The Game

I want to express my sincerest thanks to all of you who sent encouraging words, security advice, and other forms of support, moral and otherwise.  I apologize for not answering all emails – but several accounts were breached, thus this general ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. In less than twenty four hours, we are already above the numbers of daily visits – 3,000-4,000 range – we were at before the crash.  While for the next few days we may encounter some more technical difficulties we are definitely back in the game. We’ll be using the knee-jerk, overkill effort directed at us to greatly increase our effortless energies.  Keep in touch as over the next forty-eight hours we hope to  bring you some of our most interesting news to date.  Ain’t it great to be alive?!


43 responses to “The Game

  1. Damn, this is FUN!!

  2. Yep, 2010 will come in with a *bang*.

    Wishing you all a happy, prosperous and un-PTS New Year!

  3. Thought provoking

    Woo Hoo!!!

  4. Force never wins long term. In this case it will coalesce intention.

  5. Awesome Marty! 🙂 🙂

  6. Ain’t never had/seen this much fun in Scn since first contacting Scn in the mid 70’s!

  7. Thanks for the Ack, but the plaudits belong to you for playing such a great game, and helping so many to free themselves from the insidious trap that is known as “being a dedicated scientologist” who is “following command intention”.

    I suspected the moment I saw the “Clear” post that it would be electric… within minutes the blog was attacked. Fantastic! – it just shows the TA is moving. Marty, I’ve said it before but I’ve no shame in saying it again, you are very very much appreciated. You know I have been busy helping forward the effort in my area – that was just the warm-up act. 2010 will be the year of serious enlightenment and dissemination of the truth. Happy New Year to you and Mosey, all Independents and truth-seekers everywhere!

    • “Panther” aka Marty

      Why are you having a conversation with yourself on your own blog?

      • martyrathbun09

        Bill, and you’ve got a room full of invisible Martians to contend with too, I guess.

      • Bill,
        See, that’s called a ‘non-sequitur’. You have mistakenly carried on an Anonymous thread, on this blog. You don’t get the lulz here. Panther is not Marty. I’m not your father. If I were, I’d tell you to clean your room and get outside to get some fresh air. With a mask of course.

      • I’m flattered

    • You post on WWP as Panther Marty, don’t lie.

      • Untrue, Bill. Panther is not even from the US.

      • Igotnothingagainstyou

        Bill, you’re the kind of crazy comment that adds nothing but confusion and cause people to wear masks and protests a religion they are confused about. “get a life”

  8. David from England

    More power to your elbow, Marty, and to hell with the cybrerterrorists!

  9. The less effort you use the closer it is to a postulate. Ha ha, well we all know that. Do you know what we have done here guys? We have as-ised the bodies, this hell of a team operates on theta lines!! Minimal effort, closer to a postulate we ALL have made: Free Scientology.

  10. With my right to communicate, I comunicate, I feel alive since I have hope!! Hope for a better future, for me and my kids.
    WE DO!!

  11. Well Done for keeping the freedom torch lit, despite the heavy winds.

    I think LRH’s spirit of play data is appropo here.The other side is losing and that is why they are serious and down the tone scale and using low toned methods to try to squash free communication. Let us be flippant and non-serious and enjoy the order we are putting in!!

    Happy New Year to you Marty and Mosley!!

  12. And while we’re putting in order(s), I’ll have a DM to go…..Best Wishes for an excellent New Year!!!

  13. Dear Marty thanks again, without your lead I’d have been living in the apathy of believing DM was a good fellow and I was such a crappy one for having failed him. What a bunch of crap!!!

    • Ditto. I felt I had failed, too. In my case, my org, Scientology, LRH. I have never seen a comment that most related to my own feeling (Pre Marty). It WAS apathy.

      It’s one thing to study in the sterile environment of the courseroom. It’s another experience altogether to live the suppression and view the results. It’s eyeopening to see how blind I was to the real thing while in it. If anything, our current situation is a great time for learning.

  14. Hi Marty

    This looks like an interesting game you are setting up here. I can’t wait to see the conclusion!!!!



  15. Underground For Now

    Marty, Marty, Marty;

    WOW!!!! You bring new meaning and understanding to the term OT.

    Love the photo….SPIRT OF PLAY ALL THE WAY.

    Big, big high 5 from this sector (THE general area of FLAG)

  16. Elizabeth & Mickie

    Dear ‘David from England’ and ‘Panther’
    Our Christmas present to you is twofold:

    1. THREE brand new friends (coming soon – ha ha we’ve been busy!)

    2. The words of Winston Churchill to our fellow Brits to bring us into the new year:

    We shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and the oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.

    Oh, by the way, Marty – you rock.

    • Gratefully received, thank you! Happy New year to you! Please see my comment on the new “Strategy” post for my return gift.

  17. Marty, Congratulations for handling this very touchy segue with style and grace. You are a master of control on all of this. Welcome back and I see you have many more fowellers to boot!!

  18. Wow, Marty, You are the GREATEST!!!!! We are ALL going to have an AMAZING 2010.

    More power to you and all the Independents.

    We LOVE you and Mosey for everything you do.


  19. So, the St Pete Times strikes again, with plenty of references to Marty’s blog, which just happens to be down. Coincidence?

  20. Yes, this is a very good game! I was beginning to get a bit bored out here in the bush all by my lonesome. Almost nine years is a long time to be a lone wolf. A lone scientologist, being of the bent we are, can easily get the pot stirred up but the follow through can be somewhat tougher when you’re on your own.

    It was true when it was first said and it still holds true today (truth, I think, is like that – constant):

    “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!”

    Patrick Henry – March 23, 1775

    • PH,
      Aye, laddy, that’s the P Henry I know. Full of piss and vinegar. Alive. Not fixed, ready, willing and able.

      To all, LIVE! And may insouciance take you to places that are only dreamed. LIVE!

  21. I see you Marty and I see all of the rest of you too!

    ML Virg

  22. The Ol’ Man would’ve loved this: respond to the lilliputians with lightning speed and be bigger than ever.

    It’s almost 2010.

    Awaken the OTs.

    The time is nearing.

  23. Christ, can you get rid of me?

    I love u guys so much. I had a bit too much time on my hands, busted loose. So what!

    So glad to see you up and running Marty. Things get easier, in a higher Condition. Count on it.

    Wrote this all tonight. Fingers hurt. Means nothing.

    Just me drunk, not that that is a problem, But is going to be a glorious year! Cheers everyone!


    Isn’t it a great game! Being myself from Canada, ….in every Hockey Game we expect a fist-flying fight…

    Number 11, Little Dicky, swings; again…But he’s too short! Black eyes. Off the ice he goes, crying.

    We’re winning, and, in fact have WON.

    The Public detests HIM.(not necessarily Scientology nor Hubbard) Soon enough so will every single Scientologist.

    Let me repeat, he’s done! DM lost by default, asking for it, going too far, and it is he who has just got HIS lights-knocked-out. We can see that… big fighter eh, again?? (Will Slappy ever brighten up? IMHO, not in his life.)

    That’s “Hockey” as a “game”, it’s a team sport after all, so what’s the final score? In the real “game everyone wins” Scientology. Let’s stay focused on winning. Pleeeease…As a Team: LRH’s Team.
    Where Auditing; Changing Conditions (admin); Putting Ethics in. Happens all in actuality, every minute, as the clock runs down?
    “…keep your stick on the ice” we say.
    KEEP STANDARD TECH WORKING. Going in where ever possible, as loudly as possible.

    I’m itching for my Bridge! More then ever. Right now I am working thru the Holidays 10 hour a day, I’ve been doing 24 days on 4 days off almost all of ’09, Most of the time I’m keeping up with Marty and his dear Friends via my iPhone. (we’ll have our own iPhone Apps one day) It’s a blistering cold hell up here, not my purpose at all. What keeps my heart warm, is any news, any news, Auditors ARE Auditing. Those Trained are on Purpose doing. Not spectating. How many skilled Auditors haven’t had a PC in years? That’s a Condition we need to change.

    I plan to change.

    I’ve been wanting my KTL since the day I left Staff in 1991, sure wish I had it. I’ve been waiting twenty years for these things. For STANDARD TECH. I duplicate LRH easily. And I wasn’t seeing it then in my Org, and sadly it has gotten far worse. My logic is stupidly simple. So is the Public’s’. We are not WOGs in that sense. What Horse shit. Do you realize WOG originally meant: World Operating Genetically? Well, we will have to dig that up.

    Way back when, in 1991, six months on Staff I couldn’t figure it out; “How can my Org be in such a constant, unrelenting constant, state of cope when Hubbard not only built a SH size org, but developed all of the Tech to go with it!? MUs on Green-on-White? Bull-shit!” I realized.

    I have yet to find a better communicator on complex subjects then LRH.

    LRH said it all; “The Public hates like mad to be denied Scientology.” Nothing could be more factual.

    And we mustn’t bypass the reality, seems twenty years my own: RIDGE ON THE BRIDGE.

    Rhetorically; There is no reversing the Independent Movement, is there…?? Suppose for a moment DM is locked up, and its all over. Are You going to fall back into the fold?? It’s far more likely, the Church will be seeking Our help, to “show them the way”.

    Isn’t that right. Whatever reforms take place, we will always remain, slightly more then a Gun-ho Group. ( iHELP?)

    For years to come we will likely gain and maintain far more altitude and public trust then messed-up Mestology. For we got the numbers. That’s the score, there, up on that there board. We got the skills and the numbers. Many more will be flocking toward us just as soon as we get our shit together. Believe me.

    Open a PayPal Account and I’ll send you my money. I wouldn’t care if you turned your Garage into a Purif or a Course Room or if the Auditing took place in your RV out back. STANDARD results and EPs. That is all that matters! That is all that is important.

    You want to drive DM into apathetic suicide? Take Marty’s lead. Start a Blog. Charge whatever your PC feels is a fair exchange. (about half what Mestology is currently demanding.) Demand half up front; balance at cycles’ end; as he sees fit. get that! ( it’s a very old legal exchange system entrenched into the legal system with every Construction Company since what? “Jesus got his Trade Ticket”?)
    PC’s ‘Success Story’ would be given on your Blog. (good or bad. Cut no Comm) Your rebuttal is final word on any Grievances.

    (i.e. Young_Auditor say: Antoine hates to shut up. Tough PC. Thinks he is popular. Refused to stay in Chair. Left saying “…hates the fact I have no gray hair..” Snotty. Pays in full. Recommend CL VIII. PC Folder with his C/S. Stars: **- – -. )

    you get the idea…Who’s going to set an example? Trial by error, we can do it. Grove it in.

    The subject before ‘Moving on up a Little Higher’ went down; ‘Uncertain About Clear For Eternity’.
    THAT was an important one; it has no business falling off the top-spot. It’s not just a blog entry. It is the real juice, the timeless entry at the root of the Independent Movement. The type of stuff that should be kept fresh; reviewed again and again in new units of time; shared continually.

    I’m working right now, dreaming up ways to develop a full Seven Division Org Board in virtual-reality. That’s right! Bringing us all together on one site, yet totally assembled and put together by all of us.
    Isn’t that neat?

    Wiki like? Maybe. Perhaps a cross/hybrid something between eBay and Facebook. India has AWESOME programmers. I don’t think they would “understand” DM’s hostilities.
    Somebody mentioned East Europeans are the best. We’ll get it out there. This isn’t as hard as you might think.

    One of it’s purposes, besides Standard Tech, is preserving the Briefings by those Seniors, Highly Trained, who have the hard won know-how, such as Marty’s recent talk on ‘Clear for Eternity’.

    Every CL XII is a friend of ours. I assure you.
    I happen to serve them all grub, as their cook at Flag. Believe me I’ve been around. DESPITE not being past my Objectives or SS II. What are there, 50-60 XIIs on the Planet? DM is giving them hemorrhoids. With out Lib. Such nonesence!
    Lot’s of great stuff at ‘’ to name just a few.

    Everyone the Board!

    Cut me some slack…I’m a trillion years old.

    Maybe It’s Simpler To Explain Myself In A Parable;

    Long ago there was a young boy who never grew to be more then 5 foot 2.
    He met a man who was like a Father, better yet, like a Grandfather, he never knew.

    He found the Old Man brilliant in what he knew, the Old Man was running a very successful operation, similar to a Brokerage Firm, not unlike a stock broker’s business; You know…charges a fee to act as intermediary between buyer and seller, via via “Contracts” or “Agreements”.
    The buyer-and-seller however, was apparently and evidently a being surprisingly one-in-the-same. Now THAT was something new!

    On a Spiritual/Religious plain. The Theta or spirit of man was completely stuck-in, if not “stocked-up-in” what was known simply as the MEST-Universe. A source of great pain. er…

    Let’s just keep it simple, that was a stupid analogy anyway. Christ, forget that last part all together. Say we call it an Auction House! Ya..The Old Man was running and managed a number of “Action-Houses” and “Auctioneers”; Selling people’s junk. That’s right! The Old Man realized, far too many people are crazy with all that junk in their heads, cluttering up their minds. Making them feel “dead”. MEST crap. GPM. What a drag…

    The Old Man figured many excellent ways to get-rid-of-it-all. As a result, people were far more happier and far more Freer, out-side-of-their-heads. People without an overwhelming amount of dread.

    His Work; Techniques; and the Auction-Houses surrounding them became very popular. A few sprouted up here and there. The Old Man planned and dreamed of a future were “Auction-Houses” would exist all over the Globe, acting as Clearing-houses. HIS postulates he could see, would grow and grow, getting his Products and Services out cheaper and cheaper the bigger the empire grew.

    He made it possible for everyone. He made it possible for everyone to take responsibility to see to it. Including you and me.

    He had a rather typical American family, five (maybe six, history must tell) kids in all, one shared his name but never knew enough. Perhaps Junior was driven up the wall. (even if Junior was cRazy! …we all got one of them, spray-painting on the Blog. sic)

    He hoped they would take over his Business. Truily he did.

    He also had a Loyal wife named Mary-Sue.

    The Old Man also had a great “gun-collection” too. (A side point go figure) One of the very best “gun Collections” in the World. A very unique antique batch of Collectibles, indeed. Perhaps they shot people, who knows. The Old Man would of never dreamed, years after his life, many of them would have been kept in use!!

    Imagine such stupidity.

    Who would of thought his heirs would be that crazy, that dumb. Going around shooting everyone? This is not what you do with antique guns. They are not for use… Anywho.

    The little kid no more then five-foot-two, loved the Old Man. His “Gun Collection” too. And the Organizational Model for “Auction Houses”? all over the World? Was something he had to have. All of it, too good to be true.

    So Little Boy blue placed himself at the podium, front and center, developing his deep manly voice to Sell and Action-off what he thought are weirs; knowing the Public loved MEST junk; after-all, selling and trading ,selling and trading, for trillions of years, that is about all they ever knew.

    But that really wasn’t what he was suppose to do. Fucking idiot black and blue.

    You could hear him chant better then anyone; top marks; up-stat, up-stat, up-stat fool.

    ….fifteen hundred, fifteen hundred, fifteen hundred, do i hear Two? Two Thousand, Two Thousand, Two Thousand, Two Thousand, we got our-selves a Flag-intensive here folks, all 12 and-a-half hours of it; … Two Thousand, Two Thousand, Two Thousand, fifteen hundred folks. fifteen hundred… fifteen hundred, do i hear Two? it’s a fine fine deal…changes your life…. fifteen hundred, fifteen hundred, fifteen hundred, do i hear Two? Two Thousand, Two Thousand, Going once, going twice. SOLD!! (clunk) For Fifteen hundred dollars to the young lady in the front row. What’s your name dear? Lisa? Well done! Alright moving right along folks, we got our-selves-a-real-dandy-here. Super Power. SUPER POWERRR. We NEED. to. raise; ….Sixty-million! on this one. Lets open up the bidding at TEN Thousand… ten-thousand, ten-thousand, ten-thousand, ten-thousand, ten-thousand, ten-thousand you get your name on a Plaque folks…This Planet is boomed! ten-thousand, ten-thousand, ten-thousand, ten-thousand “Yelp!!” twinty-thousand, twenty thousand, Fifteen-thousand? Fifteen,fifteen,fifteen, “Yelp!!” Twenty, twenty,twenty THENTY-FIVE. TWENTY-FIve, twenty-five, twenty-five, twenty-five, twenty-five,twenty. Twenty-five, twenty-five, twenty-five,look here folks. Super Power saves the World. Just got word, folks… bidders @ thirty thousand dollars get them-selves a gorgeous piece of plastic…Thirty, Thirty, Thirty, Thirty, twenty-five…

    Alright, enough of that. My two fingers from typing are killing me. (joke)

    So on and so on he goes. (asshole)

    Well one day, on the other side of the World. Long ago. Another kid, who must of grew up tall and proud by now, had many friends too, he Traded Pez Dispensers with them. imagine that? (no getting around MEST)

    Hang on, I gotta get myself a drink… Look some shit up…

    Yes.This is a totally true brilliant bullshit story.

    Fine, anyways:
    When he was young his Father, whatever his name, loved him. And his Father happen to be a fairly competent Computer Programmer. Sat down one day, so the story goes, and wrote a Program for his son to help him Trade these Collectible Candy dispensers called PEZ Dispensers.. It evolved to become what we know today as eBay.

    Well, at least that is what I was TOLD.And believed.

    What a load of bullshit. That IS the story I believed. Up to this very point, on the history of eBay. Cute story on eBay. Wikipedia suggests I am, insanely wrong.* Or is it; honestly, like most of our whole god-dam History??? As we know it?

    Probably many of you heard the same lie I did about eBay.

    eat my shirt, just looked it up. gulp. WHATEVER. You’ll get the point. (I was sober when I started this…er 😉


    I hate Hockey BTW.

    Hay, do yourself an amazing favor; in my mind. LRH was right. Only lies persist.

    To bring in this wonderful New Year. @010 Get your PDC lectures out and find the one called ‘Reverse Vectors of the Physical Universe’.
    LRH calls it out as it is. The most powerful Lecture I’ve ever herd from him. (And being who I am, I Listened to lots, hundreds, more then anything else.)

    This one totally changed my World because here is the basic trap covered. The “good guy” turns bad, the “bad guy” turns good. Hence it’s name.

    I was once a gooey-goody-good guy, “Saint” like once; it was killing me! Here is where LRH tells WHY.

    I know BETTER now. I’m alright with lies now. I know how to stay good. At cause.

    Total Honesty isn’t going to work in this Universe. Saints don’t win.

    give it a whirl. For you ex-SO you’ll love me for that ref. Any one know of it?

    Anyone know this Lecture? I might be a bit drunk, indulgent, but I don’t care. It is what it is.

    Marty, you are way cool. Mind if I give Mosey an epic hug? She is such a darling. Take care of him!!


    • Ment to say… Everyone ON Board! (?)

      not, the Board. Tearfully funny. Ya Hoo!

    • Hilarious !

    • Theo Sismanides

      Antoine, I never saw this post of your’s. I will read the ref you are saying. I have some idea about it but I will read it from the PDC.

      I read the story, I will read it again, there is a lot you put into that. Yes, it was made as an Auction thing.

      thank you for writing all this, I think it’s brilliant.

      I also saw you are writing about the org board there and many good things you plan to do.

      I will write to you on e-mail.

  24. Leaping for joy (for real). Marty, I salute you.

  25. As we begin 2010 with hope and dreams, I believe it’s important for me to pause and remember just how quickly I can become arrogant/prideful/certain of MY truth.

    And thus the cycle of suffering continues.

    I am inspired by a Tibetan monk who was tortured for 10 years, starved, cut off from his country and family and upon escaping said :

    His biggest fear was that he would begin to HATE his torturers.

    If they can endure such loss of country, loss of family without hate — perhaps I would do well to try to do the same and not gloat over the imminent fall of those currently running corporate scientology.

    While those around me saw no HOPE for Barack to be elected – I held firm that he could and would.

    While those around me now say — see? I told you — he’s no different. I hold firm that he is and over time we’ll see.

    To those who say this blog is no different. That it is a pretense and the desire for take-over — I hold firm and say — it’s not.

    To myself when I get arrogant, for being so damn smart to have left 15 years ago, I remind myself that arrogance is one sure fire way to pave the road to hell.


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