31 Factors

Thirty-One Factors For Scientologists to Consider

Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard discovered methodologies that can enhance self-determinism, increase freedom of choice, and bring about higher states of awareness and beingness to those who practice them. Hubbard developed a method of confession that includes unconditional forgiveness and results in more able, happy and peaceful beings. Hubbard developed an ethics system that an individual can apply to himself to improve his worth to himself and to his fellows. Hubbard established a form of organizational policy that is predicated on rewarding accomplishment rather than punishing failure. Hubbard set forth many of the fundamental values of Scientology and its organizations in the Creed of the Church of Scientology, The Code of a Scientologist, and the Credo of a True Group Member. Thirty-one factors have been discovered that threaten the continued viability of this vital subject.


Scientology has been taken over by a self-appointed dictator, David Miscavige, who has turned the Creed of the Church of Scientology, the Code of a Scientologist, and the Credo of a True Group Member on their heads and instituted the virtual practice of Reverse (Black) Dianetics.


In his quest to attain power Miscavige forcibly removed no less thanfour Hubbard appointed executives senior to himself, and dozens of Scientologists who had created scores of huge, effective Scientology centers. Miscavige used threat of force and violence in clearing the path to control of all Scientology organizations and assumed the self-created position of Chairman of the Board. He was never assigned by Hubbard and holds a position that was not created by Hubbard.


Since securing his position of power, the statistics of Scientology have steadily decreased in spite of Miscavige’s public proclamations to the contrary.


Miscavige has conducted a campaign to fortify his personal power by denigrating and depowering anyone who personally knew and worked with Hubbard. That includes, but is not limited to, the members of Hubbard’s family. The operation served to consolidate his personal power while immeasurably harming the vigor and image of Scientology.


Miscavige accomplished his coup by commandeering the only line of communication to Hubbard during the last five years of his life, plying Hubbard with embellished and false reports of a dangerous environment to keep him out of communication with Sea Org members and his family. The reports falsely accused Hubbard’s family and lifelong friends of selling out to the enemy and that Scientology orgs had been infiltrated by psychiatric and government interests. He prevented true reports from reaching Hubbard in order to make his actions appear necessary and on policy and to solidify his position.


Miscavige has persuaded those at the top of the Scientology organization that to disclose the secrets of his unconscionable acts would harm the religion and violate “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.” Thus, the truth of what goes on behind the façade of false PR that Miscavige creates is hidden from the vast majority of Scientologists and the general public.


Miscavige uses confessions of Scientology managers to invalidate, castigate, and embarrass them into acquiescence and silence.


Sea Org members who voice or even hint at any hesitation to carrying on with his tyranny or supporting his actions, are routinely physically beaten by Miscavige.


Those Sea Org members who have attempted to correct Miscavige’s off-policy and out-tech actions have been subjected to belittlement, invalidation and false propaganda. They have been silenced through imprisonment and mental and physical duress.


Miscavige’s abuse of Scientology executives and staff became so extreme and continuous, he resorted to locking all of CMO INT and Exec Strata into a building and called the prison “the Hole.” RTC, CMO/WDC, Gold, IAS, CST, OSA Int and ASI executives and staff have regularly been deposited in the Hole and subjected to Reverse Dianetics, including physical beatings and severe mental abuse for months or even years at a time.


Miscavige has run a continuous propaganda campaign attempting to besmirch the good name of L Ron Hubbard. He has consistently given little interest and funds for defending public relations attacks on Hubbard. Conversely, when Miscavige’s abuses come under scrutiny by the media or on the Internet Miscavige spares no money in attempting to destroy the reputations and lives of anyone with the temerity to discuss Miscavige’s conduct. Miscavige’s operations against “critics” include violations of the right to privacy, intimidation, investigations for perceived weaknesses then ruthless exploitation of them, propaganda campaigns, interference with contractual and personal relations, black bag jobs and blackmail. To exacerbate his atrocities, Miscavige justifies his conduct by pointing to some anachronistic Hubbard policy intended to deal with real attacks from the fifties and sixties. Thus, Miscavige perpetuates the notion Hubbard is somehow responsible for his own crimes. He routinely cites alleged things Hubbard once said (in violation of the first policy letter every Scientologist reads when exploring the subject) to justify his brutality against executives and staff members.


Miscavige has created a multi-hundred million dollar slush fund called the IAS. For twenty five years it has collected inestimable funds from Scientologists under false pretenses. The IAS has used scare tactics to extract “donations” to “save” the Church from attacks. Meanwhile, Miscavige prohibited IAS from disbursing funds to handle most of those attacks. On numerous occasions, Miscavige and IAS have given Scientology public the false impression IAS was spending tens of millions to sponsor “dissemination campaigns,” while in fact only funding a few ads for a very limited run, until the next campaign was devised. Conversely, the IAS has disbursed exhorbitant amounts for Miscavige’s personal vacations – including many Caribbean diving trips and a five star tour of Scotland (including cases of sampled Scotch being shipped to Miscavige’s residence afterward). When IAS executives balked at Miscavige’s actions, he feigned surprise about the extravagances and had President IAS escorted to the Int base, and locked her up in the Hole for behavior modification.


Miscavige has turned the top end of the Bridge into a dead end: First, he has programmed the Advanced Organizations, including the FSO, to regularly security check pre-O.T.s, and then use their confessions to coerce them into paying more money for atonement, a practice not unlike the Medieval Catholic Church selling indulgences. Second, he has imposed an unwritten code of behavior amongst O.T.s. They are regularly made to conform to correct dress, language, political thought, and even ideas as to how to use their personal time. Said practice is anathema to the very purpose of Scientology, which is to make a person more his- or herself, more insouciant and independent thinking. Third, Miscavige has entered arbitrary “contribution as a Scientologist” requirements mid-levels which can be satisfied by making cash “donations.” Fourth, Miscavige requires pre-OTs to attend his regular propaganda events (see Factors 22 and 23) and are treated as ethics bait until they enthusiastically embrace his projected public image. This enforced acceptance of falsehood t0 makes attainment of OT technically impossible. Thus, Scientology, as practiced in Miscavige’s orgs, is auditing one toward conformity, solidity, lies; in other words, down the tone scale, or, the precise opposite direction to the intended aim of auditing.


Miscavige’s “Ideal Org” strategy has wasted hundreds of millions of dollars of Scientologists’ donations to forward an entirely off-policy action. Hubbard’s Ideal Org policy letter says nothing about building posh quarters. A plethora of Hubbard Policy condemns Miscavige’s “straight up and vertical” method of building an org. Subsidies, particularly those extracted from the public under pressure, to build posh quarters are strictly forbidden by Hubbard policy. Hubbard advised that orgs be built from the bottom up by the elbow grease of local Scientologists, flanked by international management broad public promotion campaigns, growing their quarters only as they expand their delivery and income. Miscavige has hoodwinked Scientology public with the equivalent of a Ponzi scheme, shuttling staff around the world to pose at new “Ideal Org” openings for photo ops, many of whom are then shuttled off to some other org or soon leave for lack of pay. Regardless of the poshness of their quarters, Miscavige’s orgs are doomed to failure (and the failures are legion) because Miscavige has for years forcibly prevented Scientology management from implementing LRH advised pricing formulas to make Scientology affordable to working people, org finance systems that encourage orgs to survive and expand, and staff pay systems that make it viable for upstats to work on staff.


Miscavige’s alteration of confessional (FPRD) technology to, in effect, cancel Hubbard’s fundamental principle that a being can and does make undesirable mental mass and energy disappear by directed attention alone has caused innumerable Scientologists to regress on their paths to spiritual freedom. He has converted a powerful spiritual technology into a tool with which to enforce conformity.


Miscavige’s use of the technology of suppression to impose suppression rather than to accomplish its original opposite purpose, has suppressed countless Scientologists and divided many families.


Miscavige has perverted the practice of disconnection from a voluntary tool one may use to improve one’s life into a mandatory control mechanism. He uses the practice to suppress the free flow of vital, truthful information and to keep individuals toeing the line through threat of losing their loved ones, rather than as a tool to depower actual suppression.


Miscavige’s refusal to allow the entire International Base Crew (including RTC, Watchdog Committee, CMO INT, Executive Strata and Gold) to apply Ethics formulas to rise out of conditions he arbitrarily imposed is a Scientology High Crime. Miscavige has kept the international managers of Scientology in the lowest ethics conditions continuously for nearly two
decades by imposing arbitrary requirements for upgrade nowhere covered in policy.


The practice of ordering divorces based solely on Miscavige’s opinion of the spouse, or the fact that he or she is in a different church organization than his or her spouse is antithetical to the concept that true survival can only be attained across all dynamics.


Miscavige’s arbitrary policy that makes conceiving a child a crime warranting offload from the Sea Org is contrary to Hubbard policy. It has also spawned a policy that has required countless women to obtain abortions.


Miscavige’s practice of verbally declaring Scientology staff members suppressive persons while leaving them on posts that affect international Scientology is suppressive to Scientology and Scientologists.


Miscavige has co-opted Scientology’s multi-million dollar audio/visual production facility and its several hundred Golden Era Productions staff for the purpose of forwarding his own image and power through Scientology events. He has cross ordered hundreds of Hubbard advised dissemination films and marketing campaigns. This is done under the guise of the importance of international events, yet such events are proscribed by LRH policy. Millions of dollars are spent on these events in order to showcase Miscavige to further secure his power.


Miscavige puts on international events that intentionally misrepresent the true state of Scientology. Statistics are manipulated and falsified, video scenes are created that are palmed off as reality and campaigns are routinely unveiled with great fanfare but exist only for the purpose of being announced at the event. The manipulation of truth is skilled and extensive and designed for the purpose of making Miscavige look good. Scientologists wonder at the incredible figures presented on the number of new people coming into Scientology every second, minute, day, week, year, or the incredible reach of people being contacted or the vast numbers of officials and Opinion Leaders who fully support Scientology — yet their local church organizations show no sign of this massive and unrelenting growth.  Scientologists who retain enough sanity to spot the contrary facts must suppress such rational thoughts for those who complain are subject to heavy ethics and, if they persist in expressing doubts, expulsion.


Miscavige has cross ordered production of the authorized LRH biography. The hired LRH Biographer, who has been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, instead has worked almost exclusively for nearly two decades on writing speeches for Miscavige.


It is policy to never use lies in PR. Yet Miscavige has repeatedly lied, and directed others to lie, when confronted with facts concerning his unethical, abusive behavior.


Miscavige has personally enriched himself, living a far more lavish lifestyle than L. Ron Hubbard ever lived, though Hubbard had earned his fortune through his own writings. Miscavige has (by the standards of the Sea Organization) lavish living quarters in various cities complete with chefs and maids, owns or is provided expensive cars and motorcycles, flies exclusively in private jets, has his hairdresser and chiropractor travel around the world with him, and receives compensation that is far, far in excess of any other person on Scientology staff.


Miscavige has enforced an unwritten policy within the Church that his word has become more important than the words of the Founder. Church staff routinely follow the dictates of Miscavige that are directly at odds with LRH policy. His utterances are recorded and transcribed and distributed to staff. He changes the technology of L. Ron Hubbard under the guise of “getting it on Source” and using hidden data lines about what LRH wanted. Miscavige has gradually established himself as the new Source. The biographer of L. Ron Hubbard was recently used to front for Miscavige to journalists who were investigating many of the abuses outlined in these factors. Under Miscavige’s direct orders the biographer of Hubbard (who always eschewed the notion that he was anything other than a man) told the journalists that in his estimation Miscavige, and not Hubbard, “is a God.”


Many veteran Sea Org members have been RPF’d, imprisoned in the Hole, beaten and declared by Miscavige for having the temerity to object to Miscavige cross ordering Hubbard policy.


Miscavige spent over seventy million dollars in Scientologists’ donations for an office building for himself and his personal support staff. Miscavige constantly altered orders for the building during construction, many times to upgrade material and finishes to the most expensive available, ordering the removal and destruction of what had been originally installed. Such profligate spending is contrary to countless finance policies of Hubbard, who was always extremely frugal in the spending of Church donations.


Miscavige has created orgs that are the reverse of the islands of succor that Hubbard built during his life and directed be duplicated in his written policies. Prior to Miscavige’s Scientology, orgs were lively, creative, safe spaces where people congregated to share their spiritual experiences. Orgs are now places to avoid for fear of falling victim to crush regging, heavy ethics and modification of behavior.

Thirty One

Miscavige’s out ethics has gone unchecked for so long that his behavior has become extremely depraved. In recent years he has directed the org that LRH formed to assure the ethical practice of the religion, RTC, to literally pimp and pander for his movie star friends. A number of women have been unwittingly lured into this scheme by being told they were working on a very important project to forward the aims of Scientology. In reality, Miscavige arranged dates with them for his personal friends. This activity was kept secret by violation of the integrity and security of Scientologists’ confessionals, threats, intimidation, and the attempted division of families.

Those who have attempted to put ethics in on Miscavige from within have been ruined personally by Miscavige. Scientology is valuable to the many when studied and practiced in a sane environment. To allow it to be destroyed by the driven greed of a sociopath would be to condone a travesty. Scientology practiced in accordance with Hubbard’s Code of a Scientologist, Credo of a True Group Member, and the Creed of the Church can contribute something vital to society.

While Miscavige and his minions will no doubt claw, harass, and sue until the end to protect his fiefdom, it would well behoove all Scientologists to re-familiarize themselves with the Church’s creed:

“We of the Church believe…

That all men have inalienable rights to think freely,to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others and, that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.”


50 responses to “31 Factors

  1. I agree with all of these points. Regarding #16 & #17, my parents, brother, sister and many friends have all disconnected from me after being convinced by Miscavige’s henchmen that it was the right thing to do. The only “crime” I committed was telling my parents that I no longer support David Miscavige, and that earned me a Suppressive Person Declare. My mother stated the following in her email to me: “You are the most important person in the world to me. I know you are not a Suppressive Person” and yet she has now disconnected from me along with the others. My sister also told me she knows I am not an SP, but she will not talk to me anymore.

  2. Scientologist

    This is amazing. I wish I had the balls to show this to all of my Scientologist friends and have them really understand what is going on.

  3. I love this article and I started emailing it to my Scientologist friends. It is really important to get the truth out there to as many people as possible. I feel bad for all my friends and family still being duped by this man.

  4. Time for Miscaviage to leave. before he declares himself the Founder of Scientology.

    Mark my words, It will come.

  5. Marty,
    by my opinion point 5 does not even vaguely explain how DM managed to empower himself.
    A book could be filled by that. But to be very short now:
    1) DM on his own never could have taken over the church. No way.
    2) Thus he had help outside and inside the church.

    In 1980 I was ordered to Meter Check all Staff. The only one that came up with a
    dirty needle later in 1984 had been a high OSA rank. (local osa, not int.)
    (I reported this one but the Ethics Officer told me, that I made a mistake and that
    person is so good he could not have a dirty needle. He was his boss that time.)

    A known R/Ser later on was the main Gestapo Sec checker terminal in that org. He loved
    doing those kind of sec checks.

    You see: the story has an earlier beginnig. In order to erase the incident you have to
    go earlier.

    • 1) DM on his own never could have taken over the church. No way.
      2) Thus he had help outside and inside the church.
      – George, 25 Sept

      I agree George. He’s a well-rewarded, talking-head quisling being run by shadow-masters.


  6. Marty,

    I left years ago, and I’ll never go back. But I admire and appreciate your eloquence and your courage. I have two siblings who haven’t spoken to me for some 25 years, and I know that the organization even with LRH at the helm was riddled with pollution. But what you’ve taken on is a righteous cause, and I hope you win. (I’m now a Latin teacher, and I love the fact that your command of English is so stellar!)

  7. David, good luck on your chosen path.

  8. Interesting; however these 31 pts. seem to focus on Miscaviage being in the wrong, but you only provide your opinions. Well, this is a blog site, so that works. What I find very interesting, having researched religion in general over the last 8 months, is that whenever a religion, in the case Scientology, “reinvents” itself, i.e. The Golden Age of Tech and Miscaviage changing so much; whenever this happens, the religion is forever splintered and weakened. So, Miscaviage’s decisions have begun to destroy the religion that has made him so successful. His biggest mistake was altering anything. The second he did, and others followed, he lessened the strength, and whatever good there might have once been of Scientology.

  9. It was interesting to read Scott’s comment about
    leaders/prophets that change the original dogma
    and end up bringing about splinter groups. The Mormon church ended up having the same problem. The problem being that anyone can say they are the true prophet and start collecting followers. The FLDS Churches and splinter groups are a testimony to that.

  10. Science questions all dogma, even its own. Self-correction and refinement of theories are ultimate goals of a scientist. I don’t understand how any religion based on unchanging dogma can ever be compatible with science.

    I’ve started to read some of the books on Scientology, but I can’t finish one before it feels so contrived and illogical. I imagine that peer pressure from other Scientologists (probably with the help of a biofeedback meter for stronger peer-to-peer connection) is the only way one can truly feel the need to believe.

    • Darwin, I agree with you first paragraph. I think the measures in the second paragraph are resorted to because nobody within is allowed to approach the subject with an independent, critical mind.

  11. I’ve had my run-ins with DM. Like you state, he always has an entourage of people around him so it is hard to miss when he comes around.

    However, that one night around 3am in the morning during some insane evolution, I walked right passed him with sleepy eyes. He then made a comment about me to one of the execs at the scene that I was out-ethics because I had not seen him and he could sense out-ethics cases. I was pulled in about an hour later (4 or 5 am) and put on the cans to get to the bottom of my “out-ethics”. I had to cough up some masturbation overt and was hounded for days by the MAA about being “an out-ethics case” Many years later, I was in ethics trouble on something else. The MAA pulled me in and said: wasn’t there something with you and COB? You did something to him? Point being, after years I still was marked of having done something to DM.

    I learned to avoid the man. Whenever he was on our base, I made sure to be out of his sight.

    Marty, I believe what you write because for the simple fact that the spirit of Scientology has died. Orgs have been turned into visual museums. with nobody in them. Public receive numerous phone calls a day about one or the other fundraiser. I’ve stopped going to events about 2 years ago because I can’t stand sitting there watching some unreal propaganda video which is a bunch of BS.

    I can’t stand people getting up and clapping for this clown who virtually has destroyed Scientology. I am quite sickened with all this new information I am learning. What can we do?

  12. I have spent this day studying everything I could find on the web relating to the plethora of allegations against Miscaviage and the Church founded by Mr. Hubbard. I am not a member of the church, having been a confirmed atheist since learning to think and reason for myself. I read Dianetics during my early twenties and found the logic sound that “Aberration” as it was called, could influence our thoughts and behavior. The idea that one could become aberrated from the effects of trauma, and not be aware of it themselves explained a lot of human behavior I had always found puzzling. The only thing I found disturbing was the apparent lack of realization by the author, that mental trauma has as much and likely more potential for harming a person the physical kind. I don’t know much about the religious aspects of Scientology, but I still believe in the basics put forth in L. Ron Hubbard’s instructive theories. It’s a shame that Miscaviage and others have perverted the church’s focus. It had the potential to help many. Unfortunately, it seems to have gone the way of the catholic church, and instead of being a means to an end, has become the sole reason for it’s own existence. A great pity.

    • That is pretty insightful for a quick study. Your sum up deserves repetition:
      “It’s a shame that Miscaviage and others have perverted the church’s focus. It had the potential to help many. Unfortunately, it seems to have gone the way of the catholic church, and instead of being a means to an end, has become the sole reason for it’s own existence. A great pity.”

  13. I wish you would consider letting me post here Marty. In a way I am on your side, since I am proud of you for speaking out against DM. However, we disagree about the Tech and LRH. Debate is a good thing.

    • Say something constructive to the people whom this blog was created for – read my welcome page and permanent articles to learn who that is – not intended to make less of them, and I’ll post it in a heart beat. There are plenty of forums out there available for you that are all for book burnings.

  14. Hello Marty,

    this is Martin Ottmann. Are you willing to answer some questions about specific OSA activities in Europe and the US, which have not been mentioned in the SP Times series? I would like to fill some gaps.



  15. How about some discussion on what OSA has been doing since it’s inception? Fair game? That is what people need to know about. Perhaps some people do benefit from their “wins” but people should also be informed of the dark and sinister side of Scientology. Just ask any of Lisa MacPherson’s relatives.

  16. Marty, I read everything from Tampabay.com and the St. Petersburg Times article. Congratulations on opening up about DM in the St. Pete Times article. I began studying Scientology (as an outside observer – not a member) after the Time magazine cover story from the early 90’s. I have ready virtually everything online as well as most of the books about Scientology since then. I have learned all about Scientology TR’s, Wins, going Clear, Engrams, the Tone Scale, as well as the life of LRH. I admit that I have a very negative view of LRH’s intentions from the beginning and I view what DM has done as a continuation of what LRH started from the beginning. I applaud you for going with your instincts when you witnessed DM’s sociopathic behavior firsthand. In the future I hope you will be more open to criticism of LRH as well. Either way I wish you the best.

    One more thing…I am not a book burner. I am a free speech advocate.

  17. Hello Marty,

    I follow up on your offer to ask you some questions with regards to some unknown details about OSA operations and other facts during the last 20 years.

    1) What has been Kendrick Moxon’s positions on the org board during the 1990s. He is a Sea Org Member , correct? Was he on the org board of OSA Int at CSI? What was/is his position?

    2) What was the weekly Gross Income (GI) of the FSO at the last time you had the chance to look at the statistics?

    3) Did OSA or any of its agents ever intercept e-mail correspondence of Scientology critics?

    4) Where is Kurt Weiland currently? Why was he demoted during the 1990s from being CO OSA Int to Deputy CO OSA Int for External Affairs?

    5) Did the “Church Tax Compliance Committee” *ever* described in its annual reports to the IRS the use of private investigators for OSA operations? Were Miscavige and the others, including you, aware or did you ever discuss the fact that the organization were involved in obvious non-charitable activities and thereby violating the 1993 agreement with the IRS?

    6) Is it true that the German GO and later OSA office had two agents placed in the German foreign intelligence service (BND) during the early 1980s and is it true that Alfred Kohl was their case officer?

    7) Is it true that during the late 1980s OSA EU had an agent placed in the office or near the French president at that time Mitterand?

    8) Has OSA EU or OSA Int ever infiltrated the *federal* government in Germany?

    9) In 1991 the FSO was on constant alert. The staff had to do night watches in various areas of the base. What was the reason for that?

    10) Did Adnan Kashoggi ever continued his Scn services apart from the Dianetics introductory services in 1991? How much money did the organization approximately receive from him and his wife?

    11) Did OSA Int or OSA EUS/WUS have agents that can trace financial bank transactions of critics?

    Thank you very much for any answers! BTW, do you plan to testify to a federal prosecutor, the FBI or to a Grand Jury? (I completely understand if you don’t want to answer *that* question.)


    Martin Ottmann

    • Martin,
      Email me and let me know what you are up to and why the Inquisition.

      • Martin Ottmann

        Hello Marty,

        I searched your blog, but I could not find an e-mail address.

        Here are some links with information about myself. The first is about my experience in Scn. I don’t know if you ever read it. It’s a declaration that was supposed to be filed in the Fishman countersuit in the LA Superior Court. It was never submitted to the court:


        In 1999, I started to compile documents on OSA activities in various countries. The in 2002, I filed a complaint with the US Attorney’s offices in Tampa and LA. This is the affidavit:


        Parts of the affidavit somehow got leaked on the Internet in late 2002. I then decided to post the whole thing on ARS together with various SO, GO and OSA documents.

        Since then, I haven’t done anything anymore, besides editing some articles on wikipedia with regards to the organizational structure of Scn. I regard myself as a retired critic.

        I did not meant to start an inquisition. If my questions appear to be somewhat rude, I apologize hereby. I am simply curious. The fact that you start to open up and you are talking about the “real stuff”, makes me to use this “golden opportunity” to find answers for these questions that accompanied me for quite a while. Some for 19 years. Is that a reasonable explanation?



  18. Great questions from Mr. Ottmann! Now how about:

    1) What did Scientology do to the medical examiner in the Lisa MacPherson case that caused her to flip flop on the cause of death?

    2) What was Bob Minton blackmailed with that caused him to back down?

    3) Where are Pat and Annie Broker?

    4) Where is Shelly Miscavige?

    5) Is Mike Rinder ever going to talk to the FBI? Now that would be interesting! With everything he knows about the covert ops of OSA/Guardians office a lot of people could go to jail for a very VERY long time!

    Marty, if you are going to speak out you need to do more than just talk about how DM used to slap you around. I am certain you know about a lot of the illegal covert ops of the “Church.” Speak out! This could be a historic moment!

  19. David Griffiths

    I believe there should be a committe of evidence in the Church to investigate your claims, but by leaving and some of your actions such as bringing discredit on the Church in the media you have made this more difficult.

    As far as the ideal org pgm goes, this aligns with LRH advice which includes an active field, and the Keeping Scientology Working Policy, which includes financial contributions as effective in the past. As far as straight up and vertical expansion goes, this aligns with the first results of the Birthday Game in the Seventies when stats did go straight up the wall and onto the ceiling. LRH says expansion does not take a long time.

    As far as the funny claims of Ottman, Man, this is not the cold war. East Germany used to send agents into the German Government, and even trained guys to seduce women. Yes Scientology does seek to change the world, and part of that is by putting stability on communication lines and with key individuals. The Catholic Church has done the same thing for centuries and as a result of the actions of the Jesuits, they were kicked out of Japan.

    People who attack Scientology, which saves lives, are frequently guilty of heinous crimes, has been proven again and again. We do not roll over and ask for the Hemlock like Socrates did, yes people who live in glass houses should not throw stones, and if we occasionally employ a PI, well, its legal, they advertise in the yellow pages.

    We have withstood attacks over the years because we are decent and do our jobs. Internal matters are irrelevant to the good that we do, day in day out.

    Racism and hate are obviously not dead in Germany, my sister’s German boyfriend thought my filing cabinet was full of files on people just like the Stasi. This is a result of a coordinated black propaganda campaign by certain interests. As a result many German Scientologists were sacked from their jobs simply for their religion. This is illegal according to any concept of human rights. In fact America historically owes much of its origin to religious refugees from Europe.

    Typically they accuse us of what they themselves are guilty, so we investigate on this line. The real people behind fascism were never brought to justice, some of the key figures were even in America. I personally admire German culture and it leading individuals, especially great artists such as Beethoven.

    Despite this Scientology is not political, and only takes action in defence of the freedom of Man.

    • David, I’m posting your comment though, at best, it is uninformed. You’ve made statements here that indicate, at best, you have not even read this blog and its links. You, at best, have not even read the Times Series nor watched all the videos that accompany them. If you had you would not make such a statement as that I have “brought discredit to the church. It doesn’t take but a double digit IQ to see that Miscavige directed Tommy to throw LRH under the bus in their defense. Those speaking out couldn’t have made it more clear WHO they observed caused the felonious behavior recounted. If you can’t spot source with what has been presented my friend, then you are no trained Scientologist. And if you are not, you have no business making judgments behind the guise that you are.

  20. I love that Mr. Griffiths just admitted that Scientology employs private investigators. A religion that hires private investigators?

    If that is not creepy I don’t know what is.

    The Catholic Church has more critics than Scientology will ever have. Do you think the Pope is going to hire a PI to go through someones trash and try to dig up dirt on them so they can be, “Discredited.” I don’t think so.

  21. Stevie, I was with Bob and Stacy in New Hampshire back in 2002 and we were stunned to read a major newspaper story about the Boston Archdiocese hiring PI’s to dig up dirt on the people making child sex abuse accusations against priests. The reports of noisy investigations and the use of the courts to wear the victims down were so similar to Scientology’s tactics.

    Which is not to excuse Scientology’s behavior; it’s to condemn both.

  22. Bunker, I agree that the Boston Archdiocese dealt with the sex scandals in a very disappointing manner. I am not aware of the particular article you make reference to. I am familiar with the cases of priests being reassigned and sent back to other communities after they were supposedly rehabilitated. I thought Cardinal Law should have been fired along with everyone tainted by the scandal. The church has made some mistakes for sure. However, to try and draw any comparison between the Catholic Church and Scientology is silly. Scientology is an organization that I would consider to be more sinister and evil than the mafia. The stories from people who have been in and gotten out (especially ex sea org) are literally the stuff of Hollywood horror movies. You can watch any talk show any day and hear anti-Catholicism. You can hear it from any college professor on every college campus in America. These people are certainly not chased, followed, harassed, and “Fair Gamed” for expressing their opinions.

    Anyway, I am not even very religious. I was just commenting on another persons post where Scientology was compared to the Catholic Church and I thought it was silly.

    I like your stuff on YouTube. I sense that on other subjects we may not have much common ground, but I admire your bravery on the Scientology thing.

    What do you think of this forum? I think Marty speaking out against DM is great, but he does still hold LRH in high regards. I do not share that sentiment (but I am a free speech advocate).

  23. Marty, I was really curious what your answer to my last question was going to be. I see you removed my post (which is your right if it’s your web site). Are you concerned about copyrighted material being discussed here? Were you offended by the question? Were you concerned that any Scientologists reading this blog will be freaked out and no longer use it as a resource?

    • It is really the latter. In the proper context and forum I don’t have a problem discussing the issue. I don’t want alienate a lot of people that might otherwise be helped. There are buzzwords that automatically create earplugs and blindfolds to Scientologists. The subject you raised is one of the surest ways to drive people away who might otherwise open the eyes a bit.

  24. Stevie, I can’t find the original article which was in the Boston Herald, I believe. But here’s another article which details some of the same abuses. The editorial links to a news story as well:


    This is not to forgive or downplay Scientology’s behavior which I find reprehensible. I wouldn’t have been speaking out for the past ten years if I wasn’t appalled by the abuses I’ve witnessed.

    But when you said the Pope wouldn’t hire PI’s, I thought it worth pointing out that…essentially he did.

    As for Marty’s blog, I find it compelling reading and I learn quite a bit. I don’t agree with Marty on everything but what he is doing is very brave and he’s making a difference.

    I love seeing all the new people standing up and speaking out against the very abuses we used to try to expose at the LMT. Marty can speak to the true believers in a way that I can’t. We have two very different audiences.

    And while we may not agree on everything, there is plenty of overlap on things we do want to see end, like disconnection and the abuse of staff members.

    I look at it this way. I’m a pretty hard core lefty and Bob Minton is a Republican’s Republican but that didn’t stop me from loving and admiring him and working with him to stop the abuses we both saw happening inside corporate Scientology.

    When I was in Clearwater and Mary DeMoss was confronting me on camera, I always wished we could go to dinner and talk into the night. Why on earth can’t we communicate?

    In some ways, I looked at my time at the LMT like those great Chuck Jones cartoons about the sheepdog and the wolf (who looked just like Wile E. Coyote). Do you remember how they used to clock in in the morning with a pleasant “Morning, Sam” “Morning Ralph,” before becoming arch enemies for eight hours?

    As for LRH, we may not agree. But there are plenty of independent Scientologists who use the tech without causing harm to individuals or families. I don’t have any problems with them.

    If, however, they create another organization that is as abusive as Miscavige’s corporation, I will be on their ass, too.

  25. And if nothing else, I hope you enjoy the cartoon. Chuck Jones and his writer, Michael Maltese, were geniuses!

  26. Well Mark, I guess on certain things we will have to agree to disagree. I lean pretty far right, politically. I always suspected you were a lefty. Most of the Scientology stuff is apolitical so I was never really sure. From what I can tell there is nothing really political about Scientology. It is a corrupt organization at all levels (although some Scientologists that are completely unaware of the dark side are certainly good people). Speaking out against it is important for all people regardless of party affiliation.

    As for the Catholic thing. I am a bit of a lapsed Catholic. I guess it’s more of a cultural identity for me than it is an actual religion that I practice (at least in strict accordance with all the rules). I think where we part ways is on the analogy between the Catholic Church and Scientology. People have often said to me, “How can you be so critical of Scientology, aren’t you a Catholic? I consider the Catholic Church to be a cult too.” I generally just chalk that up to an uninformed opinion. For the most part I still consider the Catholic Church to be a force for good in the world. The Pope has always been actively involved in attempting to end wars, end genocide, and work with world leaders to bring about positive change to suffering people all over the world. In my own community I have seen church members involved in running soup kitchens and homeless shelters, raising money for various local charities, running good schools, and running good hospitals. These things are not done simply to get good press the way it is for Scientology Volunteer Ministers who show up after a tragedy and try to get themselves photographed helping people because it’s good “PR.”

    Also, the Boston Phoenix is not a real paper. It is basically a gossip magazine that is printed in newspaper format. It is probably even more biased than the National Review (and I LIKE the National Review). So, while I agree that the Catholic Church (Mostly in America – I don’t think the Pope was even aware of the actions of the Bishops and Cardinals involved in the cover up) made some huge mistakes I still think a comparison between Scientology and Catholicism is insane. If the Church really did hire PI’s I would hope and expect that it was only to try and determine if the accusations of certain victims were real or part of a smear campaign. Hiring PI’s when there is actual litigation in process is fairly common. Certainly the majority of allegations of clergy abuse were real, and my heart goes out to the victims. The guilty priests should go to jail forever, and any Bishops or Cardinals that knew about it and did not turn them over to the authorities should also be implicated. But please try to understand that we have reached a point where if someone accuses a priest of inappropriate behavior they will now be considered guilty until proven innocent. All you have to do is make the claim and the press will be on your side regardless of the facts. Anti-Catholicism is nothing new and goes back to the days of Irish immigrants landing in the U.S. hundreds of years ago. I myself was taunted as a youth for being a Catholic.

    The difference is Scientology uses shady PI’s on many people. Not just people involved in active litigation with the church. Anybody who dares to simply “Speak out” on the abuses of the Cult will often find themselves victims of Fair Game. I have been to Mass at a Catholic Church when there was protestors out front. These people were certainly not photographed, chased, screamed at, followed, harrassed, and intimidated. Nobody copied down their plate numbers and used that information to track them down at their place of residence. No compromising photos are taken of them and then plastered all over the Internet to try and silence them.

    That is the difference.

    We can agree to disagree. I did like the cartoon!

  27. I was not trying to say that the Catholic Church was as bad as Scientology in it’s use of PI’s. I merely pointed out that there were example of the abusive use of PI’s by the Catholic church.

    Now to open up another can of worms, your use of “look at all the good things the Catholic Church has done” as a defense is very similar to what Scientologists say when critics bring up concerns about corporate Scientology abuses.

    I contend that the good does not excuse the evil. Just as Scientology always lays the blame for their problems at the foot of a few bad apples, the Catholic Church should look at what it is systemically that has caused the widespread sexual abuse in the church. Isn’t perhaps the insane vow of chastity that deprives priests of a normal sex life contributing to the problem?

    It is not an attack on the Catholic faith to ask what can be done on the administrative side to stop the sexual abuse.

    Nor is it an attack on Scientology beliefs to ask that members take a close look at what is being done in Scientology’s name that is harmful to it’s long term health and to the health of society.

    • Now I understand why they call you Wise Beardy Man. I like this especially: “I love seeing all the new people standing up and speaking out … Marty can speak to the true believers in a way that I can’t. We have two very different audiences.” That recognition is what is lacking largely in the Anonymous field. There is no way I would have felt safe at your OCB place, with all respect, or over at ESMB or even ESK. These just aren’t places for folk like me with a 28 year track record of largely very positive experiences in scientology. Listening to Marty speak without any anti-scientology agenda was a relief that is hard to put into words, and started me on a great journey and honestly a new and exciting chapter in my life.

  28. Mark,

    I put together the most well thought out response I could to your post, but Marty censored it. It is kind of hit or miss with my posts because my language gets a little rough when I am talking about Scientology. This is his web site, so that is his right. I get disappointed sometimes. Oh well. My criticism extends to more than just the church in it’s current form and it’s current leadership. Right now Marty is primarily focused on DM (who is certainly deserving of everything Marty has said about him). I hope he will increase his purview in the future.

    So, I guess I need to move past that subject.

    What ever happen to Bob? Do you still keep in touch? How are Stacy and Jesse doing?

  29. Bob and Stacy are doing fine and I understand Jesse is as well.

  30. Guys, there is an entry on Wikipedia that says Rinder and Minton are now friends?!

    Is that true? If it is true that really is an amazing (and great) development since Rinder blew. To see Rinder come around enough to reach out to a former arch enemy makes me feel great about what is really possible in the future.

  31. MP Soames fights use of grandfather in Scientology recruitment drive

    Friday, November 13, 2009

    LEGAL action is threatened by the family of Sir Winston Churchill in a bid to stop Scientologists using the famous wartime leader’s picture and words in their recruitment drive.

    Town MP Nicholas Soames told the Courier and Observer: “Organisation like the BNP and the Scientologists have no right whatsoever to use my grandfather as a means to solicit and elicit support.

    “I have written to them asking them to desist from using his image immediately. Unless I get a satisfactory reply, I will take legal action.”

    Mr Soames said he and his family “deeply resented” the use of the Churchill name and extracts from his famous speeches “and my grandfather would have loathed it”.

    The decision by the Scientologists to follow the example of the BNP was “unforgivable”, Mr Soames said. “They didn’t even ask permission.”

    Pictures of Sir Winston and quotes from his speeches are included in staff recruitment material which has been circulating in the UK. They have also been used to promote speaking engagements and fund raising campaigns.

    Founded in 1953 by the late L Ron Hubbard at Saint Hill, East Grinstead it is officially known as the Church of Scientology.

    Defending the decision to use the Churchill name, Graham Wilson from Saint Hill told the Courier and Observer: “We often create colourful material for our own members and, like millions of others, might use iconic images from time to time.

    “Someone is just trying to create mischief here. A cursory search on the Internet for images of Sir Winston comes up with over two million postings. One of them has been described as one of the most famous portraits ever made. Some say it is the most reproduced image in history.”

    Mr Soames said: “That is the most dismal excuse I can imagine. I am fed up and very angry about it. My family will have to fight a rearguard action which is time consuming and unpleasant.”

  32. Hi there. How can I pass along some of this information to my parents who unfortunately are so fargone w/ scn…We sorta don’t really discuss it but as I recently found out about the book Blown for Good (he was a classmate of mine)…I have kinda become obsessed and engrossed w/ all of this information online, reading different stories, blogs, sites, articles, etc…I never really was a huge fan of scn from day one altho I was raised in it. Thankfully, I wasn’t pushed to continue when I decided it wasn’t my thing. I know all about disconnection and the consequences of a scn. hearing any “entheta” or “black pr” on scn so my question is HOW can I get a dialogue going? Or mention anything to them!?? I think they have NO clue about some of this stuff because they are “not allowed” to read anything critical of scn…etc. etc……I wouldn’t want them to think that I am an SP for saying anything….I want to share w/ them the blatant denial scn made about the disconnection policy (such a bold lie) not funny but almost is…and some of the data regarding Paul Haggis’ “resignation” from scn so to speak…In my life Iv never been able to express how I feel about Scn. to them and I have kinda always wanted to…At least now I feel like there’s vital info that they should at least know! Also Marty, you need a spot on your site w/ your contact info. I would love to email you privately. Please let me know what your advice is in this matter. Lots of Love to you all!

  33. Loiseanne Trinchera


    “…the Catholic Church should look at what it is systemically that has caused the widespread sexual abuse in the church.”

    Whooaaaaaaa! The actual number of cases of sexual abuse in the RCC comes to 2% of priests based on the number of cases. Additionally, other denominations have the same percentage of that kind of abuse too both ministers and rabbis. Pedophiles go where they can work with children in private.


    “Isn’t perhaps the insane vow of chastity that deprives priests of a normal sex life contributing to the problem?”
    Then why have other denominations where their clergy marry have the same percentage of pedophilia?

    Furthermore, how does not having a normal sex life contribute to this type of abuse when it was done man on boy primarily? That’s illogical.

    BTW insane to who? That’s just your OPINION.
    Try live and let live or the Golden Rule.
    *FROWN* ( I did the HRD! )


    “It is not an attack on the Catholic faith to ask what can be done on the administrative side to stop the sexual abuse.”

    It is when they’re the only religion being called out on it.

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