Story of a Squirrel Part II – Black PR and Disconnect

The Mother of all Squirrels is now butchering LRH justice policy and even public relations and external affairs policy. While his henchboy Tommy Davis is out telling media outlets that DISCONNECT has been canceled, DM has Church staff and public applying PR Series 18 – How to Handle Black Propaganda Campaigns while literally coercing DISCONNECTION.  Just as he has reversed Scientology tech to introvert, belittle and control staff and public, he is now reversing policy. In this case, instead of defending against “whispering campaigns” and outright attempts to destroy by making minority group members social pariahs through false propaganda (which LRH accuses the criminal ilk from the very best persons’ set of doing to Scientologists in the PR Series HCO PLs), DM is directing staff and even public to carry out such campaigns against dedicated Scientologists.

DSA Orange County has been busy-bodying all around SoCal on a whispering campaign against Independent New OT VIII Mary Jo Leavitt, spreading rank generalities that are allegedly the basis for a declare which nobody has seen. When that failed to put a dent in Mary Jo’s resolve,  the Church sought to directly split up her family, beginning with attempting to alienate her intelligent and gracious son Greg.  The Church put the screws to the “OT” parents of Greg’s fiance.  The pressure was upped until the fiance was coerced into threatening to disconnect from her future husband. When Greg refused to agree to throw his mother under the bus, the fiance called off the wedding and disconnected from Greg.

Laying waste to a future generation of Mary Jo’s family apparently was not good enough for the DM crowd.

Public Miscavologist Jojo Zawawi was rolled out by the Church after  running a similar disconnect black propaganda campaign against Independent OT VIII Sherry Katz.   After being exposed on this blog for running that dark operation, she found time to attempt to undermine  Mary Jo and Greg. The church’s tactics have gone from cowardly to sub-sniveling.   Jojo joined the fray by recently writing to all of the Facebook friend’s of Greg urging them to disconnect from Greg because he did not comply with ORDERS TO DISCONNECT FROM HIS MOTHER.  Here is is the message verbatim:

“Greg has joined his mother (Mary Jo Leavitt) in leaving our
church. Mary Jo is publicly attacking the church and is being
I have personally verified this with OSA Int. I recommend you
delete your Facebook friend connection. If you have any questions
on this, you can contact your local DSA / OSA representative.


Neither Mary Jo nor Sherry Katz have received an official declare order. Yet, dozens of erstwhile friends have disconnected from them based on the Black Propaganda whispering campaign waged against them. Three other close friends of mine have been similarly dealt with; nothing but rumors, black propaganda – and a lot of disconnection. They have heard on the grapevine from now-former associates that they have been declared without receiving anything in writing.  That is a direct violation of a number of Hubbard justice PLs.

DM doesn’t want to issue  written declares because it will expose that he has nothing on these people. All any of them has done is speak up about DM’s escalating attempted cancellation and  nullification of LRH (LRH Policy, LRH Tech, and even the memory of LRH) from his Church. If he issues a declare the recipient is entitled to a comm ev by a panel of his peers  per the Suppressive Acts PL  and DM doesn’t want his closely censored minions being exposed to any of the tomes of evidence of that that the accused possess.

All of the alleged verbal declares though have one thing in common; all recipients have been told he or she is an SP for being connected with an alleged  squirrel.

To Mary Jo, Sherry, Christie, and my other friends whose names will appear here soon: Don’t you ever doubt that you are in better standing with LRH than anyone still pledging allegiance to DM will ever be. If you ever receive that Golden Rod, wear it like a badge of honor. To we in the know, it will always signify that you stood up for LRH by refusing to do precisely what you were accused by the Church of doing.  You refused to remain connected to a squirrel, in fact the mother of all squirrels.


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  1. This is good

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  3. “To Mary Jo, Sherry, Christie, and my other friends whose names will appear here soon: Don’t you ever doubt that you are in better standing with LRH than anyone still pledging allegiance to DM will ever be. If you ever receive that Golden Rod, wear it like a badge of honor. To we in the know, it will always signify that you stood up for LRH by refusing to do precisely what you were accused by the Church of doing. You refused to remain connected to a squirrel, in fact the mother of all squirrels.”

    That made my needle float. 🙂

  4. The Church now appears to be fighting against its own products.

    As people move up the bridge I would expect them to become more vocal, more certain of their viewpoint, more questioning of authority, more skeptical of others who tell them what to do or say, more free! People this is not an outpoint! Don’t we hope to be more self-determined, to see the way more clearly?

    Apparently the current Church wants Scientologists to be quiet, to follow orders and ‘command intention’, to pay up donations when requested, to believe the PR of incredible expansion (yet never ask for verifiable stats), to disconnect from others when pressured, in other words to be slaves! That is the outpoint. That is not freedom.

    Personally I have felt freer and more certain of my viewpoint just knowing there is a group here who feels the way I do. I guess I’m not completely crazy after all. Thank You.

    • Thanks for the succinctly and accurately stated state of affairs.

    • Good observation you have Undisturbed. Do you think anyone ever wonders why a “church” that is supposedly selling freedom and getting along with others in the environment, creating peace, ridding the world of war and insanity etc. is constantly involved in some kind of insane war with others, even their own people? I am really surprised that anyone is attending it anymore. This is just too obvious. Those who stay after observing this most be really indoctrinated that this is the way to achieve freedom.

  5. DM makes me sick!!!!

    I am reading the book” Blown for good” and I can say that you can’t make this shit up. DM is a raving lunatic and must be stopped!

    Have a good day! 🙂

  6. This is disgusting behaviour. I feel badly for Greg and Mary Jo. Greg, I can’t imagine the turmoil you must be in, to have been forced to choose as you have. But, fair play to you, you have chosen the path of integrity and the path of standing up to the bully. I hope your girl comes to her senses.

    Much love to you.

    Also, last night, in the Australian Senate, Senator Nick Xenophon quoted a letter from Aaron Saxton in which Aaron admitted, among many other things, to issuing “so-called non-communication orders on no less than half a dozen families, including his own. These orders forced members of the organisation to cut off all contact with relatives and friends for fear of punishment.”

    The Senator also cited Ana Dethridge who wrote that she was ordered by the church to disconnect from her sister.

  7. “Curiouser and curiouser!”

    It’s really too bad because I considered Jo Jo a friend at one time. I thought she could see through all this crap.

    Marty I’m sure this whole whispering campaign is being justified at the highest levels as a means to justify some end.

    Interesting that the “tech” they are using comes straight out the Agency’s playbook on how to neutralize an enemy or potential enemy.

    Soon they’ll be experiencing the adverse effect known as blow back from all of these lies.

    As I’ve written before what Miscavige is doing even makes Jack Horner, even Werner Erhard seem like a paragons of Standard Tech!

    Greg if your reading this, please take solace in the fact that you did the right thing.

  8. Miscaviology. Great one. An Independant Scientoligist did once not agree that mockery or satire was the purification of Socïety. Well whgen people are in good standing with eachoter it will not occur or be an Issue. However when faced with blatant hypocrisy, ridicule and mock it for no lie can remain, only truth can survive Satire.

    • CAM,
      It’s interesting to note that in days of yore the Scottish Highlanders had a ‘public sarcasm’ as one of the severest ethics gradients. If you’ve read Battlefield Earth you recognize the regard LRH has for these Highlanders.

  9. This is the sort of thing that is now resulting in Australia’s Senator Xenophon calling for a formal investigation into Scientology. Now their prime minister is asking for reports too. I’m sure they would like evidence that the current corrupt management routinely says one thing (as you pointed out with Tommy Davis cancelling disconnection) while church management really does the exact opposite thing.

  10. This is pathetic, disgusting and small-minded (actually pee-wee-minded). But with Marty and others relentlessly exposing each new move DM and his pals make in their suppressive game, eventually the light of truth will as-is this engram.

  11. Well said Marty. To me, those who are publicly standing with you are the “loyal officers” who lead the revolt to restore what is right.
    Rumors and whispering campaigns are disgusting and have to be met head on as you are doing.
    LRH would be shoulder to shoulder with all of you.

  12. Wow! It’dawned on me recently that DM couldn’t pass any of the so called GAT drills, even on the 10 points of ksw # 1. He needs the teleprompter to say what they are! Yet I bet anyone on this blog could say them in the sleep.

  13. No surprises here. We are all aware that this is the machine that automatically goes into motion when one doesn’t follow the party line – no matter the specifics of the situation.

    But it is confirmation that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. Greg has displayed the same adherence to the Code of Honor as Mary Jo.

    My admiration to both Mary Jo and her son, Greg.

  14. To those concerned,
    Policy, 23 Dec 65RB, allows a person the right to request a Comm Ev on a declare. If you request one, bring an attorney to it. There is no LRH policy that I know that says you can’t. In fact, he says expressly you can for a Chaplain’s Court. Where no policy exists, then general policy can be extended to cover.

    It is LRH policy that nothing in the 23 Dec 65 RB policy on SP Acts allows violations of the law of the land. So, if you request a Comm Ev, and are denied one, or are denied the presence of an attorney, DM is in violation of the law of the land; to wit, he operates under trade and service marks, that puts him squarely under the Commerce Clause of the Constitution, that makes him subject to the Federal Trade Commission among other things, and more importantly here, it means he MUST grant you a Comm Ev, and he must allow an attorney.

    If the Comm Ev is held and you have evidence of violation of LRH policy in its conduct or actions, then a criminal case can be filed.

    You have rights, you can assert them. Just record in writing or in some valid form, say video, what transpires. He has to give a Comm Ev or he’s in violation of the US Code.

    • Himey, Spoken like a true Canadian. Canucks probably know more about the operation of the U.S. than Americans.

    • Good catch and cogent advice — if a declare means anything to anyone these days. It didn’t to me when I left.

      About that time, I was dragged into a Chaplain’s Court action by a business associate/vendor who wanted to FORCE me to continue to do business with her because she had decided we were somehow partners (no contract of course, and I was paying her as a subcontractor). I took a real attorney down there for an hour or two, and they all looked totally flabbergasted. She ended up paying whatever fees the org charged, and by that time, I was ready to switch to David Mayo’s brand of tech anyway.

      What other church forbids members to use the civil justice system? I can’t think of one offhand.

    • Bringing an attorney to a Comm Ev.


      Could you just imagine?

      DO IT.

      It’s time for the intervention of sanity into all of the psychosis.

      Let’s let all Scientologists who are fed up with the abuses know that it’s time to GET A LAWYER.

    • Wow, thank you very much for all of this information, Jim!

  15. Marty;

    Isn’t this even a little against the law. I mean a church spokesman or rep, going to friends of a person who has spoken out and blackmailing them into disconnecting would be violating someones civil rights, no?

    Jim, I agree. We can flood IJC and the justice lines with comm ev’s. We can each, then, tell 4 sea Org members what we know. We can also get them to show us stats. Imagine: 100 comm evs! That would be sweet. Dissemination would flow.

    • Well, sounds like an idea that has been worked in the mid of the 90’s pro the church…. LOL

      Was a successful action so far. And I guess, if really everyone would thump on their church-right to get a comm-ev it really could
      create an effect.

      Could also help to “spread the truth” amongst the “churchies”.


  16. To quote from the one PL that is burned into every Scientologist’s hide from their first Div 4 Course, KSW: So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the High Priests. It’s our possible failure to retain and practise our technology.”

    At some point, the sooner the better, Scientologists will have to wake up to the truth of that statement. France convicts and fines. Belgium pursuing similar charges. Australia now getting into the act. Chomp, chomp, chomp.

    None of us wants to see the philosophy going into the wood chipper like the bad guys at the end of “Fargo,” but that could happen if governments get on a roll. If politicians get the idea that taking down the church would be good for their re-election campaigns (and given Scientology’s horrible PR it would be no-lose scenario for just about anyone), a domino effect could occur.

    It is to everyone’s benefit to begin the separation of Scientology the philosophy from Scientology the out of control organization in the minds of people. The simplest solution is for the ongoing mutiny among onlines public to reach a boiling point and force substantive reform, beginning with those who created this deplorable scene.

    And, no question, this scene has been created. And a creation has a source. It begins with someONE.

    Chomp, chomp, chomp.

    • Totally correct Joe, every time the IAS had their hand out to contribute to fighting off the latest Government attack we referred them to the above PL. Obviously they never bothered to read it!

      Anyway, Miscavige could ward off what looks like the Victoria Inquiry the sequel by applying the reform codes, established in RJ 68.

      Though I doubt if he’ll do it because either Davy knows best or as many of us have suspected from the beginning he is an agent provocateur.

      Whatever the full story is the guy is a one man wrecking crew. He has managed to succeed where the combined forces of the WFMH, NIMH,AMA, FDA, FBI and the IRS have failed!

      That he can proudly include on his resume in hell.

    • I routed out of the SO some years ago with my family and have not paid much attention since. Got out due to looming enforced separation issues.

      Recently I started looking around and was stunned to see many people I knew and worked with at Int that were now off lines and in bad repute with the Church. These are people that worked their hearts out for what they thought was for the good of all. There is always the possibility of misinformation going around, this is Earth after all, but when the stats indicated around 60% or so SP’s uplines this clearly indicated to me that I needed to look deeper.

      After pondering, the only way to make sense of it was to separate LRH tech from the Church. I personally know the tech works so that leaves Church leadership as the issue.

      As others have mentioned, KSW #1 is out and the culprit is internal.

      This web site is helping many sort out the confusion and I am very appreciative of the effort.

    • Maybe it’s time for the Independent Field to file a class action suit on RTC for failing to Keep Scientology Working…..:)

      • Nomnom,
        That’s not as far fetched as might be thought. First off, LRH distinguishes Scientology from any ‘church’ of Scientology, including RTC, in the Charter for CST. That Charter is part of LRH’s estate planning and part of an irrevocable trust.

        Second, since RTC licenses marks, they fall under the Commerce Clause of the Constitution in that respect. They also have First Amendment protections. However, the First Amendment protections do not afford them the right to offer one thing, LRH Scientology, and deliver another, Miscavology. That’s called ‘passing off’ and is a technical term in law as covered in the US Code (mail fraud law for example).

        If one receives a mailing that says something like ‘100% pure LRH’ and it isn’t and this is sent to a number of people, voila, a ‘pattern’ emerges.

        Since RTC has to deliver what’s promised, and it isn’t Scientology which is proven by violation of specific LRH references, then one can bring in the Federal Trade Commission.

        None of the above involve threats to sue, embarass or attack Scientology. LRH says Scientology isn’t ‘coterminal’ with any church of Scientology in the CST Charter which can’t be revoked by DM.

        So, a class action suit, for ‘passing off’ or a criminal complaint for the same. Either way, there are no legal, or policy restraints on this if one carefully studies the Code of Offenses and Penalties.

        Only DM has said one can’t do this. LRH never did.

        Alas, methinks none of the above are needed as DM is just about done. Unless of course, he demands his ‘execution’, which I’m sure he will continue to do.

    • A domino effect? It is occurring. France has a couple more cases in the hopper, and the Australian thing has already become major international news. The SP Times has called for an investigation in the United States.

      I don’t see that “substantive reform” is very likely. A bunch of people said the same thing back in 1982 and it came to nothing. But I wouldn’t worry about Scientology the philosophy. No reason to burn any books except possibly the stuff DM has edited, expurgated and republished as The Basics.

  17. In view of recent developments in Australia, should DM suddenly go missing one can safely assume that the Marcabs have come and brought home their midget agent provocateur.

  18. This is disgusting and pathetic. Get on with getting the tech applied already!

    I know I am stating the obvious, but people like Mary Jo and Greg have nothing against the tech going in. Even if nobody could see the suppressive tactics employed by DM, you would think they could see that it is a complete waste of time to chase after people who are not stopping others from going up the Bridge. The whole point of ethics is to get tech in, right?

    No. Ethics in the DM Church has been completely redefined for his vested interests. To remove and nullify any free thinking and powerful individuals.

    • Jane >> No. Ethics in the DM Church has been completely redefined for his vested interests. To remove and nullify any free thinking and powerful individuals.<>It is to everyone’s benefit to begin the separation of Scientology the philosophy from Scientology the out of control organization in the minds of people.<<

      And great points and applicable solutions from Jim Logan about Trademark violations and rights.

      Let's get the Tech applied. Let's get this party started. Let's get the job done.

      I will not to call the Orgs Scientology because they are not.

      What Marty delivered to me as an auditor is Scientology. He (brilliantly, seamlessly) applied the tech that zeroed in on what is not me. For the first time in years of similar anguishing scenarios to what I've read here with the Mi$Church (details will follow when best appropriate), after a few sessions with Marty I want to audit again, especially others, anyone, the world. It's wonderful. The shrink wrap has come off. What being wouldn't love Scientology, the real thing?

      Thank you all. In all it's simplicity, when it comes down to it…Theta (life) is THETA! Do not accept substitutes.

  19. I am so blown away by all of this information.
    I read Marc Headley’s book “Blown for Good” last night in ONE night. I could not put the thing down. My poor parents, I mean that sympathetically and because they are flat broke in large part due to Scientology of course. I do not think that Scientologists know ANY of this info. How do I even begin to attempt to tell them some of these facts? Such as the bold faced lie that the Co$ doesn’t practice “disconnection”, the crimes of DM …what I want to know is what advice do you guys have for ex-Scn. kids of current Scn. parents!? I have always just not discussed it w/ them because they are unwilling to hear it. There is so much evidence to support what has been going on as of late tho’, so what can I do!!!??? Love to all of you brave souls who left! I am so glad that I left too. I was never in the S.O. or on staff but I have seen and felt many of the negative effects of “mis-handlings” on many occasions. When I was about 11 or 12 I was whistled at by some random trucker. I was told then that the reason it had happened was because “I sent out 2-D flows”….wow…….They really do need to be stopped.

    • ARCBroken!,
      This may sound odd to some extent considering your position, but, if I were you, I’d crack open the first book you ever read, or the first thing you ever read in Scn and go through it looking for words you don’t fully get. Yes, I know, this may be over an ARC X, but do it anyway. Clear up those first materials until you feel really good about them.

      Take the ARC triangle, and just talk about something real to your parents. Get up the comm level to a nice, easy, light level. Make them very right since they probably are in many respects.

      Somewhere in there, you’ll find you can gently coax them to cause over some little piece of the data you now know. Get a gradient win on it. Little by more, you’ll get the confront in, and what’s more, you’ll have a good line with them and THAT is a good thing. If they can’t or won’t eventually confront what’s really going on, write me, and we’ll find the right course so that everybody wins on this one.

      • Jim I just want to say that your advice is awesome! Marty, Geir & all the independents you are all awesome! I’ve been really busy & not following the threads much recently. But I’m still totally supportive of all you guys.

        ARCB, I hope you follow Jim’s advice, you have nothing to loose in creating high ARC with your parents & this will be your best chance IMO of getting them to start to look.

        Jim this is a great advice for all of us to follow.

        Mary Jo & Greg my heart goes out to you. I heard about Mary-Jo’s courage 1 1/2 year ago. Although we never met or spoke I flowed her tons of admiration then. The flow continues. I can tell you & your son are great beings! Sending you all a hug, D

    • I’m not as proficiently trained as Mr. Logan, not by a very long shot, but I understand the tech he is using and have to respectfully disagree. I was part of a family where we had this good-roads, good-weather going on with one member in disagreement and the other two totally gung-ho, and it was awful. There’s basically a withhold in place, there’s something you know you can’t say, and no matter what you say on top of that, the strain is still there. A separation also occurs between the gung-ho and the disillusioned; both parties learn these are topics that are to be

      ARC would help, but not on the subject of Scientology. I would talk about any shared
      interest besides that, because any discussion on one topic will bring up related topics, and you’re bound to hit on something that you disagree on and you won’t be able to mention it.

      Don’t mention Scientology at all, if possible, mostly because you will get worn down to not bringing up outpoints anymore, and then you will just be exhausted, period. Plus, if you pretend to be a participating Scientologist and you’re not, you will go shortly wacko from being out-integrity, and having to fend off constant inquiries as to why you’re not on course or donating or participating. I’ve been there for two years; do not do it, please.

      I would say your handling for your parents depends on your age and your living arrangements. If you’re in your teens and/or living with your parents, good-roads, good-weather on other-than-Scientology subjects (or being out of the house all the time and being cheerful around them about shared activities) is pretty much your best option.

      But honestly, if possible, I would recommend moving out, keeping it to the basic how-do-you-do’s, and letting them hit their breaking point on their own. I can tell you that nothing you will say will wake them up, if they’re already broke and struggling and still haven’t figured it out. It’s painful to be in that position, but you have to be patient. We all wake up on our own terms, and trying to force it will just result in major fights all around.

      From my experience, we were revived as a family when we were finally able to all be open with each other, once we had mutually hit our breaking point and knew we could talk about our disagreements and concerns openly. Now, life is pretty friken great, and we are closer than ever as a group.

      As far as locating MUs, I have to respectfully differ; this is not about you. Do not introvert any more on this subject. There is nothing wrong with you or your understanding. There are truly things that don’t make sense, because they don’t, period. Miscavology makes you introvert, all the time; anything you are critical of, it’s because you didn’t understand. If something bad has happened, you pulled it in.
      No! Sometimes things are just illogical or cruel, and nothing personal at all.

      • martyrathbun09

        I’d have to lean towards Jim’s advice. If the son had his TRs worked over for a couple of days by the likes of Jim or I, he could handle the thing comfortably, like Panther handled “Andrew” from OSA recently. Read about that in the comments section.

      • Concerned Citizen

        With all due respect, Lady Awake, you did not understand Jim’s advice at all. Nowhere did Jim mention just do good roads good weather, he said to read up and look up words, always a good idea. What Jim is saying, is get to understand how your parents think. If you have any prayer of helping anyone you got to understand where they are at in terms of reality, then speaking in terms they can understand, and knowing why they think how they think, you can slowly open a new reality to them. A real comm. Line must first be established.
        Here is a real life example; over the last 2 years I befriended a really nice girl who is a dedicated communist. (In Europe this is perfectly acceptable) I have never agreed with communism. Had I known she was a communist I would have never befriended her to start with, but once I did I realized she is a great person with a lot of false data.
        If I just simply told her all the holes I see in that philosophy I’d be attacking her reality, loosing that friendship and possibly strengthening her resolve on embracing this idea. So I read Marx, and I talked to her extensively just listening to her reasoning and understanding her. Turns out she wants justice, environmental responsibility and generally good things, just has skewed idea of how to achieve them.

        But before I could even understand that, I had to understand that not everything in communism is the same as everything else. In fact, Stalin, Kim Jong Ill and Castro each had their own brand of the philosophy. None of which really follow Marx (Marx is not right, but a hell of a lot less wrong than the others) Once I understood this, I could intelligently talk to her about her subject with real points I could bring up, not just the generality “communism is bad”
        2 years later, she has decided that communism is very ideological and not workable, and will try to work with socialist ideas for now. This may not seem like a lot of progress to some, but it is a major step. I could only contribute to that shift because I took the time to understand her views, why she felt they were valid and all of this while maintaining my view point. It turns out that entheta derives it’s only strength from real theta and in the case of communism, some theta goals have been married to a very skewed and aberrated solutions, these are wrong because their initial premise is materialistic and wrong. But there are theta things in it that trap theta beings. It is interesting that the same can be said of DM. Theta, his connection to source, all be it forced, is what he feeds on, but as he continues to pervert it, more and more of it loses it’s strength and eventually his will die too.
        Anyhow. I too second Jim’s approach, plus the offer to personally coach you, well, I wouldn’t pass that up, not from someone who really duplicates the tech so well as he does.

      • martyrathbun09

        Concerned Citizen, it is a HUGE step. And your analogy is right on.

  20. Had a fascinating conversation with some one from OSA in LA yesterday. He came on the line after I explained to the nice girl “updating the CF” that I would be declining her offer to purchase any more (additional) CDs. The fact that OSA are standing by next to the call-iners tells its own story. But the gist of Andrew from OSA’s comments were that bitter ex-management criticising the church was a mirror of an old RJ – Today and Tomorrow, the Proof, part of which he quoted. It is purely because of the “massive expansion” taking place that this is all happening. I asked where the stats were that this expansion could be seen. Why would I need proof? I was asked. Only because the evidence is somewhat contrary I say. And so on.

    It got me thinking about the mechanism in play here and how it is used on the staff. All criticism is because of the expansion taking place and therefore is suppressive. All critics are suppressive. QED. This is all well and good as long as the staff can be kept in ignorance of the true state of affairs. The actual suppression IS, partly, the enforced ignorance. As a side note, I got a mail from CCHR the same day saying that the problem with psychiatry was that is couldn’t accept criticism! You couldn’t make it up.

    • Excellent and right on, Panther! I’ve heard that same party line (Why do you want to see the stats?) !!! it is so Big Brother.

      Big Brother: Don’t look, just believe.

      Another party line: “The only reason ‘everyone’ (heh) is out to get us is because we are expanding.” Bud, if we were expanding the planet would be having a lot more fun. Most people love good things.

      Let’s see the Stats. What else are stats for? They only become “why do you need proof?” when someone is hiding /manipulating something.

      • What did the guy end up saying in the end? I can’t imagine how that ended. What policy says you can’t see the stats? They used to post the stats in missions on the staff notice board in the 70’s, back when they were going up. Andrew from OSA sounds like he’s not even a scientologist. Why would you need proof? Because you need proof! What kind of a question is that? Was his intention to stupefy you into silence?

        I believe you when you say this though, I’ve had the most mind bending non-rebuttals to all the points brought up on this website when I’ve been “handled”. We have all the evidence. There is no counter-evidence. See for yourself, call the Sea org and talk to them.

    • What would constitute evidence re the stats for a convinced Miscavigolgist?

      Is there a way that this data can be obtained, and is there a means by which it can be disseminated?

      • “What would constitute evidence re the stats for a convinced Miscavigolgist?”

        Who knows, apparently real estate. But enough straight-line-thinking bombardments on the “handlers” and they’ll reach their own “# of times over equals certainty and results” quota and come over to sanityville. It’s a universe based on quantity, just keep on communicating.

        Re: getting stats
        DM is likely trying to get the stats up so he can put a 6 month Flag graph in the dead agent pack. Unfortunately it’s already specified the 30 year graphs for the Class V sector and missions are the truly relevent ones. That would involve having Flag stop raping orgs of PC’s for one. “Fly to Flag from sweden and do your grades” wasn’t what LRH wanted, I’ll hazard.

        There’s a way stats can be obtained.
        Someone in management figures out what Ron would do in their shoes, and blows with the long term stats in hand like a real man. Regardless, there’s enough stats data to finish doubt right now with due diligence.

    • I wish I had recorded the conversation – it was enlightening. It went like this: First I had the “routine” call from CF. When I said I was not planning on going into the Org as I could not support CofS as things stand currently that comm cycle ended. Five minutes later phone rings again – same nice girl says another part of the form some one else needs to go over with me. Andrew comes on the line. I explain in great detail how I have been unable to get standard tech at Flag, have been unable to see how my donations have been spent and am mystified as to “incredible expansion” as it belies the evidence of my own eyes. Why am I criticising? Why don’t I handle it within the Org? I am the same as the bitter ex-management who are speaking up who are accusing others of their own overts. I ask if he is from OSA. After a comm lag he agrees he is. I ask him whether it was acceptable for DM to kick the living crap out of staff. He tells me it never happened. Well then how come an environment where such violence was allowed to foster? DM knew nothing (“Hear no evil see no evil….”). Where was Superpower? It’s all on schedule. Ideal Orgs strategy? Working a treat. New people are “flooding in”. After about 15 mins of this the line went dead. I expected a call back; never happened. I guess Andrew was too busy body-routing the flood of new public to finish the comm mycle.

      • martyrathbun09

        Panther, beautiful handling. I encourage people to use the Church’s own exaggerated statements about what a brute I allegedly was just as you did. One of the 250 pages of declarations they put together in response to the Times (by one Jason Bennick) swore that until the day I left Int I was working directly for DM. So, the question is if Marty was on such a reign of terror, what does that say about his direct senior – and International Management as a whole for that matter – who according to their own allegations let it go on for years? I think you made Andrew blow – because you had a live comm cycle and noted the outpoints.

  21. Of all the people I’ve ever met and been associated with, the least likely “suspects” would be Mary Jo and her son Greg! Both are just the lovliest of beings and what’s more, anyone who knows them would say the same.

    These tactics are certainly backfiring. I can attest to that based on the number of people contacting me daily despite my “declare” and the “Facebook police”! Apparently, when so much attention is put on getting Scientologists to NOT communicate with someone or NOT read a book or NOT look at various sites, the first thing most do is go looking for more information. Thetans are curious. And where do they go to satisfy their curiosity? The internet of course! And from there…well as we all know, there’s no turning back at that point.

    Bring it on goons! You are your own worst enemy.

  22. Joe Howard –> >It is to everyone’s benefit to begin the separation of Scientology the philosophy from Scientology the out of control organization in the minds of people.<<

    Yes, Scientology the philosophy and Scientology the technology. It is a technology. These things are are NOT the current vested interest Management.

    What is the reference where LRH refers to the important of distinctoin on the subkect, he distinguishes even his own opinions about Scientology as not being Scientology.

    He spoke that like a true researcher. In science, the experiment needs to be repeatable, and a scientist is aware of one's own opinions as distinct from what is empirical observation. He is/was a genius.

  23. Pingback: Tweets that mention Story of a Squirrel Part II – Black PR and Disconnect « Moving On Up a Little Higher --

  24. Underground For Now

    Middle section of

    Reads: Church of Scientology accused of torture and forced abortions.

    FYI: Drudge Report had 23,370,270 views in the last 24 hours.

    The mother of all Squirrel’s is going to be busy moving his nuts from place to place.

  25. I am sorry Marty but you write this as if Fair Game is the newest invention and JoJo Zawawi is the biggest SP in the church. So incorrect.

    ANYONE leaving, and speaking up about it, can expect this kind of attack ( and should be prepared for it) because this is what is done to people who speak up and against the church. Let’s not forget that Miscavige IS the leader of it and attacking him is equally if not more so perceived as an attack on Scientology for it’s current members.

    This Fair Gaming has happened to many, many people leaving the church and speaking up about it. JoJo is just a typical enthusiastic socially active scientologist ( an opinion leader of sorts – if only in her own mind) doing what she believes is right per KSW and what is expected of her as a scientologist in the face of perceived threats to the wellbeing of other online scientologists at Facebook.

    Anyone of us would have been doing the same thing to protect scientology if we were in and dedicated like JoJo is because that is the nature of the beast of the SP tech and policy that she is applying. To a member of the church, Mary Jo and her son are SP’s becausdee they have left and are speaking out publicly against scientology and or scientologists.

    To expect these members to do otherwise is to folly. The history of those who have left and spoken up is replete with Fair Game attacks on one level or another. You cannot erase history and if you want to help members who want to leave and or speak out, you need to forwarn them in advance and arm them with facts and solutions so that they can withstand the storm.

    Any scientologist who has left the church instinctively knows this might happen. For some it’s a given that they will be attacked, just based on speaking out and having spheres of influence that would endanger the ‘group’.
    Fair game is real, it’s done far more frequently than one might care to confront and the damages can be averted or minimized with proper planning and precaution. Pretending that the elephant in the room does not exist or being surprised to see it when it’s been there all along does not help anyone. It actually can endanger ones livelihood to not be prepared. Ironically, this is why Anonymous was started.

    This is a war, whether we like it or not. My thoughts and prayers go out to those being attacked.


    • Mary, your call to apathy is revealing. Your life will improve drastically if you stop perpetually viewing the glass as half empty. If you’d take one datum (only one of thousands that could help you) from Scientology and apply it you’d stop being such a crepe hanging loser. That is – the only one that can make you a victim is you. You are wrong, Mary Jo and the others are not like you and your compatriots. They won’t devote their lives to convincing others they must crawl in the dark corners in fear. If you want to give and take, you are welcome here. You want to drag people into a loser mentality, you can save it for the natter boards.
      Love – Marty

  26. “To Mary Jo, Sherry, Christie, and my other friends whose names will appear here soon: Don’t you ever doubt that you are in better standing with LRH than anyone still pledging allegiance to DM will ever be. If you ever receive that Golden Rod, wear it like a badge of honor. To we in the know, it will always signify that you stood up for LRH by refusing to do precisely what you were accused by the Church of doing. You refused to remain connected to a squirrel, in fact the mother of all squirrels.”

    Thank you, Marty. Your support has made it so much easier to bear the badge all the more proudly!

  27. Thought provoking

    I am coming to realize that I have lost my stable datums and I am struggling to get oriented with certainty.

    LRH was alive when I began in Scn, I went through all the Mayo phase with the result of my friends (and mission holder) went with Mayo…I did not. After 20 years I returned to staff after receiving some fantastic delivery in the HGC. Eventually we became an Ideal Org. Although I didn’t see it at the time, much of what I have read about the propaganda of Ideal Orgs, sounds quite plausible.

    Now as I read more about the history at the exec strata and sudden changes in LRH’s will, I realize that I have been a pawn to propaganda, seeming to originate very early on via DM. And, I believe the concept of contagion of aberation has sifted downward through the command channels, particularly in the Ideal Orgs established by DM. I was very good at what I did and my role was key to having a booming org but I found over a period of a year that I was no longer worked for purpose, but for stats. The few times I knowingly did this were awful and in the end I couldn’t do it any more, despite the threats and duress. This was not Scn. This was not what I had experienced and I would not allow myself to be degraded any more. Although I loved Scn and would have joined the SO if I had been eligible, I hated what the org and I had become. It seemed more prosurvival to just walk away than to stay. After a time of destim and being in the outside world, I realized how much the tech had helped me and how much more able I was because of it. I knew that even though I could not walk into a church or go to an event, I was a Scientologist and always would be. No one could ever take that away.

    I now realized that my most trusted opinion leaders are quite intimately connected to DM… extracting truth from propaganda has been challenging. The thing I miss the most is the comm line to other like minded people. Although this is an unusual line, I do appreciate the comm that is interchanged within it.

    Throughout the Mayo upheaval there were repeated reissues of policy because they weren’t written by LRH. DM has been reissuing because of missing or erroneous data. I don’t know how much invented data has been disseminated. It now leaves me to wonder what is the correct LRH data available in writing? I have both old and new texts as well as CDs and tapes. Unfortunately, my reel to reel source is no longer available. Any advice?

    Again, this site has been helpful in providing me options for a Scn who is not in good standing with the church.

  28. Hello,

    I am not a Scientologist. I have a few questions maybe someone can answer:

    Does DM undergo any auditing himself? If so – is it in any way different from the procedures any other exec staff member or plain scientologist could receive? (I’ve just read a few things about auditing, so I am not entirely new to this topic but don’t know very much). Is he treated the same way by his auditor?
    I just wonder what would happen if i.e the “amplitude” of the needle or something would show unwanted results…
    Doesn’t someone like DM have to be exceptional high up the bridge to be leader of the CoS?

    Sorry for my naive questions, I am just curious and I think this is a quite exciting topic. I need to say I have absolutely nothing against people who practice Scientology.



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