of magnitude and Jim was not submitting to mind control, DM started personally driving a wedge between husband and wife (he took to paying great attention to Annie’s post, and riding her around the base on the back of his custom motorcycle).

Jim never did buckle, was declared and headed back to his native Nova Scotia. In order to satisfy the concerns of loved ones, Jim read every anti-Scientology book they supplied him,  following with a simple handling of the false data.  Acting on advice given to Annie by LRH personally to get trained,   Jim decided to study Scientology from the bottom up again, but this time with some scientific grounding. He embarked on a study of basic science, and only when he had a firm grasp of that, did he re-study Scientology from the basics, through the R and D, and up through St Hill research and beyond.

I believe Jim’s brutal honesty and self-discipline paid off big. I have found no one, either in or out of the Church, who has a deeper appreciation and understanding of the tech than Jim. He is my go-to guy when I am looking for the applicable reference in some detour I hit in life. He is not some know-best  priest. He thinks with the subject in terms of “what tool can we find here to handle the situation we are confronting.”

Jim is a fishing guide, a fisheries inspector, and a freelance professional drummer residing in the beautiful coastal region of Nova Scotia. He is a guiding light to people from all over the world navigating the fog of unreason that thickens around the Church.

Jim reminds me of the passage in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest where the Chief explains to McMurphy what society feels it needs to do with a big man who is perceived to be just too independent. It has to corral him, to reduce him in size and make him suggestable, it needs to get him back in the herd with the rest of the sheep. Remember, when in the end, the Chief decides he won’t be so reduced, breaks the window to the mental ward, and runs across the field to freedom?  Ever wonder what became of him? I kind of feel like we found the Chief.

Staff and Training History: Got in Scn in Apr 75, joined staff in Class V (IV then) org in June, signed an SO contract in Jan 76. Stayed in Class V org until Dec 78. Was Senior Cse Sup, D/ED, Tech Sec there. Went to Flag to be DofT over admin training in Dec 78. Also held TRs Cse Sup post and Cramming Officer. Played in an SO music group that was approved to go on leave to play music in early 80s. Returned to SO in 86 and posted at Int Base on Gold staff as Cramming Officer. Last post held was Gold Musician playing drums.

Training includes the original OEC/FEBC as the ED FULL HAT, Hubbard Senior Cse Sup with all reqs including Hubbard Consultant and Data Series, full Cramming Officer training and permanently certified on all the above, all Flag and Int training. Case level is OT III.



41 responses to “Nova Scotia Independent – Jim Logan

  1. You’re looking wonderful Jim. Yours was one of the first stories I read on discovering ESMB. It’s especially good to see that you and Marty have moved beyond things that happened in the past.

    • Koos,
      Yes, we’re way past all that. It’s yesterday, and this is today, and, you can see, we’re making tomorrow.

      Having come through so much in this life so far I’ll tell you, I’m having more fun than I ever have. If I can do something for someone else to get them to enjoy their creation then I’m even happier. Thanks.

      • Theo Sismanides

        Hi Jim, good to hear about you! Yes, we have had a lot of music from Golden Era Musicians. Do you plan to have anything published, we’d love to listen to some good music!!

  2. I now know who was the friend playing drums in the friends section on Steve´s site.

    Very highly trained. Absolutly needed to those wanting to make a choice now.

    Keep on posting your views and opinions for us.

    Roberto Sánchez

  3. Where is Annie now?

  4. Halloooo fellow Canuck!!


    • Kala,
      Did you see the Tim’s cup? Hah, now that’s Canadian. (Tim Horton’s is Canada’s coffee shop for those who don’t know.)

  5. Congrats Jim!

  6. Hello Jim. Thanks so much for your loyalty, your friendship and your integrity, I do so much appreciate it! One of these days we will make music together!

  7. Cathy and Christie

    Hi Logan !

    You’re AWESOME !!

    Thank you for all you’ve done and contributed — there’s so much to admire.

    We’re really happy we’re all here together.

    Love, C & C

  8. Concerned Citizen

    Very honored to make your acquaintance sir. I might ask for some advice sometime.

  9. The S.O. seems to have always had an appeal to a certain kind of person. I knew several of these in my 27 years and heard stories of several more. These were people you just could not budge. They were like 350 pound defensive linemen, not going anywhere no matter what you do. In football it comes from bulk. In the S.O. it came from integrity. For these folks, when the view through the lens of personal integrity revealed a scene that wasn’t going to change from the inside, it was time to find a better place and then start effecting change. That’s Jim. His integrity remained intact through some very bad situations. Good to see you here, Hymie!

    • Joe,
      I have no idea how to say thank you to you. Every time we’d run across each other at Int I’d had a great day, no matter what may have been going on. It’s even better now. This spirit of play is all it’s cracked up to be.

  10. Jim, you have been one those stalwarts that flew the flag for real Scientology over the decades. It is an honor to know you.

    I believe it is truly as Marty has said, though we use the term now, you have always been an independent, which is a long and proud Gaelic tradition I might point out.

    • Mr. Paine,
      Again, the honor is all mine. I’m familiar with the Gaelic tradition, and embrace it, sometimes buck naked, hair blue with woad, and all out over the ramparts (Hadrian’s) in a howling charge. It sure scares hell out of the guys on the other side sometimes!

  11. Jim..It’s great to finally see the wonderful face connected to the name I’ve become so familiar with over the last year. I admire all you’ve done and all you are doing. What an awesome team we all are huh?

  12. Hey Logan,
    Here’s to Independence! Great to you and for all you have done. We’ve got your back as you have ours.

    • SK,
      I could not have better beings to cover my back. I’m glad we’re back and more coming.

      Just a note to any Mythcavologists that come up my way, wear the longjohns with the lederhosen as it’s getting to be winter soon. Don’t worry about the fashion statement, I’ll use photoshop.

  13. Your a good man Jim. Thanks for all that you are doing for the cause.

  14. That’s quite a graph, I think this is going to work.

  15. Nice to put a face on your significance. I have heartily enjoyed your posts. Of course anyone who fishes has great understanding of life.

  16. Jim, you are a man with integrity and pride. We are so glad to have you out here with us. Thank you so much for your wisdom and knowledge that you are continuously sharing with this group.

    You are very much appreciated.

  17. Jimbo!

    You totally ROCK, dude!

    Nice pic 🙂

    If I were a heterosexual female or gay I’d be in love.

    Any way it’s good to see you posted as an indie.

    I can’t beeeleeeeive that that sanctimonious puritanical, moralizing (who used to send people to the RPF for just thinking about having sex before marriage) prude wanted you to play (oops! I’ve been caught playin’ with my monkey in a public rest room) Michael’s “I Want Your Sex”, (which also demonstrates his lack of musical taste!) for an OT VIII event!


    Aside from the fact that Nugget’s “Strangle Hold” would have been more appropriate 🙂

    Again nice to see ya on Marty’s blog Jimbo.

  18. Hi Jim, I’ve audited over 20000 WDAH at all levels of the bridge and I’m no longer supporting dm’s activities. Well done for what you are doing.

    • NOTSaware,
      First, thank you for all your WDAHs! I’d like that to be a half-ack too, since it’s you and auditors who are the beings doing so much.

      I just watched a video by Pierre E, regarding ‘reverse processing’ being done at Flag at DMs behest. It seems he has ordered the exact reverse of HCOB 23 Jan 74RA Introspection RD, and is demanding withholds others don’t have, MWHs they don’t have, and the list of points of the RD reversed as his own personal ‘tech breakthrough’.

      This ‘breakthrough’ is of course the tech he uses in IAS regging, ‘Ideal Org’ regging, and anyone who has been through his brand of ethics at Int can recognize the host of methods intentionally designed to introspect others.

      For those who have ever had to do those introspective, gibberish, ethics conditions, statements, false A-Es, read over the bulletin and see what LRH has to say. It’s the diametric opposite of what goes on with DM.

      I recommend this to all and it would seem you’ll have lots of opportunity to rack up another bunch of actual WDAHs.

      The more Scientologists become aware of this little man’s suppression, and separate themselves cleanly from it, the easier it will be to direct the live and free theta needed to take back our Scientology.

      We are free beings, independent and still forming up the True Group we all thought possible when we first found the work. It’s happening and we are making it happen.

      Boy, what an amazing thing Scientology really is!

      • Theo Sismanides

        Thank you Jim and Marty for putting the group back. I feel more and more the true SO is here. I am with you and as the body is getting near 50 now, I feel I can select my friends and teammates finally which is a big win for me!!!

  19. Jim, Geez I never knew all the particulars to that story. I always had the feeling you had been railroaded but was never privy to the whole story. I hope you can forgive me for not standing up in your defense at the time.

    Your Friend,


    P.S. I really like the looks of those Gretsch drums!

    • STEVE!!!
      What you just wrote ends cycle on all that for me. I’m so happy to hear from you and express to you my own apologies for any untoward moments from me. We’ve come through and that’s the important thing. Holy cats!

      p.s. yes the Gretsch are deadly. I’ve got two sets now and a bunch of different snares and I finally learned how to play congas, not like Mickey but I can set a groove in various styles.

  20. Jim,

    Thank you so much for your help, personally, and with others in this new community.

    Here’s to more freed beings and greater days ahead!

    • Margaret,
      Your integrity, your persistence and tenacity to look and having looked act, are phenomenal. I’m sure together we’ll see a much improved scene.

  21. Jim,

    Thank you! I will send my introduction by way of private mail, but I just wanted to say publicly that “I feel the strength of the force” in you (as I do in all of the other free beings that are making themselves known.) If ever you get down this way (Northern Va. -DC-MD area of the US) we must get together.

  22. Good for you Jim! As you well remember, I was your junior when you were the Director of Training in the Int Training Org, 1979, and you dealt with a particularly bullysome superior (who someday I hope in turn can reflect and write himself on his years in the Sea Org, I hope to hell he “comes out” someday). You have a good stubborn streak Jim, the “wild and crazy guy” who stood up and didn’t let superiors mow you over!

    I don’t know how things will turn out, we’ve talked Jim, I’ll leave it at that.

    Wish you well, and hope you make a dent in improving the world by what you do.

    In the bigger scheme of things, Hubbard is the guy who laid out the bigger scheme of Scientology.

    Somehow, in the future, people who are the real experts on Hubbard will have to compare Hubbard’s ideas and rules with history, and deal with those details.

    Thanks for going public, standing up, speaking like a citizen!

    You were a good boss Jim!

    You should have been left on post as Admin Cram off at Int, you’d have changed history had they been able to keep you.

    Thanks for having some guts man!

    Chuck Beatty

    • Chuck,
      God knows, you’ve been through an incredible amount of life yourself. We’ve shared some of it and it’s my hope we may share more.

      The ‘bullysome’ senior you mention, I thanked in my success on finishing OT III. (He’s one of the two Bills). I’ll tell you why.

      I spent many hours in his office talking. I studied along side of him after hours. I had enormous respect for him and believe it or not, he had it for me I knew. We bumped heads on various issues but in the end he was one of a few people I had as seniors that acknowledged production over personality.

      I sensed in that being a sincere desire to achieve the aims of Scientology. I think when he became ED Int he was sincere in his hope for a scene as described in the Special Zone Plan and What We Expect of a Scientologist. A better scene, one much like as described in Joe Howard’s new paradigm on the scientology-cult site.

      In my view now, despite what may have past, he was an honest and forthright man and one of the real power beings that themselves are sorely missed in today’s travesty of the star high postulates of the Sea Org. I have no doubt at some point, he’ll be back.

      We’ve talked some since we both ended up ‘out here’. Didn’t see eye to eye on some important issues. How about this, how about we leave the door open to more talk.

      I appreciate the guts it took for you to write on this blog too. Good on you.


      p.s. Chuck and I had one of the biggest courserooms in Scientology history. I’m sure if we did it again now, it would be what we hoped it could all those years ago.

  23. Hello,
    For all those who made such wonderful comments on this article I want to say thankyou here, if I didn’t respond directly in the course of this thread.

    I am lucky to have become part of this True Group and as we go forward, I’ll do my best to live up to the ideal, ethic and rationale of it.

    I’ll also be having as much darn fun as I can while I do and I DEMAND that you do too!!

  24. You guys talk weird.

    Also, congrats on the good news! Keep up the good work.

  25. What a wonderful story and great integrity, also to study outside the box. Ron mentions that in the st hat course, knowing data of comparible magnitude.

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