Past Lives


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  1. Amazing. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I remember a documentary on an Indian Boy who owned a TV store in his past life. He had a small dent in the middle of his forehead where he was shot in that past life. I found in facinating. Bhudists belief you need to come back untill you get it right. I belief in reïncarnation. Alsoo I believe some can get it right in one lifetime. I have been thinking about the increase of human beings and how this relaters to reïncarnation. Alsoo I am intrested in people who came back from a near dead expierience because when coming back sometimes they have an ability that they did not have before. This kind of thing is humbling. Alsoo I support the utterance of one of my favorit dutch Bishops that Chatolisism and Bhudism are kindred spirits. Great find Marty.

  3. Wow, what an amazing family! This is a very theta story; thanks for posting it.

  4. I am glad to see that these parents had the sense to listen to their kid and help him through the whole thing.
    Fantastic for him. I am glad that he got some closure.

  5. Interesting study at U of Virginia which states: “In many cases of this type the child’s statements have been shown to correspond accurately to facts in the life and death of a deceased person; in many of these cases the families concerned have had no contact before the case developed. Some of the children have birthmarks and birth defects that correspond to wounds or other marks on the deceased person whose life a child remembers. In numerous cases postmortem reports have confirmed these correspondences.”

    • Makes sense, very cool info.

    • Very well presented documentary! The Marty Rathbun Channel rocks!

    • You said it, Jim Logan. This university study about past lives sounds interesting.

      It is not us Scientologists only anymore who know of past lives.

      Interesting are also who suddenly speak fluently another language or play an instrument or have other skills that they never learned in this lifetime.

      But best of it is our own past live experiences in sessions. Those 3D recall pictures that tell you, YOU WERE THERE, YOU LIVED BEFORE, AND HERE YOU ARE AGAIN!

      We have to build a better world because we don’t want to be born again in a bad world.

      Thanks to LRH for having opened the eyes of so many!

  6. My older son (he is 18 years now) when he was little, used to tell me he was an OT from LA. He was sure he did OT V and he said, I’ll tell you later if I did VII and VIII I just need to remember…. He used to give me LRH refernces. He has been an incredible son, he is very up stat and very smart. He is in University now. We never invalidated him. He knew what he knew, then one day he started the HQS course and while reading the Problems of work, he started to cry and told me he used to have his own buisness and was very sucessful and he said, I lost every thing, my buisness, my family, my friends, so much effort why? if when you die you loose everything you have? he stop talking about it.

    • I always say I want to get out of this life alive. As long as I have myself, replacing silverware and wardrobe can be fun. I’ve already started planning …you know, whether I want to go to a place that has cars or not 😉

      Seriously, there are unlimited number of dimensions. Brian Greene maps out a few in “The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality.”

      How cool is it that we can boost the only thing we really need to take with us? And by the law of love — which is affinity — I know that it is only natural that I won’t lose those I love and those who love me.

      Any thing is replaceable;) except a being.

      • (And by the law of love — which is affinity — I know that it is only natural that I won’t lose those I love and those who love me.) —> …because affinity doesn’t tolerate distance, shares space.

  7. Kathy Braceland

    I love it!

  8. When I was about 9 years old, I was standing in front of an old small drop front desk in my family’s living room. I dropped the lid of the desk and suddenly a picture appeared in my vision. I was delivering a baby! I could feel the movements necessary to support the infant’s head as it emerged. I knew exactly what to do.

    I was NEVER able to explain this until I sat down with a Scientologist. I think this is far more common than admitted. Very theta story…Thank you!

    • This happened to me when I was five in the 60s. I was in kindergarten, looked at a boy’s blond hair, and suddenly remembered being an adult, lounging by a pool with a man with blond hair, having a cold drink served to me in Florida. 🙂

  9. Theta story! Thank you Marty.

    I remember telling my auditor the truth(time,form,place and event) about my auditing in my past life. It was so funny to see the “blank” look on her face as if she didn’t believe what I was telling her.
    Imagine what that can do to the PC’s case. Total invalidation!
    Well, I didn’t buy into it and knew what is true to me, is true.

  10. Well what can I say? Those who read my story should have noticed the part I’d mentioned about me recalling my wife’s name in our previous life. But the most significative experience was recalling being audited on Dianetics and having the Clear cognition in august 1959 which signed the EP for that type of auditing. This lifetime had to refresh what I already knew and continue from there. Bur Miscavige knows better, there are no Past Life Clears.

  11. Marty, you are one cool dude. I loved that story when I first read about it. It reminded me of the hundreds of hours of Dianetics I audited.

    Thanks for posting the vid.

  12. When I was four years old I lived with my family in Colorado. Around this time I began originating all sorts of very “weird” communications to my mother. And my mother, as cool as she was and continues to be, did not know how to handle these originations.

    One of the comms I kept telling her was that I used to live in California. I would describe the street I lived on and the house I lived in. She just could not have this. As she had a brother who lived in CA, she told me that this was just a dream I was having due to listening to stories about my Uncle Truman living out in CA. I eventually let go of the memory but not the truth. The other thing I would announce to my mother was that I was going to go around to all the libraries in the world and find out what God was. Also, and this one really caused her some anguish, I insisted that I was not a Christian but I didn’t stop there. I went on to, in no uncertain terms, assert my disdain for this religion.

    Well, observing the reactions to my originations, I quickly learned that there are some things that you just keep to yourself. However, I couldn’t help but leak from time to time which caused people to consider me, although a likable guy, a bit strange.

    When I read DMSMH, as much as the content of that book indicated as workable to me, I was more than a little concerned that there was no mention of past lives. That omission just didn’t make sense. Later, when I went in to the Dn Center to get my OCA analysis, one of the first books I spotted was, Have You Lived Before This Life. I instantly went VGIs.

    Here’s a great song/lyrics by Kirtana.

    ” I have to say, I have to say, I’ve always been.”

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