We’re back!

We’re back at our regular (old) address, http://markrathbun.wordpress.com/
The page is updated with all subsequent posts from this temporary page – though not all comments made it yet.


23 responses to “We’re back!

  1. Thanks, this is good news.

    Was there any tracks or traces left by the hackers?

    • Sinar,
      It is subject of an ongoing criminal investigation right now.

      • I bet we know where the Sherman Tank is…

      • Yay.

      • Thanks for keeping us up to date, Marty.

        Well whoever tried to take you down is probably still smarting from that foot bullet.

        Seems your traffic’s almost doubled since the hack 🙂

      • martyrathbun09

        RJ, not quite – but up by a 25%.

      • There is likely an interesting ratio here. As the the traffic on your blog goes up, what major Mestology stats flatten, drop or crash? One day we’ll be able to look at the stats side by side and see the effect you have created.

        Thanks Marty.

      • Good move on filing charges!

        If people tolerate hacking as harmless pranks, no website and no free speech is safe anymore.

  2. Thank you Marty for standing tall!

  3. So should we go to the original link now? And not here?

    • veritas, Yes, you can go to original – all new posts will go there. You can always link through the current post on this blog – will leave the url there.

  4. Kathy Braceland

    This is great news Marty. I’ll spread the word.

  5. Eleanor Roosevelt

    Glad to hear (see) it.

    It looks as though the old ‘About’ tab that was/is at top of the Martyrathbun09’s Blog home page did not make the conversion, too. Just mentioning having noticed it’s missing — seems like a good page to have around.

  6. Hey about us who has been fighting the fight far longer than anyone can count. We have been here holding the door open for you guys.

    • Fancy, I clicked your name and was taken to the Venus Project. Very Cool!! Also, never heard of Jacque Fresco before but really enjoyed his London Lecture Part 1. (I added the video to my networks) IMHO, well worth the 55 min to watch. I definitely intend to do more research into the project.

      • I been trying to get the freezone to look at it and I about gave up on it. This is how things are going in the world and I am trying to tell people about it.

        They have good logic about a lot of things and I wanted the tech to be working with the VP. They are not so much for organized religion for they see the church kind of stuff happening a lot in them.

        Anyhow there is a forum. I think you this is the movement arm of the VP. http://www.thezeitgeistmovement.com The forum is there. It is kind of like the freezone/independents. The people are so smart there I can’t even follow a lot of the posts but that is me. I am sure you guys can.

        They talk about vertical farming, The new cities and living underwater. Cities on the ocean.

        The founder is 93 and still traveling the world to promote. He has a friend Roxanne who goes with him and is working with it too.

        Venus is a city in Florida where there is a research project is and it is for sale so they can make a movie to promote the idea. They think society will collapse from the current technological caused unemployment. The next to go will be ranchers for they are going to grow meat not on the hoof but in vats.

        There is a new video coming out sometime.

    • Fancy,
      THANK YOU for your efforts! I appreciate them.

      • It is not just me it is a whole bunch of us Freezoners and we been feeling kind of invalidated for the new one’s out seem to act like they are the first one’s who heard of this.

        I was not the first either and many others did more than I have ever done to keep the track on the road.

        I got fair gamed helping recently and now I know you guys are out I need to personally hand the torch over to you guys. I think I did my part and my computer seems to be broken as it is crashing all the time.

        I need to look after myself now and I am not doing it because of the fair gaming. I am doing it for I see the truth is getting out there daily and I no longer need to bash my head trying to get it out there.

  7. I just have to say…..WOW!!!! I vote for Marty R. to be the new C.O.B. Down w/ DM in 2010…..

    my new saying: “2010, not again”….LOL
    But for real, I would like to share something with all of you amazing independents.

    I was born into $cn. and never ever dug it…..for some reason….I always kinda thought that the actual “tech” definitely made sense/worked etc. but something about it just didn’t “work” for me. It always seemed like just basic common sense in my book. Things like the Way to Happiness being pretty much like the Ten Commandments. I was sent to Scn. schools. I did a couple courses: Success Thru Communication, The Student Hat. I think I may have had a very little bit of auditing but hardly any. My issue was always that there were too many contradictions within the organization. For instance, “what is true is what is true for you”…ok, I agree! But…then you’re told “No verbal data. This is the tech and that is that! You are not free to form your own viewpoints, discuss, analyze….it was almost robotic so to speak. It was like a bunch of robots, getting in each other’s business, constantly putting other people’s ethics in etc. This is the kind of stuff that really got me feeling like Scn. just is NOT my thang! So I quietly left the church….never saw any of the insane abuses and things we’ve all read about happening, and left well enough alone….As far as my Scn. parents and family go, we just have a mutual understanding/respect for one another to believe what we believe in and leave it alone. Well that’s all fine and well but I now have a problem…or rather a PTP if u will. I hadn’t really been up to date on many of the recent events going on w/in the church until I found out about through a friend Marc Headley’s book “Blown For Good”. He was a classmate of mine at Delphi as kids. Naturally I was very facsinated/intrigued etc. Oh what a can of worms has now been opened up. One site leads to another. I read story after story after story. I t’s overwhelming how many sites, blogs, stories are out there. And it isn’t all just “entheta, suppresive” stuff. I believe that what I am reading and hearing is really happening and I AM DISGUSTED and pained! That Tommy Davis and others have blatantly LIED about the existence of “disconnection policy”, the ridiculous amount of stories and accounts of abuse and out-tech, mishandling, breaking up of families, and so much more. I don’t know how to deal with it. I’m not obsessed but I am so torn. In such a Catch 22…..HOW do I get this information to my Scn. parents and friends! They honestly have NO idea and I am so bothered by it. I don’t want to be declared an SP and my parents not be allowed to speak to me. I am so outraged that Scn. are taught to be so narrow minded they won’t even listen to the other side. Everything I have read has opened my eyes to this situation. I am even feeling like I could be “one of you”…altho I don’t have the training, it’s almost like I am feeling like if I were introduced to Scn. as you guys describe how it should be practiced, I bet I would never have left! I am actually feeling like a Scientologist myself….(an independent one of course)……Altho I never experienced anything remotely as insane as most of the stories here and on scn-cult. I did have many things occur that I SOOOOO disagreed with and caused me to declare my own independence at the age of 14. At Delphi, we would be sent to “Ethics” for really no reason. When you hadn’t done anything wrong, broken any rules at all. Just to be forced to write up o/w’s which i frequently fabricated because I didn’t agree with that. I felt and still feel that they are invading my privacy! What I do, who I speak to, where I go, etc. is nobody’s business but mine! This type of thing just took a toll on my freedom and I said that’s it, done with Delphi and done w/ Scn……it’s amazing the road that this has been and what a ride for all of us in our own ways. I am inspired by this blog so very much. I have never been good at hiding my feelings and emotions and I am having some really strong ones at this time. What can I do to get the word out? Can I do it anonymously? The other day on facebook I saw a post from a scn that I know that said to send it to all scientologists and it was a desperate plea for money. My parents are in bad financial shape, largely due to the lifelong, never ending, ridiculously priced bridge. It’s hard sitting quietly and not saying anything at this point. There’s no way that all of this stuff you read isn’t true. Soooo many top execs., highly trained auditors and OT Scientologists are speaking out against DM and the gross outpoints w/in Scn. as it exists today…….
    I read alot on friendsoflrh about having integrity. They say that to do nothing is wrong. When you are aware of something like this and you do nothing. So, therein lies my dilema. WTF do I do!!!??? Not only worried about if I can speak on this but HOW? Especially when I know what kind of reaction I will get…an unwilligness to listen. They will instantly shut me out…..and they’re very smart, educated and intelligent people. But when you’ve been drinking the Kool Aid for this long…..
    Happy 2010 to all the awesome Indies out there. You guys make me proud. I would love to see some of the Scn. I know pop up as independents someday. Let me know what advice you may have if any, and if not, thanks for letting me be a part of the movement. Big ups (props, regards) to Marty! A truly brave and amazing individual.

      I’m truly happy to read your comment and if it has any weight coming from me, I’m truly happy to have you part of this Independent Movement.

      In the Scn Axioms, there is one, number 54 that may help you through. At least it will give you a means to carry on until you do find answers to the questions you’ve got right now. It says: A tolerance of confusion and an agreed upon stable datum on which to align the confusion are at once necessary for a reaction on the eight dynamics. This defines sanity.
      (Note: ‘at once’ is defined as ‘simultaneously’ or ‘both’. Ref ‘One Look Dictionary’ site.)

      So, you’ve gotta be able to tolerate the present randomity of factors. That’s simpler if you just do that, that is, just be willing to have those factors out there, in random motion. Your ability to confront them will by itself start to simplify them. In that case, you’ve got the beginning of alignment. From there you can find a datum that makes sense to you on which to go about aligning a lot of the other factors that are whirring about.

      It seems to me, by you writing this comment, that you are well on your way to tolerance of the confusion and are facing up to it quite well. There’s another idea here at play, that’s the idea of differentiating you from the confusion. You’ll be outside it then and not caught up IN it. Again, it will be able to be viewed and by simple confront of it, it WILL start to ‘de-complexify’.

      From there, write to me and we’ll say what can be done about various things.

      • ARCBROKEN,
        I missed a word in that Axiom, it should read ‘at once necessary for a sane reaction’. Sorry about dat.

    • Hello ARCX.

      I noticed this and always love what Jim’s got to say.

      A reminder to visit us at Marty’s Main blog at;
      (this was/is a temporary/backup blog used during as short spell of infiltration and a Hack-attack. Which made the Holidays quite interesting, as a game. A gift, actually. Now better/stronger ever for 2010.)

      On your “ptp” above, feel free to cut/paste and re-post in Marty’s main blog, where you feel it fits. (Include Jim’s comments). You bring up a very common concern, that is very much in present time.

      I have an opinion… Of course; And that is, you should use via’s. You can engage your parents, and thus gauge their attitude, via another who are not forth coming for whom they write. After all we are all concerned generally about our fellow Scientologist. I woulds be happy to write just such a generic Letter.

      I would prefer, actually, to discuss this with others openly first. I think it would be an effective strategy. And possibly could be built as a future pattern, because essentially I am in the same boat. My closest Scientology friends are still on staff, engaging them directly would be detrimental.

      Just thinking about this now…Interesting.

      Come on over!

  8. It seems to me it is a brilliant idea

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