Uncertain about Clear for eternity

This pic signifies that we are back for the time being. I apologize for a number of responses to this post being nuked by hackers.  There were a dozen or so pending when the attack occured.  Since this is a hot topic, apparently affecting many please resend any comments you can easily reconstruct.

Here is the original post in full:

A number of people have come to see me to help sort out arduous, extended mind-games the church has played with them concerning the subject of Clear.

It is quite remarkable that the church has had such success in confusing so many people about a subject that is simplicity itself.

The basic on the chain is the McPherson case. In the summer of 1995 DM personally wrote an extended C/S r-factor to Lisa McPherson that denigrated all Flag tech terminals on her case and falsely declared her as Clear. Apparently having recognized herself she was not experiencing the calm that others had described the state as including, and having lost all faith in anyone beneath the COB himself sorting out what he had declared sorted out, Lisa became increasingly frantic and desperate about what was going on. Within three months Lisa had a psychotic break and died after a seventeen day squirrel Introspection Rundown at Flag.

After McPherson died, Miscavige successfully withheld from even those handling the criminal and civil cases that he in fact had initiated the chain of events leading to her death. Then in his inimitable every-outpoint-is-a-why style of evaluation, DM instituted a number of arbitraries to make the attestation to the state of Clear an engramic episode. He created a pendulum swing whereby it became an increasingly complicated process to attest to Clear.

DM briefed Flag tech terminals and tech and admin staff in a number of SO installations that there was no such thing as past life Clears. He said that all past life Clears had long ago been accounted for. Anyone with much technical training knows how specious and illogical such a claim is. But, for the many staff and public who were caught up in never ending Clear invalidation at the hands of the church, and subject to non-stop propaganda about DM’s immaculate conception, it seemed their confusions about Clear would go on for eternity.

Two people who were directly invalidated by such Miscavige briefings have visited me, had their confusions about Clear sorted out, attested and quite happily moved on.

Another trick perpetrated by DM is to pester those who have already attested to Clear with doubts and never-ending interrogations about their states before allowing them onto OT Levels. He’s got the tech heirarchies at Flag and AO’s programmed to program such people with endless sec checking. It seems the EP of those sec checks is not to have someone certain about Clear, but instead to become “certain” that DM is Source.

Two people who were subjected to that type of treatment visited, were easily sorted out and are now solo auditing their OT levels.

DM has g0ne so far as to redirect public who have been on the OT Levels for some time back onto Dianetics auditing; a high crime of some magnitude. This is particularly suppressive when one considers LRH devised a simple C/S to handle terminatedly anyone who might have gotten onto the OT Levels absent certainty about his or her Clear state.

A bloke who had been put back onto engram running after NOTs visited, the LRH C/S was performed, and he no longer has any doubt or reservation about his Clear state.

If five people thoroughly confused about their Clear states, all of whom sorted out next to instantaneously, could find their way to the middle of nowhere to get resolved – I fairly wonder just how many there are similarly situated within the C of Mestology.

There is no reason to be confused about Clear for eternity.


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  1. Elizabeth & Mickie

    Obviously this is the right button to push. Keep going. Thank you for listening and for spotting how we have been so invalidated and squashed. Never again!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome Marty! I’m so glad you’re up again. Great picture too.

    This is my rough reconstruction of my earlier post…I think I got most of it:

    So that’s how it all started.

    I remember this time period. I rose a huge ruckus about it with the church and with friends that were told they weren’t Clear. It was such bull! I did the same thing years earlier when Miscavige said nobody finished OT V and everybody had to redo it. And again when Dianetics was being run on OTs. And again with the incessant sec checking; including in the non-interference zone. And again when Miscavige said no one finished SOLO NOTS or OT VIII…et al. Fortunately, all that inval can be handled with standard tech in short order, which Marty demonstrated with this post.

    I did the same with the golden age of tech. Miscavige’s insane reasoning was that nobody understood standard tech, so nobody could audit standardly and we really didn’t get any gains from training anyway, which meant our pcs and pre OTs never got any case gains either. We were all blind…not just public but the entire Tech and Qual Divs of every org on this planet. Oh really? Jeez…how many generalities can be counted in this one paragraph?

    Personally, I never re-did any of my steps on the Bridge. I didn’t falsely attest to any Bridge action the first time, why would I re-do them? This is what I told reges, SO or public that came to my door. I never got a reply to that. Needless to say, I’m not very popular with the Church. Unfortunately, I know a lot of people that acquiesed and did major case actions for a 2nd time…in between sec checking of course.

    No wonder I got swept under the rug. The louder I got, the more I protested, the more I was ignored. Nobody wanted to hear it; not org staff, not SO, nor the public. I was like the killer bunny and other dangers in Monty Python’s Holy Grail…there’s Braceland…run away..run away….

    Miscavige has constantly invalidated the tech and the miraculous results of the tech. His High Crimes continue to pile up.

    I read Keeping Scientology Working again today, the first time in a very long time. Damn! That policy letter is just jam packed with the floor plan for Scientology. It was a bit of a hard pill to swallow though. I could copy the entire HCOPL here but I won’t. But I do want to quote one paragraph:

    “So realize that we have climbed out of the mud by whatever good luck and good sense, and refuse to sink back into it again. See that Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten above are ruthlessly followed and we will never be stopped. Relax them, get reasonable about it and we will perish.”

    HCOPL 7 Feb 1965 Keeping Scientology Working — LRH

    Many thanks to you Marty for spearheading the resurrection of Scientology.

    • Kathy,
      Thanks. I downloaded it so it won’t be lost this time.

    • Wow Kathy I had to chuckle when you mentioned Monty Python’s “Killer Bunny” from “In Search of the Holy Grail” 🙂

      I see you going for the Dave’s jugular here in your post!

      The guy openly invalidates the state of Clear and OT. Not only that! But trained auditors as well!

      That he gives technical “advice” on cases above his training level (Class IV) and his case (OT IV)

      All High Crimes and Suppressive acts.

      Not to mention the fact that he himself is an NCG and hasn’t been audited since ’94!

      • RJ, DM has not been in session since early ’92. He was the last person to take himself in session on Solo NOTs. He refused any other auditing.

      • Thanks for putting me straight ExRTC.

        I can see why he refused any auditing after being stuck with an “auditor” like him.

        Must be gruesome.

  3. I was one of the unlucky ones who had to redo dianetics while on Solo Nots as well as getting another lengthy sec check before starting it. I’m glad you are bringing this up Marty.

    Nice picture by the way.

  4. This cycle was certainly telling!

    I, too, have experienced the continual address on the clear issue – all the way up the Bridge. Been through it four times including my original attest on the DCSI. Funny…I NEVER had any doubt about it but I see now that it was not about whether I had doubt. Silly me…

    Also funny enough, two of these were after the time period you mention.

    The last time I was given the r-factor that I was not clear, believe it or not, when I protested I was told that I wasn’t being asked whether I agreed or not.

    This is very telling as basically means we no longer adjudicate by using data from the preclear, observation of the meter phenomena by a qualified auditor and the honest worksheets to the c/s.

    Certainly makes sense now.

  5. I remember a staff briefing from COB to CLO crew where he invalidated Clears by stating something to the effect of: “Let me break the news to you that some of you did not make it” He then went on to state that he was going to mow down anyone who would “falsly” let people attest to Clear.

    The criminal mind at work…

  6. Hi Marty,
    I am very close to a person who has been thoroughly screwed up on “Denial-of-the-right-to-attest-to-Clear.” However, I am also one of those found out after being on the OT levels that I had not gone Clear, and it got handled and it was the correct thing to do. I went through far less trauma thinking I was clear when I wasn’t, than I see occurring for someone who is Clear but invalidated on it, but I don’t want there to be an arbitrary in either direction.

  7. Hello bright & shiny M & A! :D*+*+*+* Stopping in for my daily dose of Theta.

    This +*+photo+*+ & post …talk about VGIs (very good indicators!)…it accomplishes deaberration by Life contagion. I couldn’t tape a smile down on my face if I tried after looking at this pic!!

    Gives hope to otherwise *very distressing* info and I feel for everyone who has had to go through the awful flagrant departures.

    This validates my observations, why I drew the line in the sand, and I didn’t realize things had gotten *this bad* **GROSS BETRAYAL**

    The good news is …and this is something that I’ve marveled over time and time again in real auditing sessions, with amusement, admiration and mega relief … isn’t it amazing how the most devastating agony, when properly addressed with real technology, can have us laughing and e x p a n d i n g, and all the wiser to boot. In relatively no time at all.

    Marty, you are letting people *have* that.

  8. This is such a brilliant action and indication.

    You’re moving into tech after ethics and now using these standard sort-outs to handle the result of the Co$ out-ethics and out-tech under DM.

  9. I just sent out 10 or 15 facebook messages with no header, just copy and paste. You’ll get the message warning you to stop spamming after a while, just put this in the body:


    I told OSA everytime they do something like this messages are going out everywhere. So why doesn’t everyone say when they’ve sent a few. Doesn’t matter what answer you get back, you don’t have to respond.

    It’s a numbers game. If every Scientologists logs onto this website once we’ll have won.

  10. I’m not sure what to say to those of you who have experienced the kind of out-tech that is described in this article, that haven’t yet had it handled standardly. Before the old blog went down there were some descriptions of CCRD’s done 2,3 and even 4 times, with the result being a denial of case state and unbelievably, a return to Dianetic engram running. This occurred on those on the OT levels as well as those already Clear.

    I want to say to each of you that I am sorry this degree of suppressive out-tech has transpired. I must be naive in what I think is the limit of what an SP will do. That limit is passed with these revelations.

  11. Marty this is awesome, my wife had heart failure, she has recovered, doing fine physically. Her clear status was invalidated in 2002 by Flag, just like you described she is a past life scientologist and I want to visit you with her – how do I contact you?

  12. Marty,

    The importance of this blog on Clear cannot be
    underestimated. I heavily regret only touching on it
    in T Paine articles.

    Though it’s no secret that Miscavige has perverted a great
    many points of Scientology tech, the widespread nature
    and extent of the damage he has caused on the subject of
    Clear would astound most Scientologists and even some

    I know this to be true not only on a personal level (I am one
    of those you remedied with your usual professionalism and
    consumate ease on the subject of Clear) but also as a trained C/S;
    as someone who attended a number of Miscavige briefings at which
    he grossly polluted LRH tech on the state of Clear and through
    my years served in orgs and Scientology mangement.

    The utterly false and destructive data Miscavige invented on the
    state of Clear was pushed by him at every turn. Every C/S,
    Senior C/S, every auditor and CCRD Auditor that returned to
    their orgs (both Sea Org and Class V) from their “training” at the
    FSO over a period of years, returned drenched in this false tech
    and with instructions to make sure it was disseminated far and
    wide and that every possible Clear under the sun, moon and stars
    be rounded up, invalidated and “undeclared”. And that OTs be
    treated likewise.

    Believe me, in 2004 I was personally briefed at length by the
    Senior C/S of a major Sea Org org who had just returned from
    his training at FSO. He told me that “COB has found that there
    are very few Clears on planet earth” and he was charged with the
    responsibilty of going through EVERY folder of every Clear and OT
    and carrying out handlings according to DM squirel instructions.
    And he was going about his task with gusto as were his counterparts
    across the globe. Both the fact that Miscavige was totally at odds
    with actual LRH tech on the subject and that Miscavige was utterly
    unqualified to make such pronouncements seemed to be lost on him
    despite the fact that he was a so called Class 8, such was the
    depth of his indoctrination in this reverse tech.

    Via RTC Reps, what was left of management was ordered to make
    sure that programs were run to round up every Clear and OT folder
    and get them reviewed and all concerned r factored as to their lack
    of Clear status. This went on for years.

    Miscavige’s false and verbal tech on the state of Clear became so
    rampant that even if you were one of those that didn’t attend a Miscavige briefing or you were lucky enough not to get pulled into
    an org or advanced org it’s very likely some form of invalidation
    reached you on this subject — that’s how extensive it was.

    Please, please revisit this subject when your site is in full flow again.
    From all I know I believe it to be one of the main factors that crippled
    Scientology and Scientologists.

  13. Haydn,
    With the first few comments on the blog, the one taken down, it became screamingly apparent to me the extent of the suppression DM has wrought on the Bridge, particularly on the aspects of Clear. I was gobsmacked, and now reading the actions taken by others at DM’s verbal and altered tech behest, I’m barely able to even write this response as I’ve ‘blown my stack’.

    This suppression, of the state of Clear and those who have achieved it, is beyond any pale I thought would be traversed. THIS is ‘murder outing’, this is the lurid crimes, this is the bloody hands, this is consummate destructive intention manifested in reprensible acts that are so evil they are difficult to confront.

    This topic, these facts revealed, this suppression ongoing, this all calls for a ‘different mood’.

  14. Here are some of the comments from earlier today, copied from google cache:
    • Tom // December 28, 2009 at 4:34 pm | Reply
    This is what I am talking about. Real delivery, without the added inapplicable BS.
    Thanks for the update Marty.
    Oh, and as for the blood on Miscavige’s hands…..
    what did LRH call them? “The walking dead…?”
    From that perspective the “Ideal Morgue Program” makes total sense….

    SherryMK // December 28, 2009 at 5:24 pm | Reply
    This is a subject dear to my heart. I personally must have attested and been “unattested” to Clear 6 or more times..3 of those AFTER OTVlll (attested in 2003)…talk about a mass of confusion. This single subject has caused the most amount of upset with the public than anything else to come down the pike. The invalidation tremendous.
    Thanks for posting this Marty. It clears up for me the sequence of events that lead to the blanket “confirmation of Clear” that happened to every single OTVll and Vlll, for which, of course, we paid big big money to “handle”.

    Linda // December 28, 2009 at 5:29 pm | Reply
    Wow Marty! To this I can attest: Clear check and Dn auditing to handle “not Clear” (after comp’ing OT 4 in 2003) at Flag in 2007 and the Havingness RD in 2008 were two of the most spiritually agonizing auditing actions I’ve ever encountered. Final FNs are as result of being let “off the hook” and allowed to go home.

    Huckleberry // December 28, 2009 at 5:51 pm | Reply
    Christ, what a harrowing story.
    I’m not doubting you, Marty, but this is a heavy accusation and there’s one thing that doesn’t make sense to me.
    Why was DM on Lisa McPherson’s tech lines? How did he even know – or why would it be brought to his attention – what her considerations were about Clear?
    You bring up one of the major outpoints on the Bridge. I have long thought that the CCRD acts as a stop more than anything else.
    I have a close friend whom I know I’ve shared a lot of track with who’s stopped trying to get through the CCRD after so many failed attempts and has now, predictably, slowly withdrawn from Scientology. The irony being that this is a powerhouse thetan and very OT.
    Maybe that was the intention all along.
    martyrathbun09 // December 28, 2009 at 6:06 pm | Reply
    Watch this: http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2009/reports/project/rathbun.shtml. If you have a specific question after that, fire.

    PLC // December 28, 2009 at 6:22 pm | Reply
    Past life clear here.
    I guess I got missed in that count.
    But hey….who’s counting?
    I did get the end of endless process…became paranoid (or so I was “told”) as I refused to give out any information that could later be used for blackmail.

    NOTSaware // December 28, 2009 at 6:22 pm | Reply
    If anybody has missed it while reading my biography, that’s exactly what they did to me. Of course nobody can be more certain than me knowing my clear cog was genuine. No amount of Miscavige’s shitty auditing is going to take away.

    jack lord // December 28, 2009 at 6:24 pm | Reply
    yeah, the cos pulled a similar fast one on me, whereby I attested to Clear in ‘98 but in 2003 I was informed by the D of P that I was a Release. Er? I attested, you all clapped! I remember it. What changed? The D of P only showed me a reference about clear and release. Funnily enough it was the exact same reference as he showed me when I attested to Clear. I sunk into a cloud of despondency at the tech estimate they Reg gave me and the attached price tag. I was a past life Clear…and DM don’t like them cos they don’t make him Money!

    isene // December 28, 2009 at 7:24 pm | Reply
    This marks a turning point of hope for a great many people. Good post. Excellent clean-ups.

    civicus // December 28, 2009 at 7:40 pm | Reply
    Putting in tech after ethics alright.

    ClearlyMistreated // December 28, 2009 at 7:49 pm | Reply
    Yes, put me on the list of those abused by the Clear runaround (hence the name). Even without knowing the truth I could tell there was some political, not technical, reason for them refusing to let me attest. The tech terminals seemed scared to death to let me attest. Is the CCRD even based on LRH or is it purely a DM invention? It’s just like him to throw Sec Checks into something.

    Maria // December 28, 2009 at 8:21 pm | Reply
    I wish I had known this before I did my fourth clear “authentication” action, which resulted in my being run on NED. I was a past life clear and I was told that while whatever state I gained from that, it wasn’t clear per current definition (yet three times before I had been verified per the current definition) and that now that I had started on this LRH rundown for OTs who were not really clear, I could not leave until it was finished. The “special” rundown was simply NED auditing.
    Marty, are you saying that there really is a special LRH rundown for this scenario that is not actually NED auditing?
    If that is so, then the D of P, my auditor, and the C/S at Flag then my suspicion that they out and out lied to me on my r-factors about this were grounded in reality and my desperate sense of needing to get the hell out of there was correct.
    NOTSaware // December 28, 2009 at 9:35 pm | Reply
    Dear Maria, the handling you’ve got is squirrel miscavology. I know the materials almost by heart that’s why I told my C/S to give that auditing to someone else as it wasn’t for me anymore. All the tech people are scared shitless to challenge what RTC is passing as LRH tech, pure BS!!!

    Gaiagnostic // December 28, 2009 at 8:36 pm | Reply
    One of the breaking points for me in leaving the church (besides crushing debt after just 4 years as a Scientologist and a staff member), was an r-factor from the C/S at ASHO that my entire bridge through HRD needed to be done over. What? Not only did this invalidate my honest attestations, it invalidated the Flag trained auditors and C/Ses at my former Class V org — they can’t tell when the EP of a process is achieved? WTF? About this same time I spoke to a dear friend and dedicated staff member who had attested to Clear long ago, and who had just been informed that she was not Clear. I’ve observed people who were supposed to be Clear behave in ways that made me question their state, but not her. She is great, Clear or not per Miscavology. Anyway, thanks for the post.

    WH // December 28, 2009 at 9:31 pm | Reply
    As one of the few OTs at Flag audited on New Era Dianetics in 1978 I know first hand how sick an OT can get audited on Dianetics.
    In 1978 NED was a pilot. After 4 sessions I was practically blind from a headache. My auditor was kind enough to finally end the session, even knowing I would red tag. I had begged her to please stop and just let me sleep.
    Shortly afterwards, the HCOB on not auditing OTs on dianetics came out and not much after than New Era Dianetics for OTs (NOTS) was launched.
    I can’t imagine how horrible it must have been/ must be for so many Clears to have their Clear state invalidated.
    The insanity becomes more and more clear thanks to what Marty posts and what others come forward with. It is almost beyond belief. Except that, I for one, do not disbelieve it one bit.

    TRUTH // December 28, 2009 at 9:34 pm | Reply
    Thank you for this great post. It definitely blew a lot charges for me as a past life Clear.
    Reading all the comments on this post, it is obvious that almost everyone has experienced DM’s squirrel tech on their Clear status.
    After attesting to my Clear state in early 2000, I was called to Flag for some BS cleaning up and a non-Clear R-factor which cost me tens of thousands of dollars and at the end, I was happy to just leave Flag and never return for more squirrel tech.
    I am so glad to have you here with us and know that I can trust you with pure LRH tech to handle all the errors made by DM. I am truly sad for those still inside the Church of Mestology
    Thank you Marty!

    Panther // December 28, 2009 at 9:46 pm | Reply
    Wow. This post will touch a very raw nerve with a lot of people. I remember as a DofP as far back as 1986 the seemingly endless cramming of CCRD auditors with no two tech terminals having the same view on what was “standard”. I can’t usefully add more except to say I fervently hope those who still suffer from wrong indications and declarations do get the needed help.
    Beyond that if I may just go off into wild speculation for a moment; isn’t the non-recognition of past life clears and natural clears indicative of a being who just doesn’t believe in “that stuff”. Someone perhaps whose certainty of self as a spiritual immortal being is, shall we say, rather shaky?

    Thought provoking // December 28, 2009 at 9:49 pm | Reply
    Spin, spin, spin. Invalidate, invalidate, invalidate. Evaluate, Evaluate, Evaluate. Now throw in some force and you have PTSness. It is a wonder that so many of us still feel the tech works. Despite all of the out tech that has been applied to us…we have made gains – we KNOW!
    So many people have been bounced around the grade chart instead of doing exactly what Ron says…your next step. Yet we still made gains. Just imagine being able to achieve gains without the requisite charge that comes with it in the church.
    I had an exhilerating thought. It was a glimpse at what it would be like doing Scientology as an Independent. No Force, No Inval, Freedom to Learn and Apply and Freedom to go Free, as in up the bridge.
    POWERFUL STUFF, we are talking about. WOW!!!!

    OldAuditor // December 28, 2009 at 9:51 pm | Reply
    Great post! It should be reposted periodically from here on out.
    I have audited a number of past life scientologists and some of them were clear. None made it through the CCRD unscathed.
    In several communications with upper org SO Tech terminals, it became apparent that some of them had little reality on past lives and less on past life Clears.
    For more information about invalidation of Clears read: http://tinyurl.com/ye58j5m and http://tinyurl.com/ydnm4lm

    RJ // December 28, 2009 at 9:58 pm | Reply
    Marty, the CCRD was such an incredibly fantastic and simple rundown when it was first piloted.
    The reason for this was that all technical terminals involved in its delivery were ordered by the Ol’man to not only M4 and Starrate per the HCOPL High Crime and the HCOB High Crime Addition, the confidential HCOB ‘The State of Clear’ but also had to M9 and Clay Demo the HCOB, so there was no uncertainty on what the state actually was.
    This was the most important step.
    The rundown after this is a piece of cake!
    The only complicated step was Past Life clear, since many of them not only went clear on Dianetics but some had actually run R6 GPMI or some earlier form of GPM running.
    Not a real problem because these cases were turned over to an AC Review Auditor for an L7 or L6ew.
    Anyway, under Ron’s supervision the RD actually achieved what it was supposed to which was a Certainty that the person either achieved the state of clear or didn’t!
    No more endless reviews of the person’s DCSI!
    Or endless self auditing on the state after “completing” the DCSI!
    I don’t know if you know this Marty, but for some reason those of us who worked on the pilot where, phased out when the CCRD Auditor’s Course was packaged.
    For some strange reason those of us who worked on the pilot itself were not used on delivery after the course was issued!
    Truly a mystery.
    In fact I was told that I couldn’t be part of the delivery team, because I “hadn’t done the course” and “I wasn’t sea org”. Yet the Ol’man himself had no problem using Non-SO personnel for the initial RD. Nor at the time was there any “course”.
    I know that many of the Sea Org who worked with us ended up being “transfered” out of tech or mysteriously ended up in “ethics trouble”, such as one Class XII I know who was on the pilot.
    In fact at the time I had the distinct impression that we were being unmocked from above and that whoever was unmocking us didn’t want a definite result, for some reason which became obvious as the years went on.
    Obviously if you invalidate the State of Clear, you invalidate the whole subject, which is what Miscavige did intentionally or unintentionally in the case of Lisa McPherson.

    lunamoth // December 28, 2009 at 10:01 pm | Reply
    Thanks very much for this data, Marty. This explains alot about my own experiences when I was last in an org, to be sure, but the real eye-opener for me is seeing how it’s affected so many in my group.
    I personally only had two such indications, and have no idea what my TIP is now because my decision to leave and never go back had already been made when it was presented to me.
    It tickles me that the handle is “simple” and swift; certainly takes some of the seriousness off this whole mess.

  15. Old Auditor and RJ,
    Thank you both for your comments and OA, for your articles. I’m extremely glad you are both out there. RJ, you must write to Marty, friends of lrh and whoever else you consider needs the insight and KRC you’ve gathered from a rare experience on the subject of Clear. Your help on this is invaluable. Boy, I’m I glad you’re there! Jimmie

  16. ClearlyMistreated

    Hi Marty,
    Thank you so much for addressing this. I am one of those who has literally struggled up the Bridge and in life since being invalidated on Clear (hence my nickname.) I was literally zooming up the Bridge until I hit the brick wall of the CCRD. Any stat analysis or PTS tech applied to my case would have shown that I went PTS to exactly that. After 13 years of their best efforts to convince me I’m not Clear I still deep down have to believe I am. I could never figure out why it mattered so much to me, I just couldn’t give it up. I was never in it for the status. To me it was just a step to be completed on the way to OT. But it became the whole game. It is nice to know that is wasn’t just me.

  17. Hello Marty,

    I’m back !
    This was your best post ever. This is one on the main reason of the downfall of the C.O.S, when not the main.
    With the Dianetics Clear Bulletin (1978) and then then the delivery of nots ron had achieved his goal to put a bridge there and so he went to write Science Fiction again.
    The boom that occured after those discoveries was amazing and the love and arc around with all the people on Nots and all the newly Clears -just beautiful.
    The first Nots Completions were total OTs and full of power- New beings -( I remember when they were forbidden to tell about their miracles as talking about their case).
    The clears were all so nice and shining ! We had about 50 000 of them worldwide ! Where are they now ?
    It was the most beautiful time I experienced in scientology ! So peaceful, arcful, no evals or invals just love and we knew we were on the verge of the biggest boom in the history of Scientology, we were producing high stats with no efforts (we didn’t have the Basics but had our basics in !)and it was fun !
    Then suddenly the finance police arrived, declared the most productive people; the prices went up so that most of those 50000 clears could not afford the rest of the bridge. Our dreams were shattered ! So as i can judge it and remember it about 75 % of the clears and OTs in our field left scientology in disgust, dissillusionned but still with high respect for LRH. Sometimes I meet one of them and they still have wins on the state of clear they achieved 30 years ago, but never would put one foot into an Org.
    Today there are 4-5000 people on Solo Nots. My wife is joking about their wins ! She doesn’t want to do the Ot-Levels to have wins that she had on the comm-course!
    If you can handle those suppresive actions that were done in 80 to 84 (price rise, funny clears handling, declares etc..) you ‘ll have a boom that Scientology has never seen before, you just have to put in the sucessful actions of those times (dianetic clear bulletin, NOTs, affordable prices, no finance police (stillexists today as kind of a shadow)and no DMs, I mean both davids) you have in one year 20-30 000 people on Solo Nots.
    Dear Marty how do you want to handle that traffic ?
    What a beautiful day !

    Have a nice one too !

  18. As LRh says the state of “Clear” is the most beautiful state that one can reach, and it is full of aethetics and love as Budha preached and it is a crime to invalidate this state or telling funny Stories about it.
    It’s just simple as that, this policy wasn’t applied from 1980 on in the church of Scientology. As far I can remember the first DM was telling funny stories about clears and the second one continued, as if they were jealous about all those clears and didn’t want them to become the OTs that LRH postulated and it looks like their mission was to destroy them. But as we have just to rehabilitate the state and take off all the suprresion that clears endured, it will be back in a Second and this Time even stronger as never before.
    We produced about 50000 clears, got the whole bridge and then the Sps in our own ranks went totally bersek and suppressed them all, and we just stood there and didn’t see what is happening. Who would have thought of that the ennemy is within ?
    Its the biggest Joke in this universe !
    Marty you are such an eye opener Thanks to you and the rest of the people partaking in this amazing discussion.

  19. Thanks Jimmy,

    I thought that post was lost for good and I didn’t have the energy to post it again, but thanks to Rip’s diligence there it is 🙂

    Anyway the important point I was trying to make. Is that the CCRD was a very simple Rundown and that was solely based on the fact that Ron in a way purpose cleared us on the Rundown.

    I mean what’s the purpose?

    Not to just verify the state but to ensure that the PreOT has the certainty that they have achieved it and in the rare case (because contrary to Miscavige’s agitprop, very few PCs falsely attested to clear, many of them just had no understanding of what the state was) where the PC has not attained it that they also have certainty of this fact as well.

    It’s all about certainty which is why he had us M9 and clay what the state was, so we had that certainty ourself. Not just subjectively but objectively as well.

    The Rundown is actually for the PC or PreOT. It is for their gain and benefit!

    After all these years I’ll say something here and it’s very important.

    The fact is even in that extremely rare instance were a person may falsely attest to clear. All is not lost, because the original OT IV Rundown handles it.

    In other words even a false declare can be handled with auditing.

    You don’t have to invalidate or evaluate for the PC. You just audit them and eventually they come out alright. It may a rougher road but they eventually get there.

    As Ron says:


    Well enough verbal tech.

    What is needed is people to read and apply the actual HCOBs on the RD. Unfortunately none of us who worked on the pilot were allowed to keep these and the advices that eventually became the rest of the series.

    But it seems Marty has that problem well in hand and I myself plan eventually to blow my cover and start auditing again myself. I’m already working on a good friend of mine under the radar.

    Jimmy if you’re ever in my neck of the woods. I’d be more than happy to audit you. Just drop me a line.


    • Thought provoking


      I get what you are saying about the CCRD. My first attest was a DCSI. Later, I originated uncertainty and did a CCRD and arrived at the conclusion that I was not clear. For me it was MUs.

      Years later, while doing NED it came up again but I was hesitant to say anything because of my earlier go around with it. Fortunately, my auditor was on the ball didn’t miss it and I eventually spit it out, including my hesitation to say anything about it. Doing the CCRD this time was exactly the right action because I completed it and attested with certainty, imagine that!

      But, DM getting in and mucking up the definition and pulling the folders, etc. That’s just suppressive. As it happened, about the same time he was doing that I was experiencing some major suppression and some stuff was happening in my universe and based on that I was told I was not clear. Being PTS, I agreed with it. I’ve since handled the suppression and have no doubts at all about being clear now.

      With the altering of tech, I have to wonder if the stuff they are using now is even LRH? It seems, if they had the HCOB right, we’d still be making clears. Is it really that bad, that auditors are throwing out standard clear procedure over an issue that DM created? I think this is more a rhetorical question.

      It’s amazing that even with KSW being the first issue on every course, that we have allowed it to get this bad. Even more reason to blow the lid off of DM’s operation.

      • Thought Provoking, I’d say that the CCRD you did where you achieved certainty on the state was correctly done and what followed was purely invalidation.

        Per the original materials one the factors that can obscure a proper rehab of the state is PTSness. Also a clear is not immune to PTS phenomenon which is why it is included on the Solo Series 11 checklist.

        In other words just because someone roller coasters does not mean they are not clear. Sometimes it is actually an indicator that he might be if the person was doing well on Dianetics then R/Cs or gets into ethics trouble etc, which is covered in the ’78 issue of ‘Dianetic Clear’ an HCOB that is in the current tech vols and the originals.

        Personally I don’t understand what Miscavige has done. The confidential HCOB The State of Clear gives the phenomena that should be present whether the person went clear on Dianetics or the CC and if these phenomena are present the person is clear. It’s as simple as that!

        Note there are other phenomena that can key in after the person has attested to clear covered HCOB 8 October 1967,’Clear Checks and Re-Clear Checks’ which says specifically:

        (begin fair use)

        “Failure to pass a Re-Clear Check by TA position is meaningless technically* because upper Levels key-in after Clear* (emphasis added) and will move the TA all over the dial and can tighten the needle (tighten not scratchy).”

        I suspect a phenomenon that is currently being ignored by the current regime.

        You see Thought Provoking once a person has attested to Clear, they are still technically in the Non-interference zone which could also explain any difficulties you’ve had since attesting clear.

        Hope this helps.

        (end fair use quote)

      • martyrathbun09

        RJ – You are absolutely correct about the sheer simplicity of it. You can not fake the indicators – realization accompanied by needle phenomena. There is just no faking it.

      • If I had a really great realization, I don’t doubt that my indicators would be there and the meter needle floating. But does that really show I achieved some state? I don’t think so, yeah, so you had a great win and you’re a happy camper. Fine. EOS. Tell you what, let’s do some real testing of this in week, month, year and see what actual gains you made from this. Why are all these supposed gains and abilities so subjective and never really tested for? Not just at the upper levels but throughout the Bridge. What really does it mean to be free from the harmful effects of drugs or to hve recovery of ones education? Seems like stuff you could really test for besides feeling good about it. This is the stuff that nagged at me throughout my time in. This new thing that was supposedly scientific and spiritual, actually wasn’t and it really just boiled down to feeling better. That’s not a bad thing but let’s not get carried away with things like new found abilities or salvation from whole track suppression.
        I got more validation and feel good benefits from some Zig Ziglar lectures than hours of Hubbards droning on about ships or cameras and how degraded I’ve become.

      • That’s nice Gary.

        It just so happens that auditing is for the benefit of the person receiving. Not to prove anything.

        If you’re interested. I suggest finding a good auditor who knows how to assess an Expanded Green Form 40.

        If not.

        Scientology isn’t for everyone.

      • Ah, but if you feel better and didn’t have to pay for it, or paid only what you were able to offer, or paid a prevailing rate within a free market of independent providers of Scientology services, then what’s the harm in it? Ditch the current corporate structure of the Church, and this all becomes possible.

        I suggest that claims of the effects of completing various levels can only be rationally be taken to be a matter of personal experience and belief. Each and every word LRH wrote or spoke cannot reasonably be taken to be inviolate and unalterable “tech”. That’s not Scientology — or at least not a Scientology that is built for survival — that’s “Hubbardism”.

      • You are absolutely right Eponymous.

        Very well put, my friend 🙂

      • Deciding or interpreting what Hubbard meant to be taken literally or is open to subjective analysis is not something I found to ever be an option from the time I began in 1978. Why you’d end up with multiple branches of Scientology, much like Christianity and it’s offshoots. Was that what Hubbard had in mind with KSW1? Doubt it. Now the current regime has twisted and preverted Hubbard but the groundwork allowing this was laid out by the old man himself.

        As far as auditing is personal, yeah it is. So that means Cause over MEST is whatever you want it to be? If one person CAN lift the ashtray with intention and the other cannot, they both have the same ability? Sorry I don’t buy that. If Scientology was more honest about what you may get or not get out of it, then that would be okay, but it isn’t. This new liberal Scn, is that really Hubbard’s intention? Either way, it’s not for me. But I’m enjoying the ride.

      • Gary

        “Now the current regime has twisted and preverted Hubbard but the groundwork allowing this was laid out by the old man himself.”

        To create a military entity is almost like creating MEST. The MEST are the Flag Orders for they are rigid and controlling and constricting.

        A building is MEST, a construct. Why can an organization not be MEST. Just thought of this. An Organization is a construct too. Especially when it is set up to control. In such an Organization personal freedom is in danger of getting lost. “The greater good, For the greater Numbers” is opposite to “Be, Do and Have the Change you want to See in the World”

        Following these line of thinking Anons have issue with MEST too. That is why we/they do not like to be called a group or organization. Rather they want to be called a collective of Individuals.

  20. Here’s an article by Pierre Ethier Cl XII on Lisa McPherson which I found very interesting: http://www.upperbridge.org//macp.html

  21. Gads what a mess! I have complete recall of the surge that flowed from my hands through the cans when I was asked “Have you gone past Dianetic Clear?” on a C/S 53. It was SO unexpected as I had just been given a TIP that had me redoing everything I had already done. I was very BIs on the whole thing and then this group from AOLA came in and ran the C/S 53 on those of us who were stalled…this was in the early 80’s. Anyway, my 2D and I have faded in and out of the scene when it was too weird (Finance Police, a lot of the 90’s and all of the 2000’s) so we missed most of what has been described here. As a past life Clear I’m sure I would have been told I wasn’t (which would have been fighting words! and gotten me into ethics trouble!). Its good to know that the handling is pretty simple and hopefully those who are suffering the effects of this HUGE invalidation can get handled soon.

    Marty, so glad you were able to get a site up. I really look forward to the communication every day. The shared reality, comraderie, stories, and just plain theta are wonderful…thank you! I think the emphasis on the tech and auditing is so important for rehabbing our purpose. Illuminating the abuses helps those of us who were not in the SO to understand what the hell was going on when things got so strange.

    • Gaia

      I second that! This site is really a source of theta and understanding for me, too.
      Thanks to Marty’s site I have been able to line up quite a bit of previously “unrelated” data, and I’ve found relationships between and explanations for many outpoints ( including those that were repeatedly written up and never corrected). It’s good to finally be able to differentiate between real scientology and all the happy sh*t that now comes out of the church in its place.

      The beauty of the internet is that one, two or ten sites can go down temporarily, and it doesn’t stop the theta, the communication, the cogniting, the sharing of information, the inevitable progress toward complete “as-isness” of the suppression!

  22. The part about someone being put back on Dianetics auditing raises a question I’ve had for some time. Should people even be recieving Book One auditing without use of the e-meter when newer tech exists? Is that an out point? Why not just start new public on metered auditing?

    • Louis,

      Oh, hell yeah, people should do Book One. No need for a meter. It’s great stuff. It makes the mind real to the preclear and he discovers that he can pull stuff out that he has no clue was there. No need for a meter. In fact, LRH wrote a bulletin called Dianetic Auditing Course in 1966 where he gives the perfect question to enter a pc’s case: “Locate an incident that you feel you can comfortably face.” The date is 3 April 1966. LRH even writes in that bulletin that it updates DMSMH.

      In my opinion anyone training as an auditor should do hours and hours of Book One to become accustomed to auditing a pc, not via the meter. LRH talks about using all kinds of indicators in the pc before the advent of the meter. In fact, meters were hardly used at all throughout the 50s. Might be a huge missing gradient in auditor training.

      • Joe that’s so spot on!

        I love you’re ‘tude, dude.

        Get in there and audit!

        Some of the biggest wins I’d ever seen was when I suped one of those Dn Seminars back in the early ’80’s.

        These were people who had never audited in their life, matched with PCs who’d never known what an engram was before we started the seminar.

    • Thought provoking


      Book 1 is a completely valid technology and is fine to use with new public. Some guys get so blown out on Dianetics they come in for auditing. It’s important to give them what they want at an affordable price. In the church, metered auditing is quite a bit more than Book 1. I personally feel Book 1 co-audits are amazing. New people get wins in auditing AND blow out over the fact that they can help another (many think they can’t). Metered auditing can also be done as well. It’s important to make sure they really have the wordclearing done completely. When new people ask what the difference is, it can be easily demonstrated with a pinch test and an explanation that the meter is a precision tool that shows where the charge is and when it’s gone. Book 1 relies on auditor observation and handling. I have personally observed and given Book 1 auditing sessions that absolutely blew the person out, life changing wins. For some, the result was immediately going up the grade chart. Others wanted to join staff. They had had the big cog. For others, they felt relief, happier and wanted to learn more. Either situation is fantastic. When dealing with new people, you have to look at the person in front of you and what is right for that person. For most it’s a real (70’s style) comm course, but not for all.

  23. Thank you Marty for this post. Talking about squirrel tech and false Clear uncertainty!
    Yes! This happened to me too. In 1997 I originated Clear while I was mid ARC SW, my auditor told me that I MUST do all my Grades and then NED before I could do my CCRD. She also assured that there is not such a thing as “past life Clear”.
    I disagreed and continued with my trainings. In 1999, I was told that arbitraries are removed and I can do CCRD without doing my Grades. I was very happy. I bought my CCRD and attested to the state of Clear in early 2000. By mid 2000 I was ordered to go to Flag for an “Advance program which I spent tens of thousands dollars on different programs which had nothing to do with my Clear status. I was then given a Non-Clear R-factor and some LRH references to read.
    I had certainty that I was a past life Clear and communicated it to my D of P and my C/S at Flag, but they insisted that I should accept their reality and accept the Non-Clear R-factor.
    I also asked my D of P “why was I declared Clear and paid for a CCRD when you knew it was not the case, if it was a mistake made by the org, then org should correct its error without charging the PC”. They had no answer for me but instead they labeled me as an ARCX and overty PC and wanted to extort more money from me for more auditing/sec check which I refused and left Flag and decided to continue with my training instead.
    Every single selectee of mine had the same problem. Every one I selected to Flag for auditing of any sort, came back unhandled and back to Flag for more reviews and more debts on their credit cards.

    In 2006 a Flag’s class IX auditor told me that all the arbitraries are removed and I should send my folders to Flag and have my selectees back to Flag for a correct FESing on their Clear folders.
    I asked him what arbitraries were removed? He told me ” in the past all the Clear folders were FESed by unqualified auditors, but now we have a group of highly trained to FES only Clear folders which in the past we didn’t have them and a lot of mistakes happened as a result.”

    I asked him “so for all these years, our Clears FESing were handled by unqualified auditor?” He didn’t have an answer to my question and insisted that I should send my folders to Flag.
    I never did because I could not trust Flag and their tech terminals.

    I made sure to inform my selectees of these out-tech and alert them.

    My conclusion is that DM keeps adding the arbitraries and then he tells public that “now they are removed”! Yeah right!

    Although I love LRH and Scientology but I reached a point where I could no longer encourage my selectees to take their next step on the Bridge and receive overt product and out-tech.

    I have made sure that most of my selectees are aware of DM’s Reverse Scientology/Dianetics and discourage them from moving up the Bridge through C of Mestology, instead I continue to route them to the correct field auditor who can deliver unaltered LRH tech and give them wins and get them back on purpose.

    Warning to DM! You lost most of your dedicated & productive FSMs, auditors, executives because we can not put up with your out-ethics and crimes. And we make sure to spread the words around and wake people up and soon you will be a lonely man. Your flashy PRs aren’t even working any longer. We will make sure the law of land and justice is fully applied to you and soon you are behind bars.

    Thank you Marty for staying strong and helping us to see truth! 🙂

    • Truth the following quote is a bald faced lie:

      ” in the past all the Clear folders were FESed by unqualified auditors, but now we have a group of highly trained to FES only Clear folders which in the past we didn’t have them and a lot of mistakes happened as a result.”

      Those who reviewed any clear folders after the pilot at least had to have done the CCRD Technical Specialist Course.

      This was an edict put in by RTC and therefore Miscavige himself!


      The book ‘Alice in Wonderland’ must have been accepted as policy by the current board of director.

  24. The invalidation of Clear and OT levels is not new. I have a person in my family, who was OT V and was informed back in 1990 that she had not achieved the level, although she had audited at Flag. She walked out and never returned to Flag. It also had happened with me. I was audited in a Org in the US all the previous levels, and had came to Flag to do my CCRD and upon arrival I was informed that I had to redo all the levels all over again. I was upset, and redid, but I left (resigned) Scientology Flag for good in 2002 knowing that I would never go back.
    A friend of mine got auditing at Tampa Org of all lower levels, but when he went to Flag, they did not accept the auditing that he had received, and he was forced to pay, and audit everything all over again. He also left for good after the auditing. None of us are now Scientologists. We all thought that Flag and Orgs auditors were not doing their jobs.

    • Luana, I so sorry to hear that happened. Every time I read another experience like this, it isn’t just words in a paragraph, I know the excruciating pain and suffering, betrayal and loss. Thank you for being here and communicating about it.

  25. Thanks for your perspective guys. I do know that Book One auditing is valid, as it had a positive impact on me.

  26. I was a CMO staff member when COB gave the Clear to all Snr C/S about the state of Clear. I was present at this briefing at FLB and I believed COB. All the RTC reps, including Snr C/S Int were there backing him so it was hard to believe that he was making up all the things he was saying. I even remember that COB revised one of the CCRD Series and modified it so that it backs up his briefing. After this briefing I remember that we (CMO) got an order from COB via RTC to gather all the PC folders at the FLB and count the number of NED hours every Clear PC received so as to get an idea of the amount of people who attested to the State of Clear who shouldn’t have. I remember this very clearly because we worked on this project full-time for a week or two. All the C/Ses and audiotrs at FLB were made to go through PC folders and count the NED hours alomost on a full-time basis.

  27. “As LRh says the state of “Clear” is the most beautiful state that one can reach, and it is full of aethetics and love as Budha preached and it is a crime to invalidate this state or telling funny Stories about it.”

    I agree. I remember attaining the state of Clear. I have never experienced anything that was so calm, so wonderful, so there. It was truly amazing. And all these years later, even after having it thoroughly invalidated, it remains.

    It has saddened me that it is no longer promoted as something wonderful and amazing, that it is now treated as just sort of some auditing you do on your way on the headlong rush to get up the OT levels.

  28. In Oct 2003 at St Hill DM did a briefing to UK and EU execs where he announces “his view” on The State of Clear. There were some shocked gasps and then the audience went silent and you could feel the theta sucked out of the room. It was apparent DM could not withhold his evil intention and this was Black Dianetics at work.

    After the briefing AOSHUK tech staff started calling public in with invalidating R-factors. The rumors in the UK started flying and some public have not stepped back in the org since. It was painful to watch this and to feel that I couldn’t do anything about it.

    In late 2005 I was apprenticing at the FSO and was made to watch D of P interviews of OT 7’s being told they weren’t Clear and their protest at being put on NED. I was horrified. Spiritually strong individuals were being invalidated and the Tech staff doing this looked like they were losing their minds as well. The destruction was two-fold as it was adversely affecting both public and staff. The intention was destructive as laid out in C/S series 22.

    As we have a lot more to say, Haydn and I are now writing an article this subject.

  29. I’m done with this stuff. Attested to Dn Clear, then Past Life Clear. My gold clear bracelet is worth more for its weight than significance. So what is a Clear? What abilities does this person have, is it the uber-human from Book1 that hooked me in? I’ve never seen anyone who comes close to this state. Is it one of these whitewashed “No reactive mind” states which come along with whatever you want it to. Your intention is more focused but can’t remember the name of someone you just met? But who cares you’re labeled a Clear!

    When I first left in 2004, I wanted to beleive it was really all still valid and true, then I began reading all the things I was told not to and just observing for myself.

    8 years ago I left a well-paying job to work for half the amt. for a Scieno company that used all the mgmt tech and hired a consultant. They went out of business in two years.

    I recently have started a business that has doubled in size in two years and continues to grow in the face of a terrible recession. We now have five people working for us. I intentionally did not graph anything, do conditions, postulate, manage by statistics, do a survey, create a battleplan or an admin chart, there is no org board. I gave up everything to join the SO and had to start from scratch in 2004. Without Scientology I now have some hope for the future. With it I had this false sense of security and inwardly fretted about it and my “eternal freedom”

    I commend Marty and the rest of you that have gotten out and have spoken out. You are free to express your opinions as anyone else. On this we agree and it is exactly what the cult does not want.

  30. RJ,

    I agree with you on what the D of P at Flag told me being a “bald faced lie”. That is why, I didn’t want to have anything to do with auditing and Flag.

  31. The state of Clear truly is a wonderful thing. Personally, I overran the state of Clear during NED and attested to NED case completion. I think this was a result of having a Golden Age of Tech trained auditor. Has anyone else noticed that Clears are not made in Class V orgs anymore? Plenty of NED case completions though. Thankfully I was able to do DCSI in the field and I am most certainly Clear, and I did it on NED.

    My first reaction to DM muddying the waters and invalidating Clears was that it was a really evil and suppressive thing. Well, yes, but it requires the agreement of the pre-OT to shake his certainty. When I went into the local org after a long hiatus, practically the very first thing they tried to do was invalidate my DCSI. Sorry, I’m not buying it.

    Thanks for the article and all the great comments. I am still in the non-interference zone and have a lot of attention on handling the next step of my case. However, I really suspect I will be able to complete those actions in 2010 (outside the “church”, of course)

  32. I believe from Lisa’s Diaries, from many years ago:-

    Lisa wrote about her ” ethics handling” from
    her senior in her day job.

    She was clearly confused and PTS by all this.

    This is probably the why.

    She wrote about her 2D aspirations in that
    she had to do an admin scale before a 2D

    So Romantic!! So indoctrinated!

    Much comment from her as to why she was bad or possibly bad.

    Wrong items, indications?

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