What We Do

…In the Words of Those Who Have Been Here

Repairing oppressive, squirrel misapplication

pierAfter examining thoroughly the existing scene as regards the Church, I came to the conclusion that to try and move up the Bridge at Flag or an AO would result in a very real PTS situation. However, not being satisfied with a theoretical answer, I went further and took the first steps back into the Church. Immediately, I was back into the nightmare of David Miscavige’s empire of Squirrel Ethics, Policy and Tech. It was acutely enturbulating, and I could see plainly that I was not only flirting with disaster, but walking straight into the teeth of personal ruin: damage to my case, health, happiness, ability to think, and my financial well-being.

After nearly 20 years in the Sea Org, when I disconnected from the C of S a few years ago — I immediately experienced a resurgence of Cause. Overnight I regained numerous OT abilities, abilities I hadn’t seen for years. This was a huge, sweeping and remarkable difference. So I continued to observe my progress on the OT Scale, and I gauged the validity of my path by the resulting increase or decrease thereon.

As LRH says, everyone is somewhere on the OT Scale.

And also as LRH says, the OT levels are not the only route to OT. There is also demonstration of competence. And I found there was a direct connection between acting to maintain my personal integrity and Cause level (which perforce includes remaining disconnected from suppressive people and groups) and my consequent happiness,
stability, effortlessness, and OTness.

A crossroads came when I really had to choose between going back into the Church (going PTS and forfeiting my integrity) or remaining “out.” Going back into the Church meant MAYBE one day having the chance to resume the OT levels). But that was a big “maybe.” Furthermore, I was told the only way to get there was to accept more wrong condition assignments — and frankly, I am no longer willing to accept a single assignment of a wrong condition. That is David Miscavige’s standard operation to enslave and make people effect. He brings them down to his level by accusing them of “out ethics” (a generality) and then assigning them wrong conditions. You rapidly go effect and then you’re done. The only alternative to that was to remain “out”, doing the right thing, maintaining my integrity and refusing to sink down into the mire of being PTS to Miscavige and the groups under his direct influence.

Since Miscavige is a suppressive person, and since his orders influence every aspect of Sea Org life, the group itself has been subverted and has become to that degree a suppressive group because they enforce suppressive orders instead of Scientology.

It was a tough decision, but I decided to do the right thing, keep my integrity, remain disconnected from DM’s suppression. Soon I wasback at Cause. Then came Marty who offered his services as a tech terminal.

In all the years I was in the SO, most of them spent at the Int Base, I didn’t move a single inch up the Bridge. And I was right on Miscavige’s lines. Oh, he made sure I went in session, though!

That’s right: Miscavige ordered I get in session, but only to redo rundowns I had already done. LRH called that “executive C/Sing” and it was outlawed as gross Out Tech. Letting any executive C/S (arbitrarily ordering case actions when they are not qualified nor have they done any folder study is illegal as hell and 100% OUT TECH). But that never stopped Miscavige.

So I spent months re-doing actions I had already done to a good result the first time. And if you know anything about the Tech, you know that having pcs repeat actions is a flagrant auditing error, tantamount to auditing with the meter turned off.

Fast forward to my visit with Marty. He rapidly sorted out my location on the Bridge, reconstructed my pc folders (since my actual folders are still at Int and are certain to remain there), did the necessary review and BANG he got me started on my next Bridge action, 100% correct. Now I’m flying! Actually moving up the Bridge for the first time in more than 20 years.

The Bridge IS the basic program for all people. The technology is spectacular.

Yet none of this was hard to do. Standard Tech is never hard. What’s hard is Out Tech! Receiving auditing while you’re being suppressed by DM directly or indirectly, grinding away on rundowns you’ve already done, auditors who are applying his squirrel version of LRH Tech. That’s hard.

I don’t think anyone can move up the Bridge within the Church unless you have a limitless supply of cash. They are on people endlessly for illegal donations for IAS, SuperPower, Ideal Org buildings, etc. All in heavy violation of LRH Policy and the very purpose of orgs. If nothing else, you’re going to go PTS and you can’t audit over a PTS condition. You can’t make case gain while connected to a person or group who is being suppressive.

So I’m really glad, because I see now by choosing to do the right thing, I have ended up getting everything.

These days you can’t stay in the Church and go OT. You’re just going to go broke and PTS. never had a better, more standard auditor than Marty. He’s the best.

– S.B.

Handling invalidation and rehabbing gains


I want to thank you for the best 2 days since leaving the Sea Org 12 years ago. Absolutely the best thing I have done since leaving is connecting up with you. I have continued to blow charge of the self invalidation since leaving four days ago. I realized that I am in great shape and I have rekindled the purpose for me.

Just being able to talk about what happened to someone who was actually there without the fear of being clobbered was a relief. Just simple two way communication about my feelings and what was going on at the time has blown the guilt I have had for 12 years since leaving friends behind and feeling that their demise was my fault. I know now that it was the right decision to make for me and my children. I know that I have absolutely without a doubt no anger towards my friends there and that they were just doing their jobs as best they knew how; all for the purpose of protecting LRH tech thinking, however wrong, that I was a threat to them and their survival. Little do they know that I truly am the wrong target but you do not see this if you are in the midst of the storm itself.

Hearing your perspective cleared even more up for me about LRH and the insanity at Int. I received so many life changing wins and gains from LRH technology during the 25 years I practiced Scientology. I do not feel I was duped by LRH or Scientology in the least. You rekindled my entire bridge; as some things I have heard over the years had put little thoughts that lead to self invalidation. I know the tech works and I am a living example of that. Just the few short sessions that we had confirmed what I knew all along. I have survived in an environment all by myself and I am a living breathing example of that without any tech to guide me along.

Your life that you have built in Texas is refreshing. Monique is absolutely terrific and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations. Again thank you for being there for me.

This is the Session!

In two intensives I totally handled a hang up that had nagged me all of my life. Thirty years of psychotherapy had only made it worse. Now it is gone!


What this has done for me is so big. We’ve removed so much invalidation and suppression on my own
knowingness and beingness. I can just know and be without being afraid or having to defend or worry about what others will think or how they will react or even whether or not they can have it. I am excited about life and about the future and how I am going to use and be my newly re-acknowledged self. It’s awesome.

– R.M.

New OT V really does handle the living lightning. I’ve been looking forward to this action for years and finally experienced it for myself. WOW! It is powerful, just as everyone says. Truly amazing technology, not a rehash of anything lower on the Bridge. It’s a whole new level of discoveries.

One thing I heard people often say is that they experienced bigger gains per minute on NOTs than on lower Bridge actions and I can now attest this is true. As you move up the Bridge the gains get bigger.

It is a beautiful, beautiful level. Marty’s tech is superb. I never had any attention on the auditor or the metering. I was 100% in session in a 100% distraction-free environment. That is truly an ideal scene.

No crazy hassling by registrars and MAAs to overspend, donate, run up debt on my credit cards. Just 100% Standard Tech!

– C.T.


47 responses to “What We Do

  1. Mr. Rathbun,

    I just read this piece of your blog. I want to ask a specific question regarding this piece:
    After nearly 20 years in the Sea Org, when I disconnected from the C of S a few years ago — I immediately experienced a resurgence of Cause. Overnight I regained numerous OT abilities, abilities I hadn’t seen for years. This was a huge, sweeping and remarkable difference. So I continued to observe my progress on the OT Scale, and I gauged the validity of my path by the resulting increase or decrease thereon.

    Question: What OT powers did you recover?

  2. martyrathbun09

    You are not alone with the observations you’ve made. I attribute some of these types of stories to the power of the tech of suppression. When one removes oneself from a suppressive influence one tends to become well and flourish. One hitch is that a lot of folks remain under the suppressive influence – evaluation, invalidation, etc they carry with them – even after they’ve physically left the scene. That is the primary purpose for getting the truth out.

  3. Thanks, but that really didn’t answer the question.

  4. Anonymous,
    If you recall, one is as OT as he is cause. I’d say there’s ample evidence of that on this website.


  5. martyrathbun09

    Anonymous, that was not my story. It was a story of a friend that I posted. That entire “what we do” section has the full title “what we do in the words of those who have experienced it.”

  6. Accidently or Intentionally you found the real why and communicated it to us. I can observe much more OT activity the last weeks.

    Thanks a lot.

  7. just found you blog… we are the parents dealing with all your hard work….I hope you have some time to help us get our kids back…. (we feel the only way is HUGE NATIONAL ATTENTION… )
    all our love
    nate and mona


  8. Hi Marty,
    I’ve been a Scientologist since 1969. I finished Solo I a few years ago, had some OT Preps and finally just quit getting auditing. I now will not go into an org, answer their calls or emails.

    I have a question – has the definition of an F/N been altered? I’ve gotten reports from some pretty realiable people. It ‘s kind of important to me to get the answer from someone who knows.


    • Hi Wcoastt – Yes. It has been trained in that there need be a certain number of “swings”. That is why they make auditors that look like they are waiting for the meter to play Dixie. That is why they specialize in overrun. A good percentage of the time while the auditor looks at the needle in anxiety, the F/N dies.

  9. ok Marty ..
    sorry not even going to pretend to understand.

    when meg came home to tell us about her WIN and that she had decided to join sea-org….

    she looked like a drug addict looking for a fix.. her eyes were glazed as she told us we just didn’t understand… she was HAPPY and this is what made her happy..

    yeah getting that rush must feel great ..

    lets all go do some heroin…..

    nate and mona


    I get your trying to help people the best you see fit…

    • My guess is that if you treat like a “drug addict looking for a fix” then your chances of ever re-united are about nil. I think that if you study what it is about Scientology that appeals to folks your chances will rise exponentially. I would recommend you start with the book Fundamentals of Thought.

  10. It’s been great reading some good news, from happy people, who are really glad. Happiness is contagious too! “The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.”

  11. I’ve enjoyed following your story. Something healthy about looking in the eye the very thing that had enthralled you, impressed you or suppressed you. Leaving the church in ’97 after 29 years of imersion was perhaps the biggest resurgence I had since I first got involved… no longer was the tech, LRH or Miscavige senior to my own knowing and intuition.

    You once stated the idea of scientology was “to be yourself”… couldn’t agree more but then again scientology isn’t necessarily required for that. One of the characters that helped me re-orient after letting go of the the CofS was Bashar a channeled extraterrestrial with his signature line, “follow your excitement”. Many other former scientologists were attracted to him in the 80s especially and being that he was at least 3 feet behind planet earth they asked him his take on scientology. His take was that it was a system that would attract those beings who beleived they needed a structure and authoritarian hierarchy to explore and claim their own freedom. Bingo, that made sense to me.

    Hooray for any use of the tech that brings us back to ourselves…. and imagine that beyond that and all the other isms and practices is simply trusting ourselves and being in more knowing relationship with one another.

    Loved that photo of you and Mike Rinder…it says so much without saying a word. You have some great essays on your blog.

    • You know when you treat Scientology as an assist to lift people toward those universal truths that some naturally or through intense study and discipline – and I am not one of them – have found a way to understand and live happily by, I find it extremely powerful. An old friend who was a personal aide to LRH for many years told me LRH talked about it in similar terms more than once.

  12. After my intial twenty something year obsession with scientology as the answer to everything I emerged to see it was at its best as you say…. an assist not an addiction. I also saw that there are as many ways to access higher wisdom as there are people. Kudos for taking what you know and making it sing.

  13. you might be out of the organization but you still sound wacko. Why do you people believe in all this gibbly gook?

  14. I believe that the question that Anonymous wanted the answer to, which you so expertly skirted around, was “What OT powers are there”… or more simply, “What powers do OT’s posess that people who are not OTs do not posess?”

    I’d like to know the answer to that question. Quite frankly, I haven’t seen evidence of any OT powers. I’ve read of many claims of OT powers, most famously Tom Cruise’s claim that an OT can stop a traffic accident. So if you wouldn’t mind answering, what OT powers do you posess? What OT powers are you willing to demonstrate?

    I personally believe that if anyone demonstrated a tenth of what Scientology promises in terms of OT powers, then everyone would want to join. Such demonstrations have not materialised. Why is that?

  15. Oh, I see you recommend ‘fundamentals of thought’ to read,. Well then, maybe you can explain why to ‘not-know’ is given equality to ‘know’
    Yes Marty, I’ve spent many years living in the rabbit hole of the tech. Unlike you, I accept that lron was no more a man of exceptional insight than Hitler was.
    It truly saddens me to see someone as yourself still clinging to the hope that lron has the answers.

    Or is it that you see an opportunity to do to DM that of which he did to lron.

    Whatever the case may be, there still are no OT’s nor clears as defined by the old man himself. If there were just one single OT in existense, then scientology would have proliferated across the globe and every man woman and child would be seeking the omnipotence lron professed.
    Sorry Marty, but you’re a hypocrite

    • Stephan, I’m sorry you didn’t make it. I hope whatever answers you’ve found are making your happy – though by your tone, it doesn’t sound like it.

  16. Mark (Marty) or (whomever maintains this site)

    Can you please post the exact source of these quotes you read. I would very much like to read this in context. Thank you

    As LRH says, everyone is somewhere on the OT Scale.

    And also as LRH says, the OT levels are not the only route to OT.

  17. If DM were not in power would you still be a Scientologist?

  18. Dooooooooooood. Great blog! Thanks for all the information 🙂 I know many have congratulated you, but I come from a long line of people who believe if ya feel it, say it! So, with that, thank you
    for speaking out, taking responsibility for your actions and so perfectly laying down the facts,
    and sticking with what you believe.
    “The truth shall set you free”, eh? I find this to be true…more and more, each day.
    My best to you 🙂 Tory/Magoo

    • Thanks Tory!

    • Thanks Tory for visiting..
      the taking responsibility part is hard for all of us.. we feel so guilty for missing the opportunity 10 years ago when Savannah wanted to leave her mothers home at 15 and sign a billion year contract with the La sea-org .. and again 2 years later with Megan (our youngest daughter) and the red flags first when up again.


      we accept responsibility now. we will do everything in our power to stop even 1 families pain.

      all out love
      nate and mona

  19. Stephan,

    You are an angry man. You are not even kind to yourself, how could you see kindness in others. God help you man.

  20. Still here….

    Perhaps you could just tell me which book or lecture you read it in….no ill intent here….I know I read it too, I just cant recall where.

  21. I was a public from 1991-2002 as well as a Sea Org member and would like to collect some of my freeloader debts I paid off and services. I do not have however the receipts. Can I still ask for one? What should I expect?


  22. Having spent time with Marty and Mosey at their home in South Texas recently, I want to take this opportunity to Highly Recommend it to everyone.

    I was welcomed into their home and, it felt to me, their hearts. The comm between us was open and clean, and I felt comfortable talking about anything with them – in a way that is difficult to explain.

    I sometimes asked searching questions and found no defensiveness, no need to be right, no irrational explanations or justifications. All I got was honesty and integrity. One can’t talk like this to most ‘on-lines’ Scientologists.

    In the evening we had a tranquil Bar-B-Q sitting by the water-way that runs past the house, and while Marty and I were engrossed in conversation, Mosey grilled a large salmon, cobs of corn, spuds and veg that were simply to die for. The night before I had eaten dinner in a 4 star Hollywood Hotel – it wasn’t a match on what Mosey prepared. And I am just talking about the food. Add in the environment and the comm, and it was other worldly – not 5 stars but Milky Way stars (which we could see clearly).

    Marty gave me a short session the next day – it really was only 2 minutes. None of the usual BS with endless creams and powders and shoes and belts off and temperature checks – we just got straight down to business. If my shoes had needed to be taken off he took care of it by blowing them off! In 2 minutes he handled something I’d had my attention on all this lifetime. I am still cogniting – and have done each day since.

    I could go on and on…

    Thanks Marty. Thanks Mosey.

  23. Dear Mr. Rathbun,

    I had been unaware of your blog until a fellow Scientologist (who shall remain nameless) asked me what I thought about these SP Times articles. To which I had said “what articles”? Then I went and found them via the internet and discovered the link to your blog. As an aside, I do sincerely appreciate that there is no confidential stuff therein – even tho I’ve seen most of it (legitimately), it still offends me when these Looney birds put it out there as it inevitably contains some falsehoods.

    I wanted to write because I had an epiphany of sorts. I decided to re-watch your videoed interview and noticed that there was more there than the first time I’d watched it. It was a fascinating addition – or if I’d missed the first time, it was just fascinating. My epiphany was that, while you did blow which is deemed an SP act (even tho it appears to be profoundly understandable), I had been thinking that you may well be an SP as you were publicly attacking Scientology; but you are not attacking Scientology.

    I don’t know why it took so long to dawn on me that while the church per se may be in trouble (my observation agrees with your comment about down-trending stats internationally since 1990), I finally noticed that all of your focus (regarding your departing the S.O.) is on publicly attacking DM. At first blush, it felt like you were attacking Scn. But I see you are not. So I’m now sure that you will be included in the General Amnesty that will be declared once the road has been cleared.

    It is a shame that you and Tom DeVocht, while still inside, did not resolve to orchestrate your own takeover, or at least the removal of the impediment. God, what a team – you, Tom and Mike. It’s hard to believe that DM could pull off what he pulled off. It is REALLY hard to believe. But since you, Tom et al have left, maybe others will handle it. Aside from an inside revolt (dare I say Mutiny), I don’t see an easy resolution. However, it occurred to me that somewhere along the way, someone may have a valid case that could force DM into court. And IF those reported abuses (Assault & Battery) are proven, then the little guy would go away, be replaced and then we may have a valid shot of getting real expansion once again. Else, assuming he really is off the rails, maybe he will have a cognition (one can postulate). And as a last resort, we can hope someone will act on the ole saying “What would LRH do?”

    I sometimes wonder what these OSA terminals (that are allowed to, or rather it’s their job to, review the internet) think when they read this stuff; do they get concerned? Sometimes I get concerned when reading this stuff as I have friends, who I love, some of who have one or more kids in the S.O. and some of them “yearn” to go uplines. With the scenario you paint, that is downright scary.

    Your comment about LRH rolling over in his grave, when you saw this palace DM had built for himself and his staff, was so real that I choked. While I know someone is lying in all this, and sometimes it’s hard to believe anyone, I must admit that you come across as very credible. And while you are backed up by all these other video interviews (that you’ve provided links to), the one that most impressed me was the one from the former Int Security Chief, Gary Morehead. Man! The Head of Security usually knows A LOT! And his viewpoint is a totally different viewpoint than yours yet fully supports yours.

    I hope, for all our sakes that this pissing fight gets resolved before the church takes any really big, super severe hits. I would love nothing more than to see Scn Missions all over the place, people all buzzing about their wins and doing really well in life. You obviously have found the funding and the web site talent — more power to you Mr. Rathbun — to bring about a successful handling. The TA is moving!

  24. I have a question about all the basic that have been released not too long ago, what’s up with that? Are these new release an alteration of LRH original manuscripts? I hardly believe that LRH missed all those errors while he was alive…

  25. I just watched the videos posted by the St. Pete Times, the new ones. Marty, you go Daddy! It’s sooooooo refreshing to see a male Scientologist with balls. Very Sexy! I hope this is a new trend you are setting in our culture!

  26. From my blog today: Marty..That guy is shaking things up and taking it to the streets! And you know what? That is exactly where Scientology belongs! I don’t care if it gets there through scandal, in these times that is the only way it is going to get there. It doesn’t belong buried in New Mexico. Sorry, that was such a red flag. It belongs in the streets. Tell you what having a little courage will do. Marty has taken over as the spokeperson for the Church. Damn straight. He is the guy everyone on the streets is listening to. Don’t underestimate the streets. The buildings are built on the streets. The streets hold up everything else. Marty is down on the streets and talking Scientology and talking what really is. And people WANT TO KNOW. I’ve only seen a few men taking it on and bringing it to the streets. David Mayo, Ralph Hilton and the original crew he bought with him. Nick Warren and Terrill Park. Pierre. These guys bought it down into the streets again where it belongs. I have watched as certain pople worked their asses off to create friction and build walls between these fabulous men with the right ideas. It’s tough on the streets. But more than anything when I remember this life, I will remember the people that kept Scientology on the streets.
    Posted by The Oracle at 2:24 AM

  27. Oracle says: Takin’ it to the streets….

    LRH says:
    “The best way to know any future is to cause one. And that’s why, you see, when you start consulting the oracle at Delphi, you’ve taken a step downhill. You have assigned cause for the future elsewhere…

    So one predicts the future as much as one is cause. The future isn’t a pattern laid out to abuse and bully you. The future is a beautiful playground that nobody happen to be combining.

    You talk about virgin territory – the most virgin territory there is, is the future. You can do anything you want with it.”

    Ground Crew….checking in


  28. 1986, a few weeks before death of LRH, I saw his crumbling organization for what it was not to mention his lovely legacy called the Rehabilitation Project Force and paranoid policies on Suppressive Persons. I walk out to be suddenly pariah, labeled as a suppressive person. Upon that, I immediately disconnected in a formal letter to their executives. Who cares what LRH said? I realized who I am and that I came to earth in one piece. I shall exit just as gracefully with no need of any messiah or anything to save me. I simply am “not”.

    Ironically, to think of it, I did the cover art for “Way to Happiness” in 1985 and that place was no happy environment. The policies were simply against humanity if you did the math, courtesy of LRH. He was human too.

    All is forgiven but please let no one sucker into this parody. If anyone wants to be suckered, then I consider that a lesson to be very well learnt. Scientology was a rite of passage for me and I am all the better in spite of it. I am pleased and now assured the media is strong after Miscavige’s heels.

    I am confident that nature is doing its enforcement work. Nature can do no wrong for it is intelligent at its most precise. I am at peace.

  29. Marty,

    Have you read Nancy Many’s book? She was an aid to LRH himself. She talks about being assigned to the RPF when she was 5 months pregnant and being locked in the garage at the Ft. Harrison Hotel during the pregnancy. This was ordered by Hubbard. Do these shocking revelations about LRH’s cruelty influence your opinion of him? So far you have only been critical of DM. It is important to highlight the evil of LRH as well.

    • Amy,
      I write the truth according to my observations. If Nancy Many thinks LRH wanted her locked up at five months pregnant, Nancy Many has apparently communicated that to the world through her book. Nancy Many’s credibility took a deep dive south with me recently when she accused me of all manner of act and intention based on NO FACT. So, unfortunately I suppose for you, her account of LRH is taken by me with a grain of salt.

  30. That is really too bad Marty. However, your mindset of attacking the credibility of anyone who criticizes LRH or Scientology is right in line with LRH teachings and Scientology policy so I guess I am not surprised. I hope in the future when you have been out longer you will be able to acknowledge some of the nefarious acts of LRH as being true.

    • Amy,
      In two short comments you’ve destroyed your own credibility, not with me but with every regular on this blog. You speak in generalities – “anyone who criticizes LRH or Scientology”. I never uttered a single hint of what you alleged I said.

  31. It is better to write our postings more carefully without embellishment. For example, Nancy was NOT locked in a garage as you paraphrased. There are no bars or anything, we are just prisoners by consent. It is only when stakes get higher, for example, a post being indispensible, then the resistance intensifies and it gets harder to leave past the security guards. Anyone can see an opportunity for freedom once barriers become transparent after a good investigation and you treat it as a hurdle to go free at last. Many of us got our chance to leave.
    Back to the teachings of LRH, it is now difficult for me to respect his judgement that he would conceive of such Rehabilitation Project Force, which to me is degrading and cruel. Many staff have either succumbed to this program or came close! It is not a genuinely motivating principle and workable to have as policy anywhere except perhaps a gulag in Sibera in some other near forgotten barbarian era. LRH has mistaken us for who we are, when we are actually well meaning and meant to help the advancement of the condition of mankind then. However, we cannot quite brand LRH as evil either. To me it is a vision with many holes, colored by the assumption that the world is generally insane. I don’t see as he does nor do many of you, I can safely assume.

  32. 20 years in Scientology didn’t prepare me for the inval and eval I ran on myself after leaving.
    Marty, your website is the first thing I’ve seen since my departure from the Church 13 years ago that has validated what I knew to be true (an SP is at the helm), yet never dared speak publicly. My story is similar to many others I have read here and on other sites: on staff for many years, tremendous gains through the tech, and then a dwindling of the very stuff that made Scientology so inviting in the first place.
    Being new to your website, I am only now absorbing the insight and true Scientology contained herein.
    Thank you, for this is the first time in a decade that I felt there was some hope for those of us who chose a route outside of the Church. All of the naysayers and natterers can never shake the certainty one experiences through the application of standard tech. As an auditor and former exec, I have seen wins in such great abundance and of such magnitude that there has never been a doubt about what LRH gave us. Those who say otherwise were simply never near an auditor who knew what he was doing.
    Again, I thank you. LRH is and will always be ‘The Man’. You are obviously one of those who has duplicated LRH, and who is carrying the torch forward, despite the lightning bolts and fusillades launched in your direction by DM and his unwitting ministers of machinations.
    As I sort out my own place in this evolution, I will be looking for how I can contribute to LRH’s true intention beyond the occasional blog. For I know I am truly an OT being who can create great things. But I know that it is a group of OTs who can truly change conditions. And that is what I’ve been postulating for some time.
    A friend and an auditor

  33. A wonderful quote from your messiah:

    “The purpose of the suit is to harass and discourage rather than to win. The law can be used very easily to harass, and enough harassment on somebody who is simply on the thin edge anyway, well knowing that he is not authorized, will generally be sufficient to cause his professional decease. If possible, of course, ruin him utterly.” – L. Ron Hubbard, A MANUAL ON THE DISSEMINATION OF MATERIAL, 1955

    What a wonderful, kind, and benevolent man! Just out to help mankind!

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Marty,

    What’s a good email for you? Could you PM it?

    Met you a few times up lines.

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